BQA Trophy Series 4 down-2 to go!

This weekend saw the 4th race in our BQA Trophy Series, its hotting up at the top of the table in the men’s event, with Alan Cole in the lead, Bryce Dyer 2nd and Nigel Unwin 3rd. These 3 are all Age Groupers so there could be a role down too! With 2 races left things could still change, Conwy Mountain Triathlon is on 9th September and Bude Awesome Foursome on the 15th. It is also our National Championships, the Trophies and Age group prizes will be presented there, and as always its a great end to our season!

We have just 2 of the categories finalized – Congratulations to John MacLeod our first ever winner in the Vet 70 category, and to Helen Russell has won the overall Ladies Trophy again this year.

Check out your latest points updated after the Shrewsbury Quad Race 18-BQA-trophy results

Just to remind everyone – OVERALL Male & Female Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member. (In the event of a tie the 4th race points will count to decide the winner).

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy for Male and Female. BQA Kit vouchers for winners Male and Female in each age category, Juniors (u23), Seniors, V40+ V50+ V60+ Vet 70+
Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete showing his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon.

Shrewsbury Quadrathlon 2018

A lovely warm sunshine day with slightly cloudy and no wind, what could be better!  A excellent day’s racing at the 7th Shrewsbury Quadrathon, the Event just gets better each year and has always sold out …. a true testament to the Event organizers SYTri and Phil Holden who took over from Gill Otto as SYTri Quad leader!

The start list was looking strong, with top quadrathletes and plenty of very good age groupers, as ever there were plenty of newcomers and the familiar faces we see in Shrewsbury every year, so without a doubt there was going to be some great racing ahead! We had been told that the water temperature was a chilly 14ºC, which was quite a shock after the warm weather and the non wet suit swim at Box End Quad!

The Men’s race: Alan Cole (6.17) and Steve King (6.08) soon broke away, with Steve moving ahead in the final 100m to exit first, James Block came in 3rd (6.54), followed by strong swims from Nigel Unwin, Bryce Dyer and Cliff Odgers.

James Block posted the fastest kayak time of 20:36 with Steve King posting the 2nd fastest time just 12 seconds slower at 20:48, by this time they were 3 minutes ahead of everyone else in the kayak leg. Nigel Unwin was 3rd in 23:35 and Iain Wood newcomer, produced an excellent split 23.52 in a barge of a kayak compared to the sleek K1’s up front! Alan, and Bryce both had strong kayak legs and were still in touch for a podium place.

Steve was holding 1st place, with James, Nigel and Alan chasing him, then Bryce pushing his huge 62-tooth chain ring was flying and posted the fastest bike split by far with a time of 34:46 for the 14 mile course – very fast in anyone’s books! So onto the run they went in the position they came off the bikes, Steve, James, Bryce, Nigel and Alan, they were all running well and no one managed to break up this order so that is how they finished!

James Block, Bryce Dyer

Steve King posted the fastest run split of 19:16. His fast swim, super-fast kayak and then fast bike and run meant he easily took the overall win for the 7th time in a row! There were some excellent Age group performances with 3 Vet 60 athletes in the top 10! Iain Wood winning his first Vet 60 Quadrathlon. Nigel Unwin took Vet 50 (role down from James Block in 2nd) and Alan Cole took Vet 40 (role down from Bryce Dyer in 3rd). Good to see so many other BQA members flying the flag, racing well, and producing some excellent times. (see below)

John Macleod Vet 70

Special mention must go to John MacLeod who won the Vet 70 category, he has raced at 3 Quadrathlons this year and is our first ever Vet 70 British Quadrathlon Trophy Winner … Well Done John!

The Ladies race:  was equally exciting, a good field of 15 women. Jacqueline Davies went into the lead after a very fast swim (7.36)and was out of the water ahead of Timea Harris (8.01) crossly followed by Natalie Abbott (8.21) and Jean Ashley (8.24).

Jacq was in her kayak first, with Jean and Timea close behind. Jean moved into 2nd place, as Timea was having trouble getting in her kayak. Jean started to close the gap, but was joined by Timea, after the turn buoy they paddled together chasing down Jacq. Timea (25.48) moved ahead slightly, Jacq (26.14) stayed in 2nd place, with Jean just behind producing the fastest kayak split (25.36).

Jacq and Timea went into transition together, followed by Jean. Jacq was on the bike and away she had a brilliant bike producing the fastest split (44:46). Other great rides were from Mary White (45.00) and Natalie Abbott (45.01). Jean maintained her 2nd place, meanwhile Natalie was chasing them both down.

Jean, Jacq Natalie & Mary

Jacq was first on the run, a good 2 mins ahead of Jean, each lap Jean having to work hard started to get closer … then on the 2nd lap running very fast Natalie shot past Jean and then Jacq, Natalie had the fastest run split (20.41) to take her first ever Quadrathlon Win, a fantastic performance! Meanwhile Jean with only about 800m to go over took Jacq and moved into 2nd place, Jacq was 3rd with Mary White Vet 60 putting in another fantastic performance coming 4th. Timea came 5th with Margaret Huyton also Vet 60 in 6th place! Like the men’s event 3 vet 60’s in the top 10 … looks like we are all ripening as we get older!! Again other great performances from BQA members Mandy Greenaway 7th, Anne Collins 8th and Donna Chappill 9th and Liz Angood 11th.

A superb day, everyone enjoying the lovely weather and friendly atmosphere, as always its a real good feel good factor event, superbly organized and its always great to chat and catch up with everyone’s race stories afterwards! Phil Holden certainly did the BQA Proud and gave a lovely presentation, with great recognition to our Age Groupers too …. everyone finished with a smile and I heard so many positive compliments I’m sure the race will be full again next season!

Big Thanks Phil & SYTri its been a GRAND DAY OUT!

Overall Winners 1st Steve King, 2nd James Block 3rd Bryce Dyer

Men Winners
1st Steve King Vet 40- I:25:22
2nd James Block Vet 50- I:28:17
3rd Bryce Dyer Vet 40- I:28:38
4th Nigel Unwin (role down) Prize winner Vet 50– I:30:48
5th Alan Cole (role down) Prize winner Vet 40– I:31:28
6th Iain Wood Prize winner Vet 60– I:36:02
21st John MacLeod Prize Winner Vet 70– 2:11:17

Congratulations to our BQA Members
7th Nicholas Farnell- I:38:07
9th Michael Toomey- I:42:03
10th David Finch- I:43:45
12th Cliff Odgers- I:46:46
13th Peter Chappill- I:46:49
15th John Kavanagh- I:48:01
16th Lance Ball- I:50:21
17th Jeff Chappill- I:53:46
18th Kev Lovett- I:56:08
22nd Alistair Bates- 2:27:14
DNF Wayne Smith … hope your calf gets better soon!

Overall Winners 1st Natalie Abbott, 2nd Jean Ashley, 3rd Jacq Davies

Ladies Prize Winners & BQA Members
1st Natalie Abbott Vet 50- I:25:22
2nd Jean Ashley Vet 60- I:25:22
3rd Jacqueline Davies Vet 50- I:25:22
4th Mary White (role down) Prize winner Vet 60
5th Timea Harris Prize Winner Senior                                     6th Margaret Huyton- 2:01:05
7th Mandy Greenaway (role down)Prize winner Vet 502:01:45
8th Anne Collins- 2:03:07
9th Donna Chappill- 2:03:47                                                    10th Julie Dean First Local Female- 2:06:09
11th Liz Angood- 2:06:16
12 Charlotte Martindale Prize winner Vet 40– 2:08:03

Complete Results Shrewsbury Quadrathlon Results 2018

Great video of Shrewsbury Sprint Tri & Quadrathlon, not a lot of Kayaks in there but plenty of Happy Smiling Quadrathletes!

Mary White, Iain Wood Vet 60 Winners
Charlotte Martindale, Alan Cole Vet 40 Winners
Mandy Greenaway Vet 50 Winner (and Male Nigel Unwin)
First Local Female Julie Dean









Bergsee Ratscher Sprint European Championships 2018

A big thanks to Russel Breyer for his detailed race report and his shorter version below! 🙂                          Short version:
Helen R: world class.
Helen D: awesome.
Russel B: held his own with the other old boys.
All: did British Quadrathlon proud!

This is the 7 hours on the Harwich ferry version
A seven hour drive from Calais or Harwich might seem like a long way to go for a sprint quadrathlon. But if you want the World Cup points, you’ll do it. And if you love this small, friendly sport, well, why not?
Bergsee Ratscher is a small lake, about 1500 metres across both ways, and more or less surrounded by the forested hills of the vast Thuringa Wald. (Germany constantly surprises with it’s delightful, unheralded landscapes).

Along one side of the lake runs a large campsite, with spacious grassy slopes giving every camper a view of the lake. The race was based here. The nearest town, Schleusingen, a couple of kilometres away, is an appealing place with a large castle and pretty houses. The international quadrathlon crowd was out in force, with over 60 racing, plus relay teams. So nice to see the familiar faces.

The swim was a one lap triangle, then off on the bike (briefly, does anyone know why German races tend to be bike, paddle, whilst ours are more often paddle, bike?).
The bike route started by going along the dam wall, then two laps of a tight loop, and back along the wall. The roads are perfectly smooth and the whole course is undulating, so you are either working hard to go up, or enjoying the fast downs. I had overcooked the hill training during the week, being unable to resist the temptations of the High Tatras in Slovakia, so had a shocker on the bike. The wind was getting up too, at this point.







The kayak leg was 4 laps of a triangular course, one turn being round a cute little island in the middle of the lake. Fine, but this meant a turn roughly every 400 metres and with 60 plus boats on the course, plus a stiffening breeze, some caution was required. Helen D and myself both found ourselves going wide to keep out of trouble. As our Ipswich CC race coach is fond of saying, ‘you can’t paddle fast if you are upside down’. But I made up some time anyway, so no complaints.

Then the run…a slightly odd course, twice round a V shaped loop, each lap taking us out and back along the dam wall, then out and back on a parallel path below the wall (on the side without the water in, obvs). Nearly all flat, mercifully, and it made the run seem strangely short, so I got a move on and made up a few more places.
And that was it. The presentations, which included World Cup prizes, were almost longer than the race, and seemed mostly to involve Helen R smiling gamely from a podium whilst various people showered her with more trophies and prizes than she could reasonably be expected to hold on her own. Her second world class performance of the day!

Russel Breyer

Box End World Cup … A scorcher, heat and race alike!

The Box End Quadrathlon was always going hot, with the high temperatures we’d been having, but the racing too was certainly a scorcher too! Ettiene Stott, the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in C2 Slalom was going to be competing along with current WQF Champion leader, Ferenc Csima from Hungary. With World and British Trophy series points up for grabs we had a lot of top class athletes racing, plus plenty of newcomers and as ever our strong back bone of committed Quadrathletes flying the BQA Flag!

On the morning of the race the water temperature was over 28ºC and heading to 29, so it was definitely a non-wetsuit swim, this made a few athletes worry about their buoyancy but on the whole I think everyone enjoyed it, it certainly felt very warm we we got moving! We had a couple of nervous swimmers who wanted to use wetsuits, so in true ‘Quadrathlon inclusivity’  we said they could race  but they wouldn’t get any trophy points. Speaking to them after the race, they were both extremely pleased and very proud they had finished their first Open Water Quadrathlon!

We all headed into the lake, the first ever compulsory non wetsuit swim in I can remember,  we waited for the Quadkids to walk up the lake to get at their start positions, and at  8.00am we were off! Ferenc Csima and Alan Cole moved into the lead a good minute ahead of the next group, Alan pushed hard and came out in first place 11.19 with Ferenc just 10 seconds behind. Michael Mason, Steve Rust, Alasdair Bruce and Helen Russell all came in around the 12.30 – 12.45, with Bryce Dyer in 13.16 & Etienne Stott 14.01.

Michael Mason

Four laps of the lake for the 4.8km kayak, Ferenc soon showed he was a world class paddler and went into the lead producing the fastest kayak split 24.39, Michael passed Alan on the second lap and went on to put in a very impressive time of 25.06. Ettiene in his best discipline produced the 3rd fastest split 27.42, with Ewan Cox, and Chris Carter just 10 seconds behind. However Alan 29.31 and Bryce 29.53 held onto 3rd and 4th place going onto the bike leg.

By now it was getting very hot, the grass was parched and the course hard a quite bumpy, no wind and 15km of 3 hard laps ahead. Michael started to chase Ferenc down and moved into 1st place having a solid ride in 36.37. Alan was riding well and held onto 3rd place 37.22,  but with Bryce’s fastest split of the day 35.20 he was literally seconds behind Alan as they came into T3. Special mention to U23 Billy Fadden who also had an amazing bike in 35.21! Etienne was still going well, with Nigel Unwin and Nigel Leeson moving up the field.

The run was 5km following the exact same route as the bike with little shade and getting hotter! Extra water had been put out, by this time everyone was digging deep. There was no stopping Michael he went onto win after an amazing run split of 19.49, taking 1st place in a total of 1.35.36. Ferenc held 2nd place with comfortably and finished in 1.40.39. Alan pulled away from Bryce with a good run split of 22.16 and finished 3rd 1.41.56. Bryce held onto 4th place 1.44.00, Etienne was catching producing the 2nd fastest run split of the day 22.13, finishing 5th 1.44.38.

In the Ladies race, Helen Russell was 1st out of the swim 12.47, with Gill Melia 13.38 and Jac Davies 13.29 a good 1min 30sec ahead of Jean Ashley. Helen maintained her lead in the kayak 31.31, with Jac moving into 2nd place 32.25. Jean moved into 3rd with a kayak leg of 31.16.

Helen kept her lead on the bike 43.34, with Jac in 2nd 44.28, Jean flew out of transition on a mission to catch Jac who was about 30 seconds ahead. However things didn’t go quite to plan, when she hit the first bump her seat slipped and jammed completely backwards, this plagued her for the rest of the bike leg, she still managed to hold onto 3rd but had got a lot of making up to do! At this point I must mention the fastest ladies bike split … the forever young Mary White put in an amazing 42.26 … faster than a lot of the men too!

Helen went on to take the win 1.54.32, showing her consistency her 3rd win of the season. Jac stayed strong and focused on her run to maintain 2nd 2.03.17. Jean tried to close the gap but it wasn’t going to happen and finished 3rd 2.04.43. In only her 2nd ever Quad Gill Melia finished a very creditable 4th 2.07.18, with Mary White looking as strong as ever in 5th 2.08.47.

John MacLeod 1972 Olympian

Special mention to our 2 Olympians that raced, it was great to see Ettiene racing with us all and enjoying his first Quad challenge, he also presented our Trophies, and big thanks to him for bringing his 2012 London Olympic Gold medal to share with us all! But there’s also a lot of respect for John MacLeod (Vet 70) finishing in a creditable 2.40, also a GB Slalom Paddler at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. A successful coach junior & senior GB kayak teams from 1979-1981 working through to the Barcelona Olympic Games and beyond. In 2009 he was appointed as Canoe Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Games, where he was know doubt very proud to see Ettiene Stott and his C2 partner Tim Baillie win the Gold Medal!

There were some excellent results from the age groupers too, showing just how strong the field was, Im sure everyone was pleased with their achievements … coping with the extremely hot temperatures and making history in GB’s first ever non wetsuit quad swim, it will certainly be remembered, lets hope the sunshine lasts until the end of our season!

Says it all ‘Gill Melia’ Quadrathlon Happiness!

Full Results Box End Quadrathlon July 2018
MALE Overall
1st Michael Mason (vet40) 1.35.36
2nd Ferenc Csima (vet40) 1.40.39
3rd Alan Cole (vet40) 1.41.56
Vet 40 (roledown) Bryce Dyer 1.44.00
Vet 50 Nigel Unwin 1.50.18
Vet 60 Michael Toomy 2.03.09
Vet 70 John MacLeod 2.40.07
U23 Billy Fadden 2:06.21

FEMALE Overall
1st Helen Russell (vet40) 1.54.32
2nd Jacqueline Davies (vet50) 2.03.17
3rd Jean Ashley (vet60) 2.04.43
Vet 40 (roledown) Gillian Melia 2.07.18
Vet 50 (roledown) Ali Pendle 2.09.26
Vet 60 (roledown) Mary White 2.08.47

It was the final of the QuadKidz Trophy and big Congratulations to our 2018 National Champions, with Max Underwood Frost and Hermione Ball taking the Boys and Girls Titles, both doing all 3 races in the Series. I am hoping for a race report from them shortly! Well done to all those QuadKidz who have taken part in the series, we hope to see you and your friends next year!

Quadkidz Box End Results and Series Results quadkidz 2018.2

Age 13- 15 Max Underwood Frost 50.12
Age 9-12 Hermione Ball 52.17
Age 13-15 Fran Ball 1.12.03

Well done to all 3 of you that raced on such a hot day, be proud of your achievements!

A Big Thank-you to organizer Mark Pryor and his excellent group of marshals for putting on this race, a superb venue and excellent course all within the confines of Box End Park! Also Thanks to all the competitors for supporting our WQF/BQA trophy race, again we have had lots of great feedback and plenty of passion shared for our Small Sport!

Check out your BQA Trophy Rankings and WQF Rankings below.

2018 BQA trophy after 3 races

2018 WQF Cup after 7 races


The Deva Divas Quad Blog – Jac Davies


Sandy, Adele & Jac


After the huge success of the first ever, not to mention historic, ‘Ladies Only Quadrathlon’ IN THE WORLD last year, event organisers Jean Ashley and Sally Napthen decided they had no choice but to run it again. In parallel to the renowned Deva Divas Triathlon which in 2016, won the coveted British Triathlon ‘Event of the Year’, the second Deva Divas Quadrathlon was set for Sun 8 July 2018 on the banks of the River Dee in Chester.

The 50 places available were snapped up in under 4 weeks before Christmas and the waiting list grew as a result of advertising by word of mouth and the BQA. In a similar vein to last year, the fabulous 12-week canoe course (from beginner to K1 paddler) that the Queen of Quad, Jean, along with Chester Canoe Club coaches John and Carol Hatton offered was taken up by 12 of the girls. I, for one, very much enjoyed reading about their exploits and astonishing progress on the Deva Divas Quad FB page. Jean and Sally also ran open-water swim sessions, a familiarisation bike and run session and a talk on transition. No wonder this race is held in such high regard!

Race day was forecast to be an absolute scorcher (we weren’t disappointed!) and 43 intrepid quad ladies turned up with a plethora of gear, racked their bikes and paddles and put their kayaks in number order, helped by the wonderful kayak boys Dave, Cliff, Mark and Simon. After a very entertaining race briefing from Colin Wilson (it is worth entering the race just for this bit alone!) and group warm up for all the quadrathletes and triathletes, we walked together to the swim start upstream. At 08:20, after a quick rendition of Oggy Oggy Oggy, the foghorn blew and we were off.

Colin’s Race Briefing!

This year, despite the lack of flow in the river, there was some really strong swimming with Louise Hanley, a fabulous triathlete taking a big lead (12:03), followed by Jenny Illidge (13:38), Adele Blakeborough (13:58), Claire  Addy (14:02) and Timea Harris (14:16). All the ladies swam well and finished safely in under 30 minutes. The kayak section was probably the most challenging, especially for the new paddlers, and as a result the positions moved around substantially. Jenny I, a very strong paddler moved up into pole position (22:44), but it was Jenny Swallow whose blistering pace (21:57) moved her from 11th to 2nd. Adele finished the kayak in 3rd place (24:20) followed closely by Timea (24:13). Jacqueline Davies, meanwhile moved into 5th place (25:07). Ali Pendle, Melissa Leffler, Jill Bradburn and Julie Hicks also had fabulous paddle segments coming in well under 26 minutes. The rest of the girls all finished the kayak section with only 1 mishap, but I’m sure it was more to do with wanting to cool off than a wonky paddle stroke!

So onto the bike section, which also helped jostle positions around. Unbeknown to Jac, she moved up into 1st place with the 2nd fastest bike split (50:14) with Adele just behind in 2nd (52:45). Jenny I retained 3rd position (57:37) with Gill Melia moving up into 4th (51:36). Ali was in 5th and Mary White and Louise, with an astonishing bike (46:31) were a second apart going out on to the run. Special mention should go to Mary, Vet 65-69 who had the 3rd fastest bike split of the day (51:14)!

Finally onto the run section where the positions would change once again. Jac and Adele were the first ones out, but Jenny I, posting the fastest run split of the day (22:09) romped home and was the only Quad lady to finish in under 2 hours (1:58:31). Much to her amazement, Jac finished second (2:00:38) but as in the previous year was being chased down by Adele (2:01:22). Louise, with the 2nd fastest run (22:45) of the day moved back up into 4th (2:04:16) with Gill finishing in 5th (2:05:09). Ali was 6th (2:05:42), Mary (2:07:04) and Jenny S was 8th (2:07:08).

Every single Deva Diva Quadrathlete started and finished and was greeted with a huge hug and a medal by Jean at the finish. A fabulous effort by all.

Winners Podium


1st Jenny Illidge (Sen 25) – 1:58:31
2nd Jacqueline Davies (Vet 50) – 2:00:38
3rd Adele Blakeborough (Vet 45) – 2:01:22

Sen 20 Alexx Sloboda – 3:23:14
Sen 25 (roll down) Jenny Swallow – 2:07:08
Sen 30 Timea Harris – 2:07:55
Sen 35 Alison Rosenburgh – 2:16:19
Vet 40 Row O’Neill – 2:13:40
Vet 45 (roll down) Louise Hanley – 2:04:16
Vet 50 (roll down) Helen Adams – 2:08:21
Vet 55 Ali Pendle – 2:05:42
Vet 60 Gill Otto – 2:25:46
Vet 65 Mary White – 2:07:04

As a competitor of the second running of this wonderful Ladies Quadrathlon and on behalf of everyone else who raced, I would like to say a Huge Thank You to Jean, Sally, John, Carol, our own transition/kayak support, the water station gang on the run and to Chester Tri and Chester Canoe Club for an amazing ‘Deva Divas Quadrathlon’ on Sunday! As Jean has already said, we are sharing ‘The Quad Passion’ – a small sport with a big heart. I absolutely love the fact that the Quad is run in parallel with the triathlon and it is wonderful to see so many women competing.


And finally ladies, to all of my fellow competitors, especially those of you who are new to this wonderful sport, huge congratulations to you all; you are most definitely Queens of Quadrathlon. And as I said last year and will repeat often, you are the “Prime of Mrs Jean Ashley”!!!

Jac xx

Deva-Divas-Triathlon-2018 PHOTOS

Official Film 2018

Sunshine Day with Deva Diva Quadrathletes

On Behalf of the BQA I Just wanted to say a Huge Thank You ‘Chester Tri’ for an amazing ‘Deva Divas Quadrathlon!  We certainly shared ‘The Quad Passion’ we had 43 ladies on the start line, at least 30 of them first timmers! The atmosphere was brilliant the camaraderie and racing superb, these girls just had the Best day Ever!

A massive thanks to my Triathlon club ‘Chester’ who for the 2nd time added the Quad to Ladies only Deva Divas, Triathlon. Thanks to our Race director ‘Sally Napthen’ who held it all together, to all those who prepared the race venue and course, safety and technical teams, all marshals across 4 disciplines, cake makers, commentators ‘with wonderful banter’, and the list goes on and on! 

Team Leeds Girls

We couldn’t have this race without the competitors, so thank-you to all you Deva Quadrathletes for giving it your all, you pushed hard, smiled all the way, you were amazing, and make our race so very special. It means so much to Sally Napthen myself and all the Chester team, when we saw those Big Smiles throughout the race it’s been another memorable Day! I have had so many lovely messages from you all, its been a great pleasure and an honour to be part of YOUR journey, I am so proud of you all ….. Celebrate in Style and wear your T’shirts with Pride!

Jean ‘Deputy Race Director

Team Shropshire Girls



A race report will follow shortly from one of our Quadrathletes.

Winner Jenny Illidge

Congratulations go to our Overall winners & Age Groupers

1st Jenny Illidge
2nd Jacquleine Davies
3rd Adele Blakeborough



Deva Divas … making History for a second time!

The 2nd Deva Divas Quadrathlon’ is almost here ….. another special day for ‘British Quadrathlon’ as this year we have 50 Ladies take to the water for the ‘Only Ladies Quadrathlon in the World’ This race also has the backing of the WQF (World Quadrathlon Association) the BQA and ‘British Canoeing’ they wish you all a great and enjoyable race!

Once again I am so pleased Race Organizer ‘Sally Napthan’ and Chester Triathlon Club agreed to let me add this extension for a second time to the ‘Infamous Deva Divas Sprint Tri’ …. a huge thank-you to all at the Tri Club and Canoe Club that have helped make this possible!

I have met well over half of you and had great pleasure in coaching 12 of you who joined our Deva Divas Canoe Course at Chester Canoe Club 12 weeks ago! Myself and club coaches have been inspired to how hard you have worked and so pleased you have all progressed to K1 race kayaks … showing true commitment!

I am very excited about Race Day … its a First for many of you, and I’m so excited to see how far you have all come! I will be cheering every single one of you, as you complete each one those four disciplines, and will be waiting for you all at that finish line!

Looking Forward to meeting you all, have a fantastic day and believe me there is the BEST Cake EVER waiting for you at the Finish Line …. now there’s an incentive…. who doesn’t just love cake!

Jean x

Last years Winner ‘Jacqueline Davies’ has sent you all this lovely message, it will certainly put you at ease and make you smile ….


Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing,
Cos evry lil’ thing gonna be alright!

For those of you new to this quadrathlon malarkey, it should be a doddle. You are, after all female, and therefore genetically predisposed to multi-tasking! However, I’m sure some of you have been going into a bit of a flat spin due to worrying about the unknown…..

So a little story from me, the accidental winner last year.

Prior to taking up quadrathlon in 2015, back in 2003, I was lucky enough to be sent on a course for the year with the military which was a great privilege. However, I made the error of drinking too much red wine on the first night “meet and greet” which made me vulnerable to persuasion by a Royal Navy Commander (unfortunately not 007!) and a Royal Marine. This resulted in me joining the Defence Academy Triathlon Club. Always up for a challenge, I agreed….a few months later, I found myself on the start line of my first ever triathlon and it was the Army Sprint Championships. I was ABSOLUTELY terrified! They were all so fit and young and knew what they were doing, unlike me…..

I had borrowed the said Navy Commander’s wetsuit; the neck was gaping and I had to roll up the sleeves. The countdown, the whistle and then we were off. We had 2 swim laps to complete and after each lap we ran out of the lake round a post and then threw ourselves back into the water. This is where my problems started. The gaping neck had allowed the suit to fill up with water, but my chubby ankles kept the neoprene tightly pressed against my skin, thereby preventing any escape. This was all very well whilst I was horizontal, but not quite so easy, or flattering, come to that, once I was vertical. So there I was, trying to run round this post, with at least 2 gallons of water sloshing around the belly of the suit with the crotch almost down to my knees… and that was only my first lap! But what a hoot and I loved it!

So I became hooked on triathlon and each time I said to myself on the run up to each race when the nerves were starting to kick in, “In the great scheme of things, does it really matter if I come first or last?” Over time, I’ve concluded, that for me, it’s all about achieving things that I never thought possible, but more so seeing other people, and especially women, doing the same and being overwhelmed by what they have done. I know this is exactly what our wonderful Jean feels too.

So ladies, you have been very well prepared with kayak lessons from John, Carol and Jean and swim and bike prepared by Sally and the team from Chester Triathlon Club. Don’t forget to read Jean’s fabulous checklist, take a deep breath and have an awesome race this Sunday. You most certainly are “The Prime of Mrs Jean Ashley”!! See you there!

Jac x


QuadKidz National Rankings .. with just 1 race to go!

Our 2017 QuadKidz Champions at the Prize Giving at Box End in 2017! Could it be you in 2018? Check out the Quadkidz Rankings with just 1 final race to go! quadkidz 2018.after 2 races

Fianal Race at Boxend- QuadKids – 250m open water swim – 1.2km kayak (1 lap) – 5km off-road bike (1 lap) – 2km trail run. This is the 3rd QuadKidz race of 2018 Series and the BQA will present the ‘Championship Prizes’ to the overall winners ‘BQA QuadKidz’ who have completed at least 2 races in the Race Series! They must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year. £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership_Form 2018

Lets watch ‘QuadKidz’ Grow and Grow, exciting times ahead for our juniors –
Its time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!

Camping – is available at Box End Park for all competitors. Caravans and Campervan facilities available; apply directly to Box End – Telephone Number: 01234 846222, 07922 824678

Entries and Information Box End -QuadKidz

Quadkidz Barnton Training Weekend – Lance & Hermione Ball

The Quadkidz Barnton Training Weekend, has proved to be a great success with so many positive comments coming in. A big thanks to Lance and Hermione for this report!

We were travelling some distance, so arrived late Friday night. Instructions had been provided along with a code to get through the gate. Once through the gate we travelled a mile down a lane to the club house overlooking the lake. The distance away from public roads meant that we would be ensured a peaceful sleep in our tent ready for a busy couple of days ahead.
The following morning Lincsquad coaches Pete, Donna and Jeff arrived and introduced themselves. The club house had all the facilities you could ever want, set high up overlooking the water. Meanwhile other Quadkidz arrived along with their supporting parents.
After the usual safety briefing, the training day commenced with bike maintenance skills. This wasn’t just useful for the kids, but experienced cyclists alike. As I watched, I discovered issues wrong with my own bike and proceeded to spend the next half hour rectifying my own bike whilst the Quadkids got hands on with their own practical bike maintenance scenarios.
After discovering that we can all benefit from such presentations, it was time to set off on bikes and have a view of the route that would be used for the race. The cycle route used the grass / gravel track set up on a bank with a magnificent view overlooking the Humber bridge and estuary. This caused the same issues as the adults have on many of the trophy series races, namely what bike to use. Straight forward if you have a cyclo-cross available. Otherwise do you use a mountain bike or a road bike adapted with wider off road tyres?
Several laps of the route and the occasional nettle sting later from the very long vegetation, they all returned with smiles from a good ride out.
Next on the agenda was kayak skills. We had brought a quick racing kayak, but the conditions were just too rough. So almost everyone took to the water in the supplied stable kayaks and had a go at battling the wind and waves trying not to get blown back into the long grass at the shoreline.
Max took to the water in a racing K1 and showed no signs at all, of having problems in such conditions. Meanwhile Bertram, out in a slalom kayak, was clearly enjoying the conditions and able to show how much fun you can have in these craft when you have developed the skills, including a display of Eskimo rolls.
Transition training was provided during the day, thankfully by someone more competent than myself. Having had times when someone looking after my glasses disappeared to the toilet, getting t-shirts stuck around my torso and spending over 9 minutes on a transition at my last triathlon when I couldn’t get my wetsuit off; I certainly wasn’t the person to give advice on this aspect of the day.

The last practical part of the day was swimming. So, with wetsuits donned, they all took to the water. Following tips for acclimatisation they practiced sighting and swimming around buoys before having a practice on the course that would be used the following day. Despite the very rough conditions, they showed great competence in the water. Hermione has been a good swimmer in a pool, but had previously really struggled in open water. They spent a long time swimming in the lake on this day and the confidence by the end really showed. The photo’s of Hermione smiling throughout the swimming shows how much she now enjoys this aspect and has improved in confidence.
The day ended with nutritional advice back in the clubhouse.

Race day.
Hermione was up against Holly and Izzy in her age group so this report will be centred around them as I was watching my daughter compete.
Everyone commenced the swim together with an exciting flurry of splashes as everyone put in maximum effort to head out to the line of buoys indicating where to turn back.
Hermione was in third place as she turned back at the half way point. Izzy was clearly very quick, exiting the swim well ahead of Holly with Hermione just a second behind Holly. The swim had been shortened considerably due to the conditions and consideration for everyone. This was a slight shame for Izzy since had it been the original planned distance Izzy would have been able to pull out a very large lead.
All ran into transition, but Hermione clearly having listened to advice the day before and not taking after her father, had the fastest transition and headed out onto the bike course in the lead, followed by Holly and then Izzy who unfortunately had struggled with her wetsuit.
Hermione kept in the lead for the first lap of the bike, but Holly was clearly quicker and despite the overgrowth protruding onto the track making overtaking a little difficult, managed to overtake and pull out a lead over Hermione during the second lap.
After 2 laps Holly approached the transition and dismounted very professionally putting any of my dismounts to complete shame.
A quick transition later and Holly headed out onto the kayak in rather blustery conditions.
Not too long later Hermione went through transition, slinging items practically anywhere in her attempt to catch Holly and headed out for the kayak also.Due to the rough conditions Hermione stuck with the same slow stable kayak that she had trained in the day before, but Holly was in an identical kayak so all was equal. Holly coped with the conditions really well, managing to kayak in a straight line and not look as though she was having to spend that much energy despite the rough conditions. Meanwhile Hermione found the conditions rather challenging as she zig zagged her way along the course using brute force to try and close the gap rather than technique. As a result Holly pulled further and further away as Hermione appeared to be paddling twice as far as she needed to, if only she could go in a straight line!
Shortly afterwards Izzy took to the water, showing good technique but going a little slower than Holly and Hermione.
Holly exited the Kayak a long way in front, so started the run with a win almost ensured.
Hermione exited nearly 2 minutes later, still not giving up the chase, abandoning her equipment anywhere in her attempt to chase after Holly. Shortly followed by Izzy.
Holly had a slight foot injury, but it wasn’t going to slow her down much and she comfortably cruised over the line in first place.
Hermione had a good run and had closed down the gap to 40 seconds. If only there had been a second run lap! Meanwhile Izzy had the fastest run of all, so finished in a close third. If only there had been 3 laps for the run!
Holly, Hermione and Izzy all had a great race and should be proud of how they did in particularly tough conditions on and in the water. Izzy being the fastest swimmer and runner, compared to Holly the quickest bike and kayak, compared to Hermione consistent all round, any of them could have come first had the conditions, distances or equipment decisions been different, but on that course on that day Holly was the deserved winner.






Further finishers to follow included Will who had only ventured into open water swimming for the first time on the Saturday and had a great race against Finley and Isaac.

Max finished first in the 13–15 year old category, closely followed by Holly’s sister Lucy who clearly enjoyed the race from her beaming smile at the finish.
Bertram brought the event to a conclusion after completing by far the longest distances of everyone, in what was a very quick time for the distances and windy conditions.

All are promising Quadrathletes for the future.
Many thanks to all the athletes that took part to make this a fantastic weekend. With special thanks to the Lincsquad coaches and committee who managed to put such a great event on. It’s been great for the development of the Quadkidz and such an enjoyable weekend. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Box End soon.

Lance and Hermione.

Indian Lake – Birth of the Quadrathlon in the United States.

Congratulations to The Adirondack village of Indian Lake, they were the first venue in the United States to host a quadrathalon. The “Do the Q” event was on June 16th and consisted of a 750km swim, 8km kayak paddle, 30k bike ride, and 10k run, in accordance with World Quadrathalon Federation guidelines.


Len the organiser has sent us his overview of the event:
On June 16 2018 the town of Indian Lake woke up to beautiful sunny day and the hustle of volunteers setting things up at the registration cabin. At that moment I felt all the hours and labor intensive preparation was going to come to life. I had great support from the Armstrong’s ( Bob and Francine as well as Pat Benton). The ladies put on a picnic after the event which allowed the volunteers and the athletes to interact. Bob pushed me on when things were to overwhelming- you know what I mean!

As time drew nearer I began to see more assistance coming my way from former project manager Marti Evanoff. She was a great asset since she documented what we had completed and what was still to be accomplished-boy was that ever a great help.

Bill Murphy (President of the Chamber) rode in like the Calvary in the old western movies. He assisted by painting our buoys then placing them out on the kayak and swim course and setting up our sound system for back ground music and microphone for the award ceremony. His most memorable assistance came when decided to test the water temperature by falling out of his canoe.

We also had great support from a local citizen radio team which help communicate to the turn marshals where the athletes were and when to expect them at the turns. They also assisted is getting help to a young lady who tapped wheels with another competitor and fell off her bike. They communicate the issue to their base station and moments later a ambulance squad was dispatched to help her. She was badly bruised and fractured her arm.

Beyond that the day was perfect for this type of event. Sunny skies, good water temperature and happy volunteers made for a memorable day for all who experienced the event.
We had various newspapers attending as well as the photographer from the Adirondack – Regional Office Of Sustained Tourism – (ROOST) I expect their photos will be used to promote the area as well as our town and this event at outdoor shows attended by our Chamber.

Race Results RACE RESULTS 6-16-2018

So there you have it…. a summation of the Quadrathlon …… Len

Thank-you Len on behalf of the World Quadrathlon Federation for putting the USA on the World Quad Map, keep sharing the passion and spreading the word!

Comments from the Quadathlethes:

Hi Len. I had a great time at the race. I think you did a great job as race director and look forward to the next one. The volunteers were all Great and very friendly and well organized. I thought the number of volunteers on the course was great. We (the athletes) were made to feel very welcome and we felt like rock stars at the end of the race. Thank you again. I hope that you are able to continue this as a yearly event. I think it will get better and better. Thanks so much Susan Browne

Hi Len, Can you please let me know what my time was in the race?
Had a fantastic time at the race. Very organized and the volunteers were awesome. Thanks for putting on a great event. Post race bbq was perfect. Janet Davignon

Hi Len, I’m happy to do letters of support to local papers, the Chamber, Town Council, whatever. Just send me contact information. You guys deserve recognition, and the residents and decision makers need to hear about local successes. We were in town from Thursday to Sunday morning, and we made sure that wherever we went for lodging, food, shopping, whatever, that people knew that we were from three hours away, staying in town, and there specifically for the race. Businesses all seemed supportive, and we made sure they knew that the Q had brought us to town. Nick Mercurio