Our Quad Stars of the Future!

The final Race of the QuadKidz Series took place on Sunday, 8th September hosted by Lincsquad at the ‘North Lincs And Humberside Sailing Club’ Lincsquad put on an absolutely fantastic day, bluebird skies and the sun shone all day long! They had some amazing young potential taking part, our future young Quadrathletes all enjoying their day and the final race in the QuadKidz Series.

National QuadKidz 2019 Boys Champion Blake Mawson-Burren,

Well Done all the the QuadKidz who have taken part in the 2019 Series. Congratulations to 2019 Series Winners Blake Mawson-Burren, and Hermione Ball racing all 3 events showing great determination and commitment. We hope they continue to race and inspire many other QuadKidz next season, and lets hope we get lots more doing all 3 races in the series. Full Trophy Results to follow soon.

National 2019 QuadKidz Girls Champion Hermione Ball


A Big Thanks to all our QuadKidz Race Organizers, Mark Benton Dearne Valley, Mark Pryor BoxEnd, Peter Chappill and the Lincsquad Team for this final race, the BQA really appreciate your efforts!

Linsquad Coach Donna quoted ‘The weather was perfect for racing and even the water was warm, the route of the course was simply amazing, they couldn’t have asked for more! But they did ……. general conscientious was can they go back to the weekend event again as per 2018 ….. Let’s hope we can! We will look into this and let you all know in Annual News and moving Forwards Report at the end of October!

#onwardsandupwards our QuadKidz Stars of the Future!

Be a Quadstar its Four times the Fun!

Festival of Sport & Final Quadkidz Event of the Series

The final Race of the QuadKidz Series takes place on Sunday, 8th September 2019 from 14:00-17:00. Its hosted by Lincsquad at the ‘North Lincs And Humberside Sailing Club’
DN18 5 Barton upon humber.

There is lots going on during the day, plenty of action for the youngsters but if your a parent and want to have a try there is also an Adult Sprint Taster Session. Top class enthuiastic coaches from Lincsquad will be on hand so Im sure this will be a great day out! 

A mix of training/taster session for novice and beginners with the main UK national Quadkidz event

Our QuadKidz of 2017!

Start times for each are:
– Adult Sprint taster 10am
– Youth Aquathon 12pm
– Youth Sprint 1pm
– Quadkidz National event 2pm.

The Quadkidz event is the final race of the 2019 BQA series, the Series Winners will be presented with their prizes!
Youth entrants may book onto more than one event.

To Book on go to:

QuadKidz National Standings after Dearne Valley

Congratulations to the QuadKidz after their first race of the season. See their rankings BQA Quadkidz 2019

 The 2019 ‘QuadKidz’ Race Series comprises of 3 Quadrathlon’s, there are  various distances for the 3 age groups. (9-12) (13-15) and (16-18). At each race they will pick up points, which will go towards ‘Championship Prizes’ in each category. The Child with the most points in each age group will win the Prize, but they must of done 2 events from the series and must be a BQA QuadKidz Member. The next race is Box End QuadKidz’ Sunday 30th June. After the 3rd race organized by Lincsquad we will honor our QuadKidz Champions!

Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year. £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership Form

QuadKidz Are you Ready? 2019 Race Series

The BQA are very excited to announce all the dates for our 2019 ‘QuadKidz’ Race Series! This will comprise of 3 Quadrathlon’s for our youngsters, there are  various distances for the 3 age groups. (9-12) (13-15) and (16-18). At each race they will pick up points, which will go towards ‘Championship Prizes’ in each category. The Child with the most points in each age group will win the Prize, but they must of done the 3 events from the series and must be a BQA QuadKidz Member. After the 3rd race organized by Lincsquad we will honor our QuadKidz Champions!

Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year. £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership Form

QuadKidz1 – ‘Dearne Valley Quad’ Sunday 16th June Is our First Race of the season. A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting this again, it is certainly a great start for our QuadKidz, with the organizers giving the youngsters plenty of support! This race takes place within this lovely Manvers Waterpark . (camping available on site). The aim is to deliver a fun Quadrathon where our children can enjoy the challenge, be encouraged all the way, and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards!

Entries and Information Dearne Valley-triquad-2019

BQA QuadKidz Winners with Etienne Stott

QuadKidz2 – ‘Box End QuadKidz’ Sunday 30th June
Our second QuadKidz race will be at Box End. Thanks to Mark Pryor ‘Quadrac Racing’ for adding this QuadKidz event which fits perfectly into the main race. It’s an off road course, with plenty of encouragement from onlookers along the way making sure the QuadKidz finish with a smile and a huge sense of Achievement!

Entries and Information BoxEnd QuadKidz


QuadKidz3 – ‘LincsQuadKidz’ Sunday 8th Sept Our third and final QuadKidz race will be at North Lincolnshire and Humberside Sailing Club, Barton Upon Humber. Thanks to Lincsquad for hosting this event, no doubt this will live up to their top class race organization certainly one not to be missed! This will be the the final race and the BQA will present the ‘Championship Prizes’ to ‘BQA QuadKidz members’ who have completed the Race Series!

To Register  email to youthchair@lincsquad.co.uk
For more details Date to be changed –  LincsQuadkidz Flyer 2019       

Lets watch ‘Quadkidz’ Grow and Grow, exciting times ahead for our juniors – Its time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!



Quadkidz Barnton Training Weekend – Lance & Hermione Ball

The Quadkidz Barnton Training Weekend, has proved to be a great success with so many positive comments coming in. A big thanks to Lance and Hermione for this report!

We were travelling some distance, so arrived late Friday night. Instructions had been provided along with a code to get through the gate. Once through the gate we travelled a mile down a lane to the club house overlooking the lake. The distance away from public roads meant that we would be ensured a peaceful sleep in our tent ready for a busy couple of days ahead.
The following morning Lincsquad coaches Pete, Donna and Jeff arrived and introduced themselves. The club house had all the facilities you could ever want, set high up overlooking the water. Meanwhile other Quadkidz arrived along with their supporting parents.
After the usual safety briefing, the training day commenced with bike maintenance skills. This wasn’t just useful for the kids, but experienced cyclists alike. As I watched, I discovered issues wrong with my own bike and proceeded to spend the next half hour rectifying my own bike whilst the Quadkids got hands on with their own practical bike maintenance scenarios.
After discovering that we can all benefit from such presentations, it was time to set off on bikes and have a view of the route that would be used for the race. The cycle route used the grass / gravel track set up on a bank with a magnificent view overlooking the Humber bridge and estuary. This caused the same issues as the adults have on many of the trophy series races, namely what bike to use. Straight forward if you have a cyclo-cross available. Otherwise do you use a mountain bike or a road bike adapted with wider off road tyres?
Several laps of the route and the occasional nettle sting later from the very long vegetation, they all returned with smiles from a good ride out.
Next on the agenda was kayak skills. We had brought a quick racing kayak, but the conditions were just too rough. So almost everyone took to the water in the supplied stable kayaks and had a go at battling the wind and waves trying not to get blown back into the long grass at the shoreline.
Max took to the water in a racing K1 and showed no signs at all, of having problems in such conditions. Meanwhile Bertram, out in a slalom kayak, was clearly enjoying the conditions and able to show how much fun you can have in these craft when you have developed the skills, including a display of Eskimo rolls.
Transition training was provided during the day, thankfully by someone more competent than myself. Having had times when someone looking after my glasses disappeared to the toilet, getting t-shirts stuck around my torso and spending over 9 minutes on a transition at my last triathlon when I couldn’t get my wetsuit off; I certainly wasn’t the person to give advice on this aspect of the day.

The last practical part of the day was swimming. So, with wetsuits donned, they all took to the water. Following tips for acclimatisation they practiced sighting and swimming around buoys before having a practice on the course that would be used the following day. Despite the very rough conditions, they showed great competence in the water. Hermione has been a good swimmer in a pool, but had previously really struggled in open water. They spent a long time swimming in the lake on this day and the confidence by the end really showed. The photo’s of Hermione smiling throughout the swimming shows how much she now enjoys this aspect and has improved in confidence.
The day ended with nutritional advice back in the clubhouse.

Race day.
Hermione was up against Holly and Izzy in her age group so this report will be centred around them as I was watching my daughter compete.
Everyone commenced the swim together with an exciting flurry of splashes as everyone put in maximum effort to head out to the line of buoys indicating where to turn back.
Hermione was in third place as she turned back at the half way point. Izzy was clearly very quick, exiting the swim well ahead of Holly with Hermione just a second behind Holly. The swim had been shortened considerably due to the conditions and consideration for everyone. This was a slight shame for Izzy since had it been the original planned distance Izzy would have been able to pull out a very large lead.
All ran into transition, but Hermione clearly having listened to advice the day before and not taking after her father, had the fastest transition and headed out onto the bike course in the lead, followed by Holly and then Izzy who unfortunately had struggled with her wetsuit.
Hermione kept in the lead for the first lap of the bike, but Holly was clearly quicker and despite the overgrowth protruding onto the track making overtaking a little difficult, managed to overtake and pull out a lead over Hermione during the second lap.
After 2 laps Holly approached the transition and dismounted very professionally putting any of my dismounts to complete shame.
A quick transition later and Holly headed out onto the kayak in rather blustery conditions.
Not too long later Hermione went through transition, slinging items practically anywhere in her attempt to catch Holly and headed out for the kayak also.Due to the rough conditions Hermione stuck with the same slow stable kayak that she had trained in the day before, but Holly was in an identical kayak so all was equal. Holly coped with the conditions really well, managing to kayak in a straight line and not look as though she was having to spend that much energy despite the rough conditions. Meanwhile Hermione found the conditions rather challenging as she zig zagged her way along the course using brute force to try and close the gap rather than technique. As a result Holly pulled further and further away as Hermione appeared to be paddling twice as far as she needed to, if only she could go in a straight line!
Shortly afterwards Izzy took to the water, showing good technique but going a little slower than Holly and Hermione.
Holly exited the Kayak a long way in front, so started the run with a win almost ensured.
Hermione exited nearly 2 minutes later, still not giving up the chase, abandoning her equipment anywhere in her attempt to chase after Holly. Shortly followed by Izzy.
Holly had a slight foot injury, but it wasn’t going to slow her down much and she comfortably cruised over the line in first place.
Hermione had a good run and had closed down the gap to 40 seconds. If only there had been a second run lap! Meanwhile Izzy had the fastest run of all, so finished in a close third. If only there had been 3 laps for the run!
Holly, Hermione and Izzy all had a great race and should be proud of how they did in particularly tough conditions on and in the water. Izzy being the fastest swimmer and runner, compared to Holly the quickest bike and kayak, compared to Hermione consistent all round, any of them could have come first had the conditions, distances or equipment decisions been different, but on that course on that day Holly was the deserved winner.






Further finishers to follow included Will who had only ventured into open water swimming for the first time on the Saturday and had a great race against Finley and Isaac.

Max finished first in the 13–15 year old category, closely followed by Holly’s sister Lucy who clearly enjoyed the race from her beaming smile at the finish.
Bertram brought the event to a conclusion after completing by far the longest distances of everyone, in what was a very quick time for the distances and windy conditions.

All are promising Quadrathletes for the future.
Many thanks to all the athletes that took part to make this a fantastic weekend. With special thanks to the Lincsquad coaches and committee who managed to put such a great event on. It’s been great for the development of the Quadkidz and such an enjoyable weekend. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Box End soon.

Lance and Hermione.

Lincs-QuadKidz Barnton Training Weekend & Race

Thank-You to Lincsquad Youth Committee for putting together this great weekend of training and racing for our QuadKidz. The weather was certainly windy which made conditions in the water challenging all weekend but at least it was dry. As ever plenty of smiles, supportive coaches and helpers encouraging the youngsters all weekend! The training day, worked on all aspects of the event – swim, bike , kayak, run, transitions and also a nutrition talk, so all aspects covered really well.

Pete Chappell ‘Club coach’ reported ‘On the morning of the race the wind was blowing from the South West and caused quite a swell on the water so in order that the first time open water swimmers and first time kayakers could experience their first every Quadrathlon, it was decided to reduce the swim and kayak distances for the 9 to 12 years age group.
I have to thank all the more experienced age group athletes for agreeing to this. Some promising talent displayed their abilities and long may they continue to develop. All the athletes completed and received the excellent designed QuadKidz medal. The whole weekend was very tiring but most rewarding, the adults will sleep well on Sunday night, but given the chance the youth probably party on!!
The initial feedback has been very positive, I know the event day will be an annual event in the series.
See you at Box end with more followers!





QuadKidz Results Race 2 Results Lincs-QuadKidz-2018

Max Underwood-Frost reports on the weekends events – Quadkidz Barton Quadrathlon

We arrived at Barton on the Saturday to do a training day, working on all aspects of the event (swim, bike , kayak, run, transitions and a nutrition talk by Pete). Then after listening to Pete’s nutrition talk we thought we should all go for an Indian. ????

Some of us stayed overnight in tents which was really nice and when I woke up on the Sunday I started to get all my stuff ready for the race.

The swim personally was my favourite of the four disciplines and this time the swim was longer then the last one which I very much enjoyed. As I got out the water I saw two other people had come out with me but they got a very big head start on the bike because of my disastrous transition after not being able to get my wetsuit off (thanks Jeff for helping me).

After my struggle in T1 I got on my bike and tried to make up the time I had just lost. I had a 3 lap bike that was on a grassy trail with a little downhill.

As I got into 2nd transition I was glad that it went better then T1 and got ready for the kayak, putting on my buoyancy aid and running to Kayak In. Getting into the kayak I was hopeful that I could make some time up from earlier on. The kayak was a very hard course from the wind and I would like to say well done to everyone who was able to complete it because even Kev said he struggled with the wind later on. Coming out of the kayak leg I was lucky to be in first position and went into t3.

I got onto the run, we had to do just over 3km which I was ok with, and really enjoyed it and even though I had forgotten about the second lap I still kept my pace and kept 1st place.

I would like to thank everyone involved especially Pete, Donna, Jeff and all the others that organised the event. I would like to congratulate all the competitors on completing the race and anyone who is thinking about doing one of these weekends should because it was great fun.

Looking forward to Box End. Max

Congratulations to Max who won Dearne Valley and now the Lincsquad Quadkidz event on the 17th June, Max Underwood-Frost secures the 2018 title with one more still to complete!


Dearne Valley QuadKidz Hermione’s Race Day!

Congratulations to Hermione Ball, she won the (9-12) girls event at the Dearne Valley quadkidz event … here’s her great race report!

I went to Manvers Lake with my dad, both of us taking part in quadrathlons on the Sunday morning.
We arrived late on Saturday night just before it became dark. Thankfully quadrathlete friends Jean and David were there who helped us to put our new tent up and made us drinks so that we didn’t get to sleep too late.
We were up very early on Sunday morning as my race was due to start at 8:30am so that we were all finished in time for the adults to start at 9:30am. There was a lot to do, registering, putting a bike and kayak out, checking equipment and getting ready in a wetsuit to start the swim.

The Race
There were several races all starting together at the same time with a swim. Some were doing a triathlon whilst others like me were doing a quadrathlon. The distances for each part of the race were also different depending on our ages. I was wearing an orange hat showing that I was competing in the 9 to 12 female age group.

The swim was in the lake, colder than in a swimming pool, but wearing a wetsuit made it warm enough. I have taken part in a few short open water swims before and have never been very good, but this time I had my best swim ever. My dad had got me a swimming wetsuit before the race and I made sure that I had my head in the water before the race started. So instead of being at the back, I was up near the front for the whole swim.

After the swim, I ran up the grass bank into transition. I got my wetsuit off quickly and made sure the first thing after this was to put my cycle helmet on. I really struggled to get my trainers on because my feet were wet. I need to remember to put elastic laces in my shoes next time. So this transition could have been faster. I had a great bike leg. It was off road, but on footpaths that were mostly flat. I wasn’t used to the bike and my trainers weren’t very grippy, so my feet continuously slipped off the pedals, but I kept up a good speed. Into transition from the bike I just needed to rack my bike then take my helmet off, so this transition was quick, but whilst exiting the transition area I fell down the grass bank causing me a large bruise, grazes and cuts.

Next leg for me was the kayak, whilst those doing the triathlon would skip this part.
I had a terrible kayak. I’d had some practice in a Lightening kayak and paddled it o.k. earlier in the week. However, previously I had got into the kayak from a bank. This time I was having to get into the kayak out into the water where it was deep enough for the rudder to be off the floor. With no bank to hold on to, as soon as I got into the kayak, it tipped over and I fell in. With a little help, I emptied the water out and on the second attempt I got in and set off on the kayak leg.

Half way around the kayak course and I fell in again. The problem was that I had my seat set up for having bare feet, but had kept my trainers on for the race, so I hadn’t been comfortable, didn’t feel as confident as I had earlier in the week and my balance did not feel right. I was now in the middle of the lake. There were plenty of helpers out on the lake, so it wasn’t long before a couple of paddle boarders came to me and helped me to empty the water out and get back into the kayak in the middle of the lake.
I was glad to get to the end of the kayak and still be leading my category, but the person in second place was now very close behind.

I had a quick transition, only needing to get my buoyancy aid off and set off for the run.
The run went well, following the same route as the bike. By this time my laces had come undone, so I completed the run in trainers that were untied. Another reason to put elastic laces in next time.
I finished in a time of 31 minutes and 59 seconds, coming first female in my age group.

Junior Quad Girls ( 9-12 )
Hermione Ball – 2:31 – 11:05 – 20:50 – 31:59
Hannah Lancaster – 4:02 – 11:30 – 21:53 – 32:57

Even though I fell out of the kayak twice and fell down a hill, I felt happy for finishing and earning a medal.
I’m now really looking forward to the Quadkidz training weekend next week, where I’ll hopefully improve my kayak skills and learn more to help with my other races in the future.

Hermione Ball.

A superb report and great racing from these boys! Well Done Hermione, and Enjoy the next 2 QuadKidz Races, Lincs-QuadKidz and Box End QuadKidz! (BQA)

Dearne Valley Quadkidz Max’s Race Day!

Congratulations to Max Underwood-Frost, from Lincsquad who won the Boys (13-16) event on Sunday 10th June at Manvers Lake in the Dearne Valley Quadrathlon. Here is his report ……

We got there for 7:30 so we could get the kayak, bike and other kit set up for the race. While taking the kayak down to the lake I thought I should test the water to see how cold it would be, as there was a mist over the lake, and to my surprise it was pleasantly warm.

I then had the usual struggle of getting into my wetsuit before the 8:30 briefing. My age group, 13-15 year old, it consisted of a 200m swim, 4km bike, 800m kayak, 2km run.

We then got into the water to let our bodies adjust to the temperature and then did a little warm up. For the swim we did two laps of a 100m circuit in a clockwise direction. I came out the swim in first place and called my number as I ran into first transition. As I entered T1 I had a bit of a struggle getting my wetsuit off but I did it in the end and then got ready for the bike.

The bike was a 2 lap grass and gravel course, that I really enjoyed, and I managed to hold the lead.

Coming into T2 I racked up my bike and got ready for the kayak. As I was running down to my kayak I could see second place in the distance coming up to the dismount line (who I knew was very good in the kayak so I would have my work cut out). I got to my kayak a bit confused on what I had to do and so I just got in. At this point I realised the water was not deep enough for my kayak to float and had to get a little push from Kev and I was off on the 2 lap kayak route.

As I was about to start my second lap I could see 2nd place coming up behind me and he then overtook me just after the start to the second lap. As I was getting out of the kayak I got cramp in my right calf so instead of getting out my kayak normally I did a seal like roll.

Coming into T3 I saw the leader there and after having a quick transition we ran out of T3 together. We had a hard run being on each others tail but to my luck I managed to break free and go on to win the race with a time of 37.43 minutes.

Junior Quad ( 13-16 )
Max Underwood-Frost – 4:48 – 18:29 – 28:12 – 37:43
Blake Mason-Burren – 7:21 – 20:13 – 27:07 – 40:27

I really enjoyed the event and I thank everyone involved in the race and can’t wait to do some more quads. I’m looking forward to the weekend away at Barton Sailing Club training on the Saturday and racing again Sunday.

A superb report and great racing from these boys! Well Done Max, and Enjoy the next 2 QuadKidz Races, Lincs-QuadKidz and Box End QuadKidz! (BQA)

QuadKidz are you Ready?

The Fantastic Quadkidz Medals have arrived … Are YOU ready?

All you up and coming Quad Stars of the future, now have your own National Trophy Series – 3 Races and 3 Beautiful Medals to be Won, and Worn with Pride ….. you need one of each colour!

Dearne Valley QuadKidz Sunday 10th June: is our First Race of the season. A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting this again, it was certainly the feel good factor event of the year in 2017! This race takes place within this lovely Manvers Waterpark . (camping available on site). The aim is to deliver a fun Quadrathon where our children can enjoy the challenge, be encouraged all the way, and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards!

Entries and Information Dearne-Valley-Quad- QuadKidz

Lincs-QuadKidz’ Event Sunday 17th June:  The Second Race of the ‘BQA QuadKidz 2018 National Series. and a first ever QuadKidz race for Lincsquad, no doubt this will live up to their top class race organization! Certainly a weekend not to be missed!

Entries and Information workshop-and-quadkidz-event

‘Box End-QuadKidz’ Sunday 15th July 2018
Our third and final QuadKidz race will be at Box End. Thanks to Mark Pryor ‘Quadrac Racing’ for putting on this last year. A great venue for the family camping and racing all on the Box End site.This will be the the final race of the Series and the BQA will present the ‘Championship Prizes’ to ‘BQA QuadKidz’ who have completed the Race Series!

Entries and Information Box End -QuadKidz

Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year.                               £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership_Form 2018

Lets watch ‘Quadkidz’ Grow and Grow, exciting times ahead for our juniors –
Its time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!


Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint and Quadkidz Race 2018

Organizer Mark Benton has confirmed Details and Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint Quad and QuadKidz Races on 10th June. This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, and for the QuadKidz all the racing takes place within this lovely Waterpark. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’.

The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, once again the BQA are very excited to be supporting ‘QuadKidz’ this will be the first Quadrathlon in the 2018 series for our youngsters. There are  various distances for the 3 age groups. (9-12) (13-16) and (16-18)

A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting  this for us … it will be time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!

Entries and Information Dearne-Valley-Quad- QuadKidz