Dearne Valley Quadkidz Max’s Race Day!

Congratulations to Max Underwood-Frost, from Lincsquad who won the Boys (13-16) event on Sunday 10th June at Manvers Lake in the Dearne Valley Quadrathlon. Here is his report ……

We got there for 7:30 so we could get the kayak, bike and other kit set up for the race. While taking the kayak down to the lake I thought I should test the water to see how cold it would be, as there was a mist over the lake, and to my surprise it was pleasantly warm.

I then had the usual struggle of getting into my wetsuit before the 8:30 briefing. My age group, 13-15 year old, it consisted of a 200m swim, 4km bike, 800m kayak, 2km run.

We then got into the water to let our bodies adjust to the temperature and then did a little warm up. For the swim we did two laps of a 100m circuit in a clockwise direction. I came out the swim in first place and called my number as I ran into first transition. As I entered T1 I had a bit of a struggle getting my wetsuit off but I did it in the end and then got ready for the bike.

The bike was a 2 lap grass and gravel course, that I really enjoyed, and I managed to hold the lead.

Coming into T2 I racked up my bike and got ready for the kayak. As I was running down to my kayak I could see second place in the distance coming up to the dismount line (who I knew was very good in the kayak so I would have my work cut out). I got to my kayak a bit confused on what I had to do and so I just got in. At this point I realised the water was not deep enough for my kayak to float and had to get a little push from Kev and I was off on the 2 lap kayak route.

As I was about to start my second lap I could see 2nd place coming up behind me and he then overtook me just after the start to the second lap. As I was getting out of the kayak I got cramp in my right calf so instead of getting out my kayak normally I did a seal like roll.

Coming into T3 I saw the leader there and after having a quick transition we ran out of T3 together. We had a hard run being on each others tail but to my luck I managed to break free and go on to win the race with a time of 37.43 minutes.

Junior Quad ( 13-16 )
Max Underwood-Frost – 4:48 – 18:29 – 28:12 – 37:43
Blake Mason-Burren – 7:21 – 20:13 – 27:07 – 40:27

I really enjoyed the event and I thank everyone involved in the race and can’t wait to do some more quads. I’m looking forward to the weekend away at Barton Sailing Club training on the Saturday and racing again Sunday.

A superb report and great racing from these boys! Well Done Max, and Enjoy the next 2 QuadKidz Races, Lincs-QuadKidz and Box End QuadKidz! (BQA)

QuadKidz are you Ready?

The Fantastic Quadkidz Medals have arrived … Are YOU ready?

All you up and coming Quad Stars of the future, now have your own National Trophy Series – 3 Races and 3 Beautiful Medals to be Won, and Worn with Pride ….. you need one of each colour!

Dearne Valley QuadKidz Sunday 10th June: is our First Race of the season. A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting this again, it was certainly the feel good factor event of the year in 2017! This race takes place within this lovely Manvers Waterpark . (camping available on site). The aim is to deliver a fun Quadrathon where our children can enjoy the challenge, be encouraged all the way, and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards!

Entries and Information Dearne-Valley-Quad- QuadKidz

Lincs-QuadKidz’ Event Sunday 17th June:  The Second Race of the ‘BQA QuadKidz 2018 National Series. and a first ever QuadKidz race for Lincsquad, no doubt this will live up to their top class race organization! Certainly a weekend not to be missed!

Entries and Information workshop-and-quadkidz-event

‘Box End-QuadKidz’ Sunday 15th July 2018
Our third and final QuadKidz race will be at Box End. Thanks to Mark Pryor ‘Quadrac Racing’ for putting on this last year. A great venue for the family camping and racing all on the Box End site.This will be the the final race of the Series and the BQA will present the ‘Championship Prizes’ to ‘BQA QuadKidz’ who have completed the Race Series!

Entries and Information Box End -QuadKidz

Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year.                               £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership_Form 2018

Lets watch ‘Quadkidz’ Grow and Grow, exciting times ahead for our juniors –
Its time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!


Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint and Quadkidz Race 2018

Organizer Mark Benton has confirmed Details and Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint Quad and QuadKidz Races on 10th June. This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, and for the QuadKidz all the racing takes place within this lovely Waterpark. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’.

The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, once again the BQA are very excited to be supporting ‘QuadKidz’ this will be the first Quadrathlon in the 2018 series for our youngsters. There are  various distances for the 3 age groups. (9-12) (13-16) and (16-18)

A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting  this for us … it will be time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!

Entries and Information Dearne-Valley-Quad- QuadKidz

Quadkidz are here to Stay!

We launched Quadkidz’ at Dearne Valley and it was so good to see those youngsters taking part in the first ever Junior Quadrathlon. We had lots of excellent feedback and the young athletes really enjoyed the challenge, so much so, the BQA asked Mark Pryor at very short notice to add a junior race to his Box End Quadrathlon, so big thanks to Quadrac Racing for giving us the opportunity to put on another race!

It fitted in perfectly and the juniors were included in the Sprint quad, doing a 200m swim, 2.2m kayak, 5km bike and a 2.2 run, a tough but safe off road course for these budding athletes! The eldest athlete 14yrs Max Underwood Frost (Lincsquad) was first home in 48.56, a good strong performance and finishing very well! The Joseph boys (Lincsquad) were out in force too, Ewan 11yrs came next 56.41 a good consistent effort staying focused and strong to the finish! . The two nine year olds did brilliantly, as this course was hard, but both of them dug deep and finished very well, Hermione Ball (Wrexham Tri) struggled in an over sized kayak but she got round, she loved the bike and I caught her smiling and waving to me when I saw her on the run, she finished in 1.19.53. Young Henry took it all in his stride and just kept going all the way, on the odd little rest he recharged his batteries and didn’t give up … I saw him a few times and it was certainly inspirational to see him pushing to the end 1.33.20. Well Done QuadKidz ……….. Just Brilliant and great to see them all on the podium!

We have set up a Points Series, this year we only have 2 races suitable for juniors – under 14. These are the results from the 2 Races this season quadkidz 2017.1

To celebrate the launch of Quadkidz the 3 juniors that did both races received a Quadkidz Kit bag … A Big Well done to Ewan, Hermione and Henry, and also well done to Max on winning Box End!

Lincsquad have a Junior Section ‘Squadlets’ and they are working on a training day with a possibility of a junior race in the future! The BQA are also looking into getting some second hand Lightning childrens kayaks, which will be available at Quadkidz races …. So watch this space ….. Exciting times ahead!

Quadkidz Points Series

We launched Quadkidz at Dearne Valley and it was so good to see those youngsters taking part in the first ever Junior Quadrathlon. We have set up a Points Series, at the moment we only have 2 races suitable for juniors (under 14). The next one is Box End, this is very similar to Dearne Valley as it is all contained within the Race Site. Any Junior wishing to take part can you email me – and also the race organizer markquadman@gmail and let me know you are interested in taking part at Box End on 2nd July.

We now have an official ‘Quadkidz’ Race – so long as you come and support us!                  

SWIM 150m – KAYAK1.2km (1lap) – BIKE 5km (1 lap) – RUN 2km (lower lap of Bike Course) Please contact Mark Pryor for ‘YOUTH ENTRY discount QuadKidz rate £20. 

Any Junior that completes the 2 races in the series will be awarded a special prize in recognition of their achievements in this first year of Quadkidz! Hope to see you at Box End!



2017 GB World Cup ‘Box End’ & Quadkidz!

World Cup Action! All of you that raced individually at the Brigg Bomber will have World Cup Race points … its a GREAT feeling! If your Inspired and want more come to Box End Sprint Quad – 2nd July ….. there are more World Cup Points to be gained!

We now have an official ‘Quadkidz’ Race SWIM 350m – KAYAK1.2km (1lap) – BIKE 5km (1 lap) – RUN 2km (lower lap of Bike Course) Please use the entry form below, but state clearly ‘YOUTH ENTRY agreed with Mark Pryor – discount rate £20. 


A very well established and superbly organized by Quadrac racing, the whole event held within the Box End Waterpark. It’s ideal for youngsters, beginners as it’s a sprint distance and support crews can see the whole race from the lovely lake side café. It’s the second time it has been give World Cup Status so we need to give this race the backing it deserves. Excellent camping on site too …. And you can even try your hand at wake boarding!

Don’t Miss this Great Race and enjoy the venue  with a lovely weekend of camping too!

Options open for Junior Entries but contact Mark Pryor for more information-


More information  Quadrac Racing

Everyone’s a Winner at Dearne Valley Quad 2017

What a brilliant day a Dearne Valley Quadrathlon, there was so much passion for our sport, with non stop smiles as juniors, first timers, and seasoned quadrathletes crossed the finish line! Organizer Mark Benton and his ‘Team’ of volunteers and marshals hosted a great race for us all, there enthusiasm and friendliness shone through, to make this event a huge success, thank -you you did your selves proud!

Well done to under 12’s Ewan Joseph (Lincsquad) winning the Boys and Hermione Ball winning the girls. Alanna Barron and Chris Thoday (Manvers Tri) in the under 15’s had a real battle, but it was Alanna’s kayaking skills that gave her the edge as she paddled very well into the lead, I’m sure they will both be back with even more determination and skill next year. A huge achievement to all that took part!

Results Quadkidz (ages 9 to 12):100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m Kayak, 2km Run.
Ewan Joseph – 28:12

Hermione Ball – 33:33

Sophie Portess – 36:09

Henry Joseph – 42:28

Laura Portess – 52:12

Charlotte Clements – DNF



Results Quadkidz (ages 13 to 15):200m Swim, 4km Bike, 800m Kayak, 2km Run.
Alanna Barron – 35:00

Chris Thoday – 38:31

Fran Ball – 45:55

Matthew Portess – 50:35

After watching the juniors fly past, we were all motivated and ready to get going, the wind had picked up slightly but it was a warm and cloudy so a good temperature for racing, even though the water was a bit chilly at about 15 degrees. It was a real mixture of athletes racing 50 in total, with 28 doing the quad and 22 the Triathlon, we had 9 seasoned BQA Members and plenty of triathletes giving the quad a go for the first time, plus some amazing first timers new to racing but certainly looked like they had given everything and had a great time! It truly was and all-inclusive race, showing the onlookers what an amazing race Manvers Waterfront Boat Club had organized!

BQA members took the top 6 places – Helen Russell was first out of the swim and went onto the bike with a good lead. Cliff Odgers started to chase her down, but it wasn’t until the return leg of the bike course he over took her. The bike was off road and using part of the Trans Penne Trail which consisted of unmade tracks, despite it being muddy in parts it was ideal for cross bikes, as they proved to be the fastest over the course. Cliff went into the kayak first, followed by Helen, Jacquline Davies, John Kavanagh and Jean Ashley, there were a couple of other bikers in between but once they got in the kayaks the seasoned quadrathletes started to pull away. It had started to get a bit choppy in the wind which favored the stronger paddlers. Cliff held onto his lead in the kayak, and went into the run 1st with Helen not to far adrift. Jean in her strongest discipline the kayak, pulled back 2 and half minutes to catch Jacquline and John by the end of the paddle. Pete Chappill another BQA member had a good solid paddle overtaking a lot of paddlers in sea kayaks and plastic kayaks, they were all doing really well in the conditions, but having to work very hard in these smaller kayaks without rudders. Meanwhile on the run Helen took the lead from Cliff and went on to win in 1.45.42, Cliff ran well and finished 2nd in 1.46.24. Jacquline having a swift transition went out in 3rd place, but very close behind was Jean and John. John tried to hang on to Jean, but with the Long Course Quad still in his legs he had to drop back. Jean moved into 3rd finishing in 1.52.05, with John 4th just 15 seconds behind 1:52:20. Jacqueline held onto 5th 1:54:44 with Pete in 6th 1.57.44.

Other BQA members – 9th Lance Ball – 2.04.53

14th John Redmond – 2.07.54

It was also good to see Athletes racing from Lincqsquad, well done to first timers 7th Wayne Smith – 1.59.38, 11th Andrew Lawson – 2.06.05, 12th Sallie Joseph – 2.07.04, and a fantastic first time achievement to 26th Amanda Clements – 2.36.47.

It’s always good to perform well on race day, but the real Stars of the day were those first timers that gave it their all too, it was so good to see people from all walks of life participating, and to see those juniors taking on the challenge, every single one of them finishing with a great sense of achievement afterwards.

A huge thanks once again to Mark Benton and his support crew at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, an excellent day full of ‘Firsts’ for many people, everyone finished safely and with a smile which were Mark’s wishes, so bask in your glory, keep training and we hope to see you all next year or maybe Box End Quadrathlon2nd July in Bedford!

A very special mention must go to John MacLeod our first ever Vet 70 competitor he finished  22nd in 2.24.32. In his younger days John was a GB Slalom Paddler and competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. He successfully coached junior & senior GB kayak teams from 1979-1981 culminating in 7 medals being won by GB Team at the 1983 World Championships he worked through to the Barcelona Olympic Games and beyond, all voluntary. Within his coaching and management years, 8 World Championship GOLD medals have been awarded to GB team. In 2009 he was appointed as Canoe Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and Rio 2016 responsible for both Canoe Sprint and Canoe Slalom, both events being extremely successful. John has been a key player in design and commissioning of both Nottingham (1987), Lee Valley (2011) canoe slalom courses, and the very lake you have all been competing on Manvers Lake! Well Done John you are now the number 1 GB Vet 70 QUADRATHLETE!!!



The New Dearne Valley Quadrathon!

Dearne Valley Quadrathon and Triathlon – Sunday 11th June 2017, Manvers Lake

British Quadrathlon, British Triathlon, and Team Manvers join forces together to bring Quadrathon and Triathlon back to the Dearne Valley. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon and a Triathlon where people from all walks of life can participate. All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards.

The BQA are very happy to have this sprint race back in our calender, and we are so excited to announce that there will be a Junior sprint Quadrathlon … our very first ‘QuadKidz’ event! This is great news and we hope to see lots of youngsters ‘our budding Quadrathlete Stars’ of the future!

TeamManvers are offering training sessions through May 2017, both at bootcamp and the lake so please get in touch for details. Mark Benton 07704111414

Sprint Quadrathon – Swim, Bike, Paddle and Run                                                                                                              Sprint Quad: 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Price £15.00

QuadKidz (ages 9 to 12): 100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m paddle, 2k Run – Price £6.00
QuadKidz (ages 13 to 15) : 200m Swim, 4k Bike, 800m paddle, 2k – Price £6.00                                                      QuadKidz (ages 16 to 18) : 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Price £6.00      

(Triathlon Distances Sprint and Tri Stars are the same as above without the paddle)

Showers, changing rooms available, on site café. Commemorative medal to all finishers.  Limited number of boats available to use/hire
Entry for the event is now open. Dearne-valley-triquad.html

Race information, and useful guidelines for the Quadrathlon 

Lake Swim – 800m, QuadKidz 100m, or 200m.
Swim – There will be full safety cover in place for the event. Also volunteers on hand to assist you out of the water. You must wear a wetsuit for the swim. The wet suit doesn’t have to be expensive, most sports shops sell them for around £30 and you can even pick them up in certain supermarkets for as little as £15 from time to time. You don’t necessarily need a swim specific one, any boating/surfing one will suffice.

Swim to Bike (Transition 1)
Exiting the swim into the transition area where you will dry off and change into your cycling gear. You’ll then put on your helmet doing up the strap and grabbing your bike wheeling it out of transition past the mount line where you will begin the bike course.

Bike – 15k – 3 Laps, QuadKidz 2k, or 4k.
This is off road and using part of the Trans Penne Trail (TPT) . Please note that the TPT consists of unmade tracks and is therefore may not be suitable for road bikes. Helmets are compulsory.

Bike to Paddle Transition
Upon returning into transition you get off your bike prior to the dismount line, and return the bike back into transition, removing your helmet and once you have racked your bike, changing into your paddling gear, buoyancy aids are compulsory. In your boat and paddle 5, 1, or 2 large laps clockwise. There are a number of boats available to hire.

Paddle – 4k – 5 Laps, QuadKidz 1 laps, or 2 laps.
Collect your boat from the beach, launch from slipway, paddle anticlockwise.

Paddle to Run Transition 3
Leave your boat on the slip way and run back to transition, removing your buoyancy aid in transition, changing into your running gear.

Run – 5k, QuadKidz 2k
You’ll leave transition and run around the large lap of the lake, along the side of the river back around Manvers Lake before heading straight to the finish line – whatever you do, don’t forget to smile!

Timing is on a start to finish basis and split timings can not be produced by the events team. If you wish to keep split timings on the day please use your own timing device. Youth triathletes will be the first to enter the water at around 8.30am, once they have completed their various mini distances, the adults will start.

We will be grateful of any volunteers to help our day run smoothly, so please get in touch to put your name forward, could volunteers please arrive from 8am.
For more Information contact Mark Benton 07704111414

Please support this event, bring your friends, family and any youngsters who would love a challenge like this, its a great stepping stone into our sport of Quadrathlon!

The First Ever ‘QuadKidz’

Dearne Valley ‘QuadKidz’ and TriStars

Sunday 11th June 2017, Manvers Lake, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham 

The BQA are very pleased to have this sprint race back in our calender, but more than that, we are so excited to announce that there will be a ‘QuadKidz’ event … Our very first Junior quadrathlon! This is great news for our sport and we hope to see lots of youngsters taking up the challenge, we cart wait to see ‘our budding Quadrathlete Stars’ of the future in action!

QuadKidz Quadrathon Distances – Swim, Bike, Paddle and Run                                                                               

QuadKidz (ages 9 to 12): 100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m paddle, 2k Run – Price £6.00

QuadKidz (ages 13 to 16) : 200m Swim, 4k Bike, 800m paddle, 2k – Price £6.00

Tri Stars 1/2 and 3/Youth are the same distances as above without the paddle.

16 years and above can race the Sprint Quad: 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Price £15.00

Showers, changing rooms available, on site café. Commemorative medal to all finishers. There are a Limited number of canoes available to use/hire
For more information about the course and to Enter the Event go to Dearne-valley-triquad.html

TeamManvers are offering training sessions through May 2017, so please get in touch for details. Mark Benton 07704111414.

Don’t miss this exciting New Event!