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Bude the Final Showdown for 2019!

The final race of the season and as always Bude lived up to its expectations! The weather was amazing for the event, but the strong South Easterly Wind meant everything was a bit tougher!

Organizer Simon Hammond wants to give A big shout out ‘to all the competitors for creating the amazing atmosphere on the day and an even bigger shout out to all the Volunteer Marshall’s, without whom this event couldn’t take place’. A great entry of 13 Teams/Pairs with 26 individual competitors, 11 of those flying the BQA flag! 

Billy Butler was very strong throughout, but it was his kayak split which was 8 mins faster than anyone elses that took him to first place (2.42.19) he was 11 minuets ahead of his next competitor Ian Robertson 1st Vet 40 (2.53.40) with Jim Evans 1st Vet 50 in 3rd (3.03.08). There were some excellent Team performances with 3 teams going head to head in a close competition just a minuet between them all  ‘Teamy Mc Teamface’ eventually winning (2.47.43) 2nd ‘3 plus 1’ (2.48.32) and 3rd ‘Two Flat Tyres’ (2.49.32).

In the Ladies event Becky Robertson current World Quadrathlon Champion had an outstanding win (3.12.43) 20 minuets ahead of local athlete and Vet 50 Winner Alison Parritt (3.33.20) Our top BQA lady of the day Jacq Odgers took 3rd place (3.38.56). Well done to all competitors, great racing under blue Cornish skies .. a great final race to our 2019 season! Full Results Bude Quadrathlon Results 2019

1st Overall/Senior Billy Butler 2.42.19
1st Vet 40 Ian Robertson 2.53.40
1st Vet 50 Paul Cottle 3.09.03
1st Vet 60 Michael Toomey 3.31.50

1st Overall/Senior Becky Robertson 3.12.43
1st Vet 50 Alison Parritt 3.33.20
1st Vet 40 Jacqie Smith 4.28.37

Special mention goes out to all our BQA MEMBERS .. Well Done Everyone!

Jacq and Pete ICE BATH time!

1st Senior Billy Butler 2.42.19
3rd Vet 50 Russell Breyer 3.27.09
4th Vet 50 Cliff Odgers 3.31.28
1st Vet 60 Michael Toomey 3.31.28
5th Vet 50 Peter Chappill 3.34.01
2nd Vet 60 John Kavanagh 3.35.36
2nd Vet 50 Jacq Odgers 3.38.56
7th Vet 50 Lance Ball 3.45.04
3rd Senior Siobhan Henn 4.22.56
10th Vet 50 Ian Collins 4.28.05
3rd Vet 50 Anne Collins 4.28.05

The Final National Trophy Standings All the Mens awards were depending on the race results in Bude, so there was a lot at stake on race day! Billy Butler had to win the race overall to knock Alan Cole of top spot, which he did moving Alan into 2nd place but still winning Vet 40 Age group prize. Good results from Cliff Odgers Vet 50 and Michael Toomey Vet 60 meant that they secured their age groups too. In the ladies event it was a little more clear cut after Shrewsbury, Helen Russell had already been crowned the overall women’s winner, with Elizabeth Angood taking Senior, Amanda Clements Vet 40, Jacqueline Odgers Vet 50 and Mary White Vet 60 

Congratulations to you all, some excellent performances and big improvements for may athletes this season long may it continue, enjoy your rest and recovery time and see you all again next season!

Final Trophy Results 2019 Final Results

NATIONAL TROPHY 2019 Champions

Billy Butler Overall
Alan Cole Vet 40
Cliff Odgers Vet 50
Mike Toomey Vet 60

Helen Russell Overall
Elizabeth Angood Senior
Amanda Clements Vet 40
Jacqueline Odgers Vet 50
Mary White Vet 60

The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy ‘For Endeavor 2019’ was presented to Lance Ball
He has shown Enthusiasm & Commitment To Our Sport and have raced Quadrathlons for many years showing true dedication! He has encouraged many newcomers and been a big supporter of QuadKidz, and that’s not to mention the help you have given to fellow athletes during races!



QuadKidz 2019 Round -Up

A Big Thank-you to all those QuadKidz that took part in our 2019 Series, the highest number of youngsters taking part since we started our QuadKidz Events 3 years ago! A total of 17 awesome youngsters, we hope you all enjoyed your events and you’ll come back next season …. and bring your like minded friends too!

Hermione Ball
Blake Mawson-Burren

Once again Congratulations to 2019 Series Winners Blake Mawson-Burren, and Hermione Ball racing all 3 events showing great determination and commitment. We hope they continue to race and inspire many other QuadKidz next season, and lets hope we get lots more doing all 3 races in the series.

Here are the 2019 Final Trophy Results BQA Quadkidz 2019

I would also like to thank our QuadKidz race organizers, who have taken time to add these races into the Quadrathlon Calendar, without your time and commitment we wouldn’t be able to offer this fantastic opportunity to our youngsters …..  the BQA’s future stars!

So thank-you Mark Benton and his Manvers Waterpark Team for QuadKidz1 – Dearne Valley Quad      Thanks to Mark Pryor Quadrac Racing QuadKidz2 – Box End Quad. Bedford.
And to Pete Chappill and his Lincsquad Team for QuadKidz3 – ‘LincsQuadKidz’ at North Lincolnshire & Humberside Sailing Club, Barton Upon Humber.

Manvers Water Park and Lincsquad have also had regular training sessions and training days which have also helped encourage the youngsters too, so lets hope we can keep moving these events forwards, keep our Quadkidz motivated and one day onto that World Circuit!

A few smiley faces from those great training days … 

















This is a great endevour to try to encourage the next generation of quadrathletes. We hope that some of these youngsters will progress to the full competitions that are suitable in the coming years. Once again a big thank you to those who made these events happen.

Generally, both here in GB and in mainland Europe the Masters age groups outnumber the younger ages. The WQF has a small fund which can be used to pay race entry fees for young athletes to attend races outside their own country. Do you think this is this the best use of a limited pot of money? Or is there anything else we could be doing to help our future QuadKidz. If anyone has any suggestions or can offer help on how we can address this, the BQA would love to here from you. 

Here’s to next Season #onwardsandupwards

Jean – malpasashleys@btinternet.com

Our Quad Stars of the Future!

The final Race of the QuadKidz Series took place on Sunday, 8th September hosted by Lincsquad at the ‘North Lincs And Humberside Sailing Club’ Lincsquad put on an absolutely fantastic day, bluebird skies and the sun shone all day long! They had some amazing young potential taking part, our future young Quadrathletes all enjoying their day and the final race in the QuadKidz Series.

National QuadKidz 2019 Boys Champion Blake Mawson-Burren,

Well Done all the the QuadKidz who have taken part in the 2019 Series. Congratulations to 2019 Series Winners Blake Mawson-Burren, and Hermione Ball racing all 3 events showing great determination and commitment. We hope they continue to race and inspire many other QuadKidz next season, and lets hope we get lots more doing all 3 races in the series. Full Trophy Results to follow soon.

National 2019 QuadKidz Girls Champion Hermione Ball


A Big Thanks to all our QuadKidz Race Organizers, Mark Benton Dearne Valley, Mark Pryor BoxEnd, Peter Chappill and the Lincsquad Team for this final race, the BQA really appreciate your efforts!

Linsquad Coach Donna quoted ‘The weather was perfect for racing and even the water was warm, the route of the course was simply amazing, they couldn’t have asked for more! But they did ……. general conscientious was can they go back to the weekend event again as per 2018 ….. Let’s hope we can! We will look into this and let you all know in Annual News and moving Forwards Report at the end of October!

#onwardsandupwards our QuadKidz Stars of the Future!

Be a Quadstar its Four times the Fun!

Bude Final Trophy Race Do you need those Trophy Points?

With just one race left in the BQA Trophy National Series there are still plenty of Trophy points to be WON … its exciting stuff! The only Trophy which cannot be contested is the Ladies overall, congratulations to Helen Russell who was awarded this at Shrewsbury. All the others are open for grabs! Check out the latest Trophy Standings and see where YOU stand!  BQA trophy 2019

And then get your Race Entries in for the Awesome Foursome! 2019 Awesome Foursome Entry Form

Class World Cup Racing in Shrewsbury

We had a great day’s racing at the 7th Shrewsbury Quadrathon, it was given WQF World Cup Status a true testament to the Event organizers Phil Holden and SYTri. The Event as always sold out at the end of June with 23 males and 21 females entered! The weather this year was perfect, as always the race was brilliantly organized and the atmosphere buzzing! The racing was top class with PB’s and personnel triumphs from many first time Quadrathletes!

Our top GB athletes and age groupers were all looking for World Cup and BQA Trophy points, with World Cup leader Ferenc Csima coming over from Hungary in the hope of top points too!

Ferenc first out of the kayak
Ferenc first out of the kayak

In the men’s race it was a close battle to the finish. Together out of the swim in first was Steve King and Alan Cole in 5.01, with Ferenc a minuit down 6.01 and James Block 20 seconds later. Steve pulled away on the downstream leg of the kayak, but chasing him down was Ferenc and James. Ferenc moved into 1st place and James worked really hard to overtake Steve with James producing the fastest Kayak split of 20.14.

James with a quick exit

On the Bike Steve is redound for his fast times and he started to chase Ferenc down, Steve’s bike split was the fastest of the day 36.35 and this moved him back into first place.  So onto the run Steve knew he had his work cut out as Ferenc would do his best to chase him down! Ferenc ran the fastest split 18.59 but it wasn’t quite enough to catch Steve, he held on to first place winning in 1.24.31, Ferenc in 2nd 1.24.58 with James holding onto 3rd 1.29.33 with Alan producing another fast run split coming 4th in 1.29.33

Showing Great race Camaraderie on the podium!

Overall Male Winners

Winner Steve King

1st Steve King Vet 40 (1.24.31)
2nd Ferenc Csima Vet 50 (1.24.58)
3rd James Block Vet 50 (1.28.55)

There was lot of exciting racing going on just behind with BQA members all looking for valuable Trophy Points as all the Trophy prizes are still up for grabs! Pete Tindle was 6th having had a good race with Iain Wood in 7th producing some strong splits throughout taking the Vet 60 prize. Cliff Odgers secured the vet 50 prize racing well came 8th overall.

It was so good to see lots of solid performances from our 14, BQA Male Members, and so good to see them flying the flag for us … Thank-you we really appreciate your support and valuable membership!

Great Age Group Kayaking Cliff, Iain and John

4th Alan Cole (1.29.33) Vet 40 Winner
6th Pete Tindle (1.36.01)
7th Iain Wood (1.38.04)  Vet 60 Winner
8th Cliff Odgers ( 1.41.10) Vet 50 Winner
10th Russel Breyer (1.44.06)
11th Peter Chappill (1.44.45)
13th John Kavanagh (1.47.54)
14th Lance Ball (1.48.57)
15th Andrew Lawson (1.49.38)
17th Ian Collins (1.53.58)
18th John Redmond (1.56.38)
19th Jeff Chappill (1.58.52)
22nd John MacLeod (2.06.54)  Vet 70 Winner 
23rd David Jones (2.12.38)

James Block

Nicholas Mahony

Pete Tindall

Cliff Odgers






Special mention to Newcomers Nicholas Mahony winning 1st Open/Senior (1.30.34) and Jake Liversedge who took 1st U23 (1.45.04), we hope they enjoyed their first quadrathlon and hope to see them next season!

There was a fantastic turn out from the Ladies, with 21 competing 14 being BQA Members! Helen Russell was first out of the swim 6.43 with Jacqueline Davies hot on her heals 6.47, they both paddled strongly almost together most of the way, Helen just slightly ahead by 5 seconds 26.01. Helen was only just in the lead going onto the bike, Jacq had a slightly faster bike split by 6 seconds 43.07 … so it was all down to the run. Helen held onto the lead and took 1st place in 1.40.35 and she also secured the Overall BQA National Trophy for 2019.  Jacq raced into 2nd putting in a great new PB in 1.44.01. Mean while back from a broken collar bone Natalie Abbott was having a strong run and moved up to take 3rd, (1.48.35). There were some fantastic performances from all of the women, strong racing from the age groupers and plenty of big smiles and positive feedback from those newbies!

Jacq, Helen & Natalie

Overall Female Winners and BQA Womens Results

1st Helen Russell (1.40.35)  Vet 40 and Winner of the BQA National Trophy
2nd Jacqueline Davis (1.44.01)  Vet 50
3rd Natalie Abbott (1.48.35)
4th Helen Adams (1.53.19)  Vet 50  Winner 1st time she has completed 3 quads in the trophy Series!
5th Nicola Hamerton (1.53.19)
6th Mary White (1.56.46) Vet 60 Winner
7th Siobhan Henn (2.02.38) Open/senior Winner
9th Donna Chappill (2.04.40) a great PB for Donna!
11th Liz Angood (2.05.08)
12th Anne Collins (2.06.35)
15th Margaret Huyton (2.08.21)
16th Amanda Clemens (2.10.54) 1st time she has completed 3 quads in the trophy Series!
18th Caz Jones (2.21.14) and another 1st timer completing 3 quads in the trophy Series!
19th Emma Cronin (2.22.31)

Well done to 8th Victoria Iremonger (2.03.25) Vet 40 Winner

Mary Forever Young!

Anne Always Smiling!

A Very Happy Brenda!










True Supporters Team Lincsquad!

A great day out – though I must say its so hard on the sidelines, I would of been much happier in my Lycra, though I did enjoy cheering you all on in your kayaks!  However it was great to see how much everyone enjoyed being part of the Quadrathlon … I did feel very proud of all the Quadrathletes and BQA members, the feel good factor we portray is second to none, it such a friendly and inclusive sport to be part of we are so lucky to have such great supporters … thank you long may it continue!

Lance Ball

I also had great pleasure in presenting Lance Ball with the ‘The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy’ 2019 For Endeavor. Lance has shown Enthusiasm & Commitment To Our Sport for many years showing true dedication! He has encouraged many newcomers and been a big supporter of QuadKidz, and that’s not to mention the help you have given to fellow athletes during races, which includes mending broken chains and punctures all within his own race!  He is a true ambassador for our sport … We Really Appreciate Your Efforts Lance THANK-YOU from BQA.

I also presented Ferenc Csima with the World Cup National Trophy  Congratulations to Hungary taking this New Trophy in its first year. A Big Thank you to all our GB athletes that raced in the World Cup races,  GB came in 2nd place just short of a few points especially in the under 23 and open categories … maybe next year?

Full Results here Shrewsbury Quad 2019 event-results

The BQA Trophy Results After 4 Races BQA trophy 2019

World Cup Results after 8 Races WQF world cup 2019

World Cup National Team Trophy WQF National trophy 2019


Could you be A BQA Trophy Winner 2019

With 2 races to go there are still plenty of Trophy points to be WON! The only Trophy which cannot be contested is the Ladies overall, but all the others are open for grabs!

Check out the latest standings BQA trophy 2019 after 3 races

Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and MUST be a current BQA Member. (In the event of a tie the 4th race points will count to decide the winner). If your an Overall Winner your Age Group prize will Role Down to the next person in your category.

The Overall Winners male and female win the BQA Perpetual Trophies and BQA Kit vouchers.

The Age Group Winners male and female in each age category, Juniors (u23), Seniors, V40+ V50+ V60+ Vet 70+ all win BQA Kit Vouchers

The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy is awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete showing his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon plus a BQA Kit voucher.

The BQA started a National Trophy Series in 2005 this is a series of events which are generally spread throughout the country. Each event contributes points towards finding a National Champion, with the best three results for each individual to count.

This is our Hall of Fame, since the Series started in 2005 BQA-Hall-of-Fame-2018


Festival of Sport & Final Quadkidz Event of the Series

The final Race of the QuadKidz Series takes place on Sunday, 8th September 2019 from 14:00-17:00. Its hosted by Lincsquad at the ‘North Lincs And Humberside Sailing Club’
DN18 5 Barton upon humber.

There is lots going on during the day, plenty of action for the youngsters but if your a parent and want to have a try there is also an Adult Sprint Taster Session. Top class enthuiastic coaches from Lincsquad will be on hand so Im sure this will be a great day out! 

A mix of training/taster session for novice and beginners with the main UK national Quadkidz event

Our QuadKidz of 2017!

Start times for each are:
– Adult Sprint taster 10am
– Youth Aquathon 12pm
– Youth Sprint 1pm
– Quadkidz National event 2pm.

The Quadkidz event is the final race of the 2019 BQA series, the Series Winners will be presented with their prizes!
Youth entrants may book onto more than one event.

To Book on go to:

An Exciting Final to our last 2 races in the British Quadrathlon Season

Its been a great season so far for British Quadrathlon, after the last race at Box End there are plenty of British National Trophy Points to be had, plus World Cup Points from Shrewsbury! We have just 2 great races left in our 2019 Series, both of which are very different, Shrewsbury short fast and dynamic, and to Bude, exciting and challenging always living up to its name The AWESOME FOURSOME! 

SOLD OUT RACE 4 – 1st September – World Cup Shrewsbury Sprint Quad – The BQA are very pleased this race has World Cup status and it will be the final Race in the WQF  Series … so which country will take the New Series Trophy Home? If you lucky to have an entry your results will count and hopefully give GB a chance to lift this Trophy! The latest points are at 2019/19-World Cup Results .

GB still leads the WQF National trophy ….. so GB Quadrathletes we need to be STRONG in SHREWSBURY!!

WQF Team Trophy

This race just keeps getting better and better an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes along with SYTri … I hope your entered!

Shrewsbury Quadrathlon


So if you need those BQA Points BUDE is the Race!!! RACE 6 – 21st September Awesome Foursome Quad -This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, in beautiful Cornwall in the surfing town of Bude. It never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race and a great end the race season! Swimming in the sea, there’s plenty of hills on the bike, a historic canal for the kayak and amazing coastal views on the run! It’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too! Awesomefoursome.quadrathlon

So get your Entry for Bude – as soon as possible please support our committed race organizers who do a great job every year for the BQA!

If anyone is having a holiday in Bude there will be another event the following Sunday September 29th ‘The Cornish Nutcracker’ and it’s an eight Hill hill-climb series on the coastal roads between Bude and Boscastle and back, including Millook in both directions, certainly one to test those legs – 100% of money goes to Bude Surf Life Saving Club!

Cornish Nutcracker Details


Tiger Strips Sue – her Deva Diva’s Story!

A demon with her waterproof camera!

Sue alias ‘Tiger Stripes‘ was back smiling and with vengeance this year! Last year Sue joined the kayak course but after a few weeks almost transferred back to the Triathlon, but after a serious (friendly) talking too and a sprinkling of the fairyquadmother’s fairy dust she came back the following week wearing her ‘Tiger Strips and hasn’t looked back since!

Sue has been an inspiration to our Deva’s kayak team and a demon with her camera capturing our weekly canoe sessions! Her smiles and positivity this year has been infectious, she has been an absolute pleasure to coach and long may she continue to share her ‘Quadrathlon Passion! Thanks Sue for your great race report … see you next year!

Sue’s Story …… Four of us had joined Chester Canoe Club’s training plan as novice paddlers to take part in the Diva Devas Quadathlon last year and enjoyed it so much we returned again for 2019.

However that brought with it the added pressure of trying to beat last year’s time rather than simply be pleased to finish.

The day of the event dawned with weather conditions perfect.  As we arrived at the Meadows the site of transition, ladies unloading their bikes, volunteers in high vis seemingly everywhere, made the butterflies start, my heart beat faster and of course my stomach and bowels start to churn!

Devas at the Ready!

Watching the clock it was a bit of a race itself to get everything set up in transition, having to count not three but four sets of kit and make sure my number was on my kayak. The nerves were obvious on fellow competitors’ faces. The obligatory queue for the loo, wrestling to get the wetsuit on and all too soon it was time for the race briefing and the walk down to the swim start.

There wasn’t time to be nervous as Quadathletes were in the first wave so it was ditch the flip flops, kiss hubby and get straight into the murky but not too cold water.

As the hooter sounded the strong swimmers seemed to fly away from us slower ones and, feeling sick with fear that the panic that can overtake my swimming in events would kick in, I set off. I chose the middle of the river to catch the current but at the back to keep out of trouble.

Surprise, surprise about 100 metres later after a great start that feeling began, I cant do this, ‘I can’t breathe’. But I remembered the mantra I had been telling others, stop or slow down, look around and BREATHE. Thank goodness it worked and after a couple of second I started again. The remainder of the swim was  slow but steady and enjoyable, even pulling away from several swimmers – I’m not going to be last out I realised!

The exit ramp and the volunteers ready to help me out came into sight so I kicked hard for the last 50 metres hands helped me onto dry land. And there was the wonderful Jean Ashley shouting encouragement and helping with the zip of my wetsuit.

Shouting my number to the kayak volunteers I ran  for my paddle and BA and managed the undignified clamber out of my wetsuit.

In a Kayak always smiling!

Back to the river bank and down to my loaned Tempest and once safely in the boat, the next half hour was spent desperately trying to remember everything our coaches had taught us. Paddle position, core strength, using our hips and legs and turning to the side. Oh and breathe.

Better kayakers passed me and my head went down. But constant encouragement from safety paddlers in kayaks and on SUPs and even one volunteer taking photos lifted my spirits as did the shouts from fellow paddlers that had already turned for home.

ooohhhh the mud!!

As I turned I felt the current helping me and doubled my efforts. A beautiful heron flew towards and directly over  me and then the finish buoys came into view. A paddler in a plastic boat was in view nearing the turn, maybe I could actually pass someone. In fact we beached our craft simultaneously and she shot off into transition while I hauled myself out and, clutching a seized up glute hobbled through the mud and to my bike.

The bike mount is at the start of a gradual climb and I prayed my lovely new machine was in a very low gear.

Thank goodness it was and again encouragement from marshals got me out of the saddle and up that hill. There then followed my best leg.

My bike behaved like a dream and, remembering to get a gel down me in the first mile I found I had the strength to overtake several triathlon competitors and it turned out four quadrathlon ladies over the 15 miles.

I went full pelt on the long downhill worried that the return uphill would be much harder.

Tiger Stripes in Action!

The majority of other road users were patient but a few caused some hairy moments including a taxi that had to anchor up as it tried to overtake me just as another vehicle was overtaking competitors coming in the opposite direction.  My heart was in my mouth when I took the decision to go across the halfway point roundabout  as a car was approaching but the decision proved the right one as I had more time than I feared.

Again reaching half way spurred me on and it was good to be able to shout well done to the ladies bringing up the rear of the event still on their way to the roundabout.

As I reached the long incline a valuable hill workshop I did a couple of years ago paid off as I remembered to use my cleats and pull up on the pedals as well as push down. The feeling of being able to overtake going uphill was wonderful.

Under the bridge and soon we were turning right into the residential streets leading to the Meadows. I quickly grabbed my second gel to help me on the run and there was the entrance to the site and my last fear, how to stop on a downhill without falling off. With a squeal and a prayer I pulled up safely, unclipped and ran my bike in. I could hear my name being shouted by hubby and fellow quadathlete unable to compete because of illness who came along to cheer us all on.

Back in transition, bike safely racked, helmet off and trainers on emotion almost got the better of me as I finally knew  I was going to finish and get my medal. There had not been a panic attack like the one that had seen me DNF in a triathlon three years previously, I had not capsized and I hadn’t come off my bike or had a puncture. 

Looking strong going into the last lap!

The run stage summed up just why Deva Divas is simply the best. The two lap course allows you to see so many other competitors. The faster quadathletes I knew were well into their second lap and we swapped shouts, cheers and high fives on the path.

We were also with the slower triathletes which for me was completely humbling and choked me up. Ladies who would never have the courage to take part in a mixed event had donned their lyrca and conquered their fears to be so close to achieving what they never dreamt possible.

As I neared the half way stage one of my fellow paddlers appeared. She had finished her race, collected her medal and ran back to join me for a few hundred yards just when I needed it. Then it was into the part where second lappers head for the finish line and the rest of us have to face another 2.4k. There was mentally tough.

But stride by stride I reached the turn point, a much needed water bottle and then head for home.

Hubby was on a small hill yelling my name and once again my friend was there to run me in, leaving me to enter that final funnel.

Medals Galore!

I had just enough fuel in the tank to put on an apology for a sprint and it was under the finish arch and straight into the arms of the wonderful Jean Ashley who put a medal round my neck and gave me a wonderful hug.

Then it was back out to the course to help two first time tri ladies I knew run into the finish.

As last year the Deva Divas quadathlon had completely exceeded expectations. I may not had been anywhere near a podium place. But I wasn’t last.

In fact I had not only come 36th out of 49 quadathletes, not bad for a 58 year old, but I had taken no less than eight minutes of last’s year’s time, what a PB! No pressure for 2020 then!

Written by Sue Austin alias Tiger Stripes

Very Proud of My Chester Canoe Club Quadrathlon Team …. Well Done Girls! Big Hugs from your fairyquadmother XX #thesegirlscan

Deva Diva Quadrathletes Shine!

On Behalf of the BQA, I Just wanted to say a Huge Thank You ‘Chester Tri’ for yet another amazing ‘Deva Divas Quadrathlon … and still the only Ladies Quad in the World! We certainly shared ‘The Quad Passion’ we had 44 ladies on the start line, at least 25 of them first timers, plus a team of 10 from ‘Norwich Canoe Club’, and our own wonderful special ‘Chester Canoe Club Quad Team’! The atmosphere was brilliant the camaraderie and racing superb, these girls just had the Best day Ever!

Chester Canoe Club Quad Team

A massive thank you to my Triathlon club ‘Chester’, and to Race director ‘Sally Napthen’ for letting us add the Quad to the Deva’s Tri for the 3rd time! We owe the success of this race to the amazing organization team, to all those who prepared the race venue, the course, the safety and the technical team, all marshals across 4 disciplines, Chester Canoe Club, the cake makers, commentators ‘with wonderful banter’, and the list goes on and on! THANK-YOU!

We couldn’t have this race without the competitors, so thank-you to all you Deva Quadrathletes for giving it your all, you pushed hard, smiled all the way, you were amazing, and make our race so very special. It means so much to Sally Napthen myself and all the Chester team, when we saw those Big Smiles throughout the race it’s been another memorable Day! I have had so many lovely messages from you all, its been a great pleasure and an honor to be part of YOUR journey.

Chester’s Smiling Quad Girls!

Certainly makes me realise why I love being involved in these wonderful races, its so good to see athletes of all standards achieving their goals, the smiles, the hugs and the tears on the finish line, I was so proud putting medals around their necks, wear your T’shirts with pride and I hope to see you all next Year! 

Thank you Jean ‘Fairyquadmother’

Congratulations to all our Quadrathletes, and Age Group Prize Winners but a special mention to our Overall Winners!

Ali, Adele & Jacq

1st Adele Blakeborough
2nd Jacqueline Davies
3rd Ali Pendle

The Twins Mary & Margaret Vet 60 Winners!

Full Results 2019 Results/Deva-Divas

2019 PHOTOS PHOTOS Deva-Divas-Triathlon-Quadrathlon-2019

DEVA DIVAS on Film  Deva Divas Video 2019