Kayak Triathlon Training

John Kavanagh will be running another series of Kayak Triathlons as training sessions over the winter. The dates planned are Nov 26th, Jan 14th, Feb 25th, Mar 25th, Apr 22 – all Sundays.
The plan is to start at 9:30 with a 5km paddle out and back (going North) followed by a 22km bike ride on the local roads and then a 6km run out and back along the Middlewood Way.
Anyone is welcome to join him on the understanding that this is not a club organised event, just a group going out together with everyone responsible for themselves and their kit.

Start and finish is the Canal at Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, parking at the Adelphi Mill. N.B. there are no toilets, changing facilities, or transition areas. I use my car to store my boat and bike while not being used.
I will aim to arrive at 9:00 and paddle up and down around the start area till 9:30. If you want to join in and do not know the cycle route (same as previous years), let me know. I can send a route map or will ride with anyone not familiar with the course. It is not intended to be a race simulation, just a hard training session of about 2hrs or so.

John will post an update on our BQA Facebook page a few days before each date to confirm go ahead or propose weather associated adjustments.


Quadrathon – Training Session at Manvers


Quadrathon – Training Session at Manvers

British Quadrathlon and Team Manvers join forces to bring triathlon and quadrathon back to the Dearne Valley. The aim is to deliver, a Triathlon and Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards. Mark Benton and his Team of volunteers are organizing 2 training days at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club.

Saturday 20th May and Sunday 4th June (9.30)


9.30 – Arrive and sign in
10.00 Open Water Swimming practice session
10:45 Transition Tips (T1)
11:00 Group ride on the off road cycle route
11:45 (T2) Walk through
12:00 Kayak training
12:30 (T3)
12:40 Group Run/Jog – Run the run route
13:15 Group discussion and questions

Free to club members, £10 to non members (U18’s £5)

Email: manverslake@gmail.com for more information or to reserve a place (stating which date is preferred).

Contact Mark on 07704 111414 if you need any further information.


Regards Mark

Team GB on 2017 Azores Tour!

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Training Camp Smiley Squad!

Six GB Quadrathletes certainly flew the flag in the Azores, John Kavanagh, John Redmond, Clif Odgeres, Mary White, Jean Ashley and Jacqueline Davies, they not only came home with 5 medals and a trophy, they worked extremely hard before the race at a 6 day Training Camp!

The training camp was organized by Lisa and Stefan, and they gave us a fantastic variety of training sessions! Swimming sea and pool sessions, kayak sessions (hampered slightly by a 6ft swell!) bike technique & speed drills, hill reps and long rides. Track transitions and my favorite session of the week a run up a volcano! We also had plenty of interesting theory including Life-Kinetics, Sports psychology and a Beach Team Cup! Our ‘Veteran Bodies’ coped with the pressure really well, considering we were averaging 5 hours of training every day, our minds were most certainly pushed beyond our comfort zones!  We were very lucky on the 5th day, the GB Squad gave ourselves a morning off due to torrential rain, ……  this just gave us extra recovery and made us hungry for Race Day!

Angra Map if you fancy the camp next year, take a quick look at the Camp programme …. you’ll love it!

The Race didn’t start until 2.00, so we met up for a Sports Psychology talk before hand, this calmed the nerves and after a large coffee we felt we were ready to tackle anything! The weather was just perfect calm, warm ideal race conditions! The six of us supported each other in the build up, all encouraging and ironing out any doubts anyone had about the race …. we were ready the First World Cup Race of 2017 …. and I couldn’t quite believe I was in the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic!

We walked down onto the beach, and into the holding pen, goggles on and ready for action. It was 2 laps 700m, swim out to the yellow buoy and back round a flag on the beach and in again for a second lap. Jacqueline was first out 10.36, followed closely by John K. and Cliff, all under 11 mins, Jean came in just under 12mins, with Mary and John R. around 13.30.

The kayaks were ready and waiting and lucky for us the ‘Terceira Kayak Club’ were helping us launch them, most of us had stable K1’s or sea kayaks so a lot heavier than our own kayaks. The paddle was 3 laps around the bay 4km, after struggling with the waves and swell earlier in the week it was just brilliant to be paddling in the bright blue calm Atlantic!  Jean had the fastest GB kayak split 24.43, and overtook Cliff and Jacq but couldn’t quite catch John K. 25.25, Jacq and Cliff both paddling well came in next around 26.30. John R. was really pleased with his split at 26.10 and Mary too paddled her Ocean going Sea Kayak very well in 29.30.

The run up the long steps certainly warmed up the Quads ready for the 15km MTBike, 2 laps this was going to be the toughest part of the race, climbing up the cobbles to the 300 year old fortress and around the slopes of Volcano Mt, Brasil, steep and relentlessly exhausting. The military who marshaled had been very serious the day before, but on race day they had been allowed to let down their guard, they were brilliant, blowing whistles, waving and shouting words of encouragement they certainly helped me keep those pedals turning! Cliff showed his biking skills and started to move up the field passing Jean and John K, despite having to cope with a broken seat post he still managed a great split 1.03.43. John K. managed to overtake him 1.03.16 and was first Brit onto the run. Jean was in 3rd GB until the 2nd lap, John R. and Mary had both taken cross bikes, and they had excellent bike splits proving that they were most suitable for the hilly course. John overtook Jean 1.07.23 and he had the fastest GB split 1.01.07.

Jacq, who had shingles before she came out to the camp had started to struggle so she decided to retire after the first lap of the bike. Meanwhile Mary was flying, determined as ever had a superb split 1.04.02.

So into the final 5km run 5 laps, this was absolutely flat, on the promenade which was welcome after the bike course. John K. was first home for GB, his run split 22.45, Cliff was trying his best to catch him and had a great run 21.06, finishing just 5 seconds behind John. Jean ran well 23.02 and started to chase John R. down, she overtook him on the 3rd lap. He ran steady 27.28 and managed to hold Mary off, she again had a really strong run in 23.10.


Jean Ashley – BRONZE (3rd) Overall – GOLD Vet 50 (2.07.07) 

Mary White – GOLD Vet 60 (2.10.14)

Cliff Odgers – SILVER Vet 50 (2.02.11)

John Kavanagh – GOLD Vet 60 (2.02.06)

John Redmond – SILVER Vet 60 (2.08.23)

It was an amazing race, with plenty of support, and many spectators encouraging the athletes to keep running hard right to the finish. There were plenty of celebrations in the transition area, and the local TV were interviewing and capturing plenty of magical moments on camera! The medal presentations were very special as the GB Athletes took 5 of the Age group places Then efforts of the participants and marshals were rewarded with a sumptuous finisher’s buffet, hearty savories and deserts there were lots of local treats to try!

I am ‘So Happy’ to be part of a Wonderful GB Team, all going home with podium medals. It’s been a tough week of Training and big thanks to our coaches Lisa Teichert and Stefan Teichert who have pushed us hard. Also a Big Thanks to Pedro, the Kayak Club and all those amazing marshals and helpers that made the Race so special! We have met some amazing athletes and friends World Wide … we are so lucky to be part of our World Wide Quadrathlon Family ….. Be Proud Team GB!


MADCC Kayak Triathlon Training 2017

A good turnout today for the Quad Training Session, and also for the Technique and warm up session which was 9 – 10am. It was a lovely warm warm morning with no wind, a real contrast to the last training day … certainly felt like spring is in the air! A big thanks to John Kavanagh for organizing the session, great back to back training 5km kayak, 22km road (hilly) bike and a good 6km fast flat blast on the Middlewood way!  Transitions were little relaxed … but 100% effort in all the other disciplines! This is a real kick start to joining ‘sessions togethe’ without the pressure of racing, a real friendly crew and even homemade Cake to finish!

Come and join us for the next training days … see details below!

Keep motivated over the winter months John Kavanagh from Macclesfield District Canoe Club is running a series of training sessions and Kayak Tri’s, here are all the details from John ‘Everyone welcome to come and join in’!

I will be doing a series of short kayak triathlons over the coming months. This is personal training but people are welcome to join me on the understanding that it is not an organised event and that they take responsibility for themselves and their own equipment.


The dates will be Sundays, Nov 20th 2016, Jan 15th, Feb 19th, Mar 19th. Apr 23rd 2017

The format will be:
Arriving at Adelphi Mill car park (Grimshaw Lane, Bollington) at 9:00, on the water by 9:15 for a warm up and session of short intervals. Neil and I will also offer advice on paddling technique if wished. This paddling session will take place within about 1km either side of the Canoe Club shed – so anyone joining after we have started will meet up with us quite quickly.
The kayak triathlon will start from the shed at 10:00 with a 5km paddle (out and back to just beyond Bridge 24).
Followed by a 22km cycle ride on mainly quiet roads. I will be happy to ride with anyone unfamiliar with the route.

Then a 6km run, out and back along the Middlewood Way to Bridge 9.
This is an informal non-competitive event and can easily be modified by people to suit their own needs, doing as much or as little as they wish and joining in at any point.
Check the MADCC forum or MADCC or BQA facebook pages close to each date for any late changes due to weather etc.
John K

Developing Quadrathlon in and around Shrewsbury

Great News from ‘Phil Holden’ our British Trophy 2017 Quadrathlon Vet 40 Champion

Hello Fellow Multi-Sporters

I am hoping to develop Quadrathlon in and around Shrewsbury. James Block and I attended the Shrewsbury Canoe Club Committee meeting on 1st Dec, where they agreed to support the start of a K1 racing arm of the Club, and specifically to seeking funding to purchase some suitable adult K1s, and to pursuing planning permission for a third container for the necessary storage space. We have advice and support on the funding from Energise and from the BCU, who are both optimistic about the chances of getting it. This is great and brings our hope for more paddle training sessions for quadrathlon a step closer, as well as faster boats being available to race in. This will almost certainly mean people needing to join the Canoe Club to benefit from this, but it isn’t expensive. Have a look at this to see what a shiny array of K1s looks like!

Phil is keen on getting like minded athletes in the Shropshire Area motivated and ready for next season, 2017 Shrewsbury Quad is open for registration and other Sprint races which will most certainly target new quadrathletes, include a womens only Quad ‘Diva Devas’ in Cheshire and the first juniors race ‘QuadKidz’ at Rotherham ….. so why not book and set your sights now!

Phil suggests a few more Quady thoughts for this time of year… Make the most of Christmas for upgrading your quad gear! If you aren’t lucky enough to get a new bike or kayak, maybe those bike shoes or that swimming wetsuit you wanted.Winter is a great time to work on things like running, core strength and swim technique. You may be able to keep up some biking on the milder days and there are some nice days to be had on the river if you are properly equipped. It all h elps keep things ticking over so you can start the season well. Check out the many brilliant free resources at Swim Smooth Mr Smooth – An ideal freestyle stroke animation I have found these really helpful, and much of it is geared to open water swimming. Mr Smooth – An ideal freestyle stroke animation

 Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Phil Holden


Training Day Reports in Macclesfield 2016

5th Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 6th March. The forecast was for freezing so the canal may of been frozen, also roads likely to be icy early on so mountain bikes will be used on the Middlewood Way. However on Sunday there was no ice, although it was snowing very slightly. All four of us paddled and then rode on the Middlewood Way, no icy patches but lots of mud. Neil joined us on the run and made Ned work hard to be the first one back doing the full course. The sun was poking its nose out by then so we all had a good time!

4th Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 7th Februay. Five of us out for the February Tri, with a few more joining us for the kayak section. Neil did extra kayaking and running while Ned, Andrew, Lance and I did all three disciplines. Quite cold and windy but not raining. Although the roads were a bit greasy, as Lance found to his cost (twice!). Let hope the weather will be better for the next one on March 6th!

3rd Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 3rd January. 5 braved the wet, wild weather in Macclesfield for the 3rd training triathlon, the weather forecast was correct and it started drizzling soon after we started paddling, turning to solid rain by the time we were cycling. It didn’t give up during the run and it was windy too. Nevertheless we had a good time and blew away some cobwebs. Ned and I were together by the beginning of the run but then he went away from me easily. Neil missed out the cycle but did a triple kayak course and was just behind, closely followed by Andrew and then Mary.
Let hope for some blue skies for the next one on Sunday 7th February.

2nd Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 6th December. Eight quadrathletes turned out for the Training Day. The weather wasn’t too bad, although wet it was not cold.  It had stopped raining just before we got on the water, but unfortunately it started again after we started cycling. John Kavanagh was 1st off the water, closely followed by Nigel Leeson. John waited for Lance Ball to show him the cycle route, so Andrew Gage, Ned Price and his daughter Vicky set of just behind Nigel, with Mary White and Margaret Huyton not far behind. John and Lance managed to pass the twin girls on the road, and Ned and Vicky in transition (as they were struggling to get two bikes back into the car). A great training session  and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The Next one is Jan 3rd, what a great way to start the New Year!

A great off season training day, John Kavanagh will be organizing Sundays Session. These will be a 5km paddle, about 20km cycle and 6km run. Transitions will include the time it takes for him to put his kayak back on his car and get his bike out etc.

They will be starting at 9:00 – unless he hears from people that a later start would enable them to join me. PLEASE let him know if this would help.
Anyone is welcome to join in, but please note that this is an informal outing for individuals, not an event organised by any club or organisation.
People may also choose to do their own variation, e.g. Run, Cycle, Run. The intention is to have fun training with others rather than serious racing. Weather conditions might also force a change of plans, for one of the races last year the canal was frozen …. so they did a Duathlon!
No specific rules, no timekeeper or marshals, everyone is responsible for themselves, and their own equipment and its safety. John will be happy to cycle in a group with anyone unfamiliar with the bike route.

6th December – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

DATES – 1st November, 6th December 2015 – 3rd January, 7th February, 6th March 2016, any changes will be posted on our BQA facebook page.



Kayak Training Triathlon, 2015 Macclesfield

The first of John’s Training Days took place on Sunday and what glorious weather for the 1st of November! A great enthusiastic bunch of us had an excellent training session and it was well worth the trip to Macclesfield … Back to Back Sessions are much more fun when there’s 10 of you!
All Ten of us paddled on the Canal, then rode and ran. John managed to be 1st off the water, closely followed by Nigel who was quickly away on his bike. Ned was not far behind but waited briefly to accompany Jean on the ride as she did not know the route. A good hilly route out of Bollington, with plenty of undulations and cheeky climbs! John waited to ride with Mary Margaret and Tim. Andrew went off ahead of us and Jaqui and Cliff brought up the rear (Cliff is new to paddling his K1). We finished the run much the same order as we set off on the bike, except for Cliff who went storming past a few of us. The order did not matter as there were no prizes, we were all just out to have a good time, a good quality Brick Session with two hours or so training in the Bank! Not to mention the homemade Cake and Flapjack to finish!

Good to see the regular Quadrathletes out from Macclesfield Canoe Club, and potential Quadrathlete Andrew Gage getting some training in before he embarks on his first Quad next season. Good to see Tim Deykin back in action after a few years out, now going well again! Thanks to newcomers to our sport Cliff and Jaqui for coming up all the way from Frome! Lets hope more athletes on the start list for next year ….. more of this training and we’ll all certainly be ready!!

The Next Training Day is 6th December – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

John Kavanagh winner of the Eric Hatliff Trophy this year, is going to continue encouraging like minded athletes over the winter months by organizing some ‘off season’ training sessions. John has had a brilliant season this year, he’s raced 4 of our Trophy races, competed in the Long Course World Quad Champs in Hannover, and Won Gold.  He also went to Poland the the World Middle Distance championships winning Silver in his V60 category. He has won the BQA Vet 60 Trophy and also the World (WQF) Gold Medal and Crystal Globe …… and just to top it all completed in the Bolton Ironman!

As off season training, John will be doing a series of kayak triathlons on the first Sunday of each month starting in November through to March. These will be a 5km paddle, about 20km cycle and 6km run. Transitions will include the time it takes for him to put his kayak back on his car and get his bike out etc.
They will be starting at 9:00 – unless he hears from people that a later start would enable them to join me. PLEASE let him know if this would help.
Anyone is welcome to join in, but please note that this is an informal outing for individuals, not an event organised by any club or organisation.
People may also choose to do their own variation, e.g. Run, Cycle, Run. The intention is to have fun training with others rather than serious racing. Weather conditions might also force a change of plans, for one of the races last year the canal was frozen …. so they did a Duathlon!
No specific rules, no timekeeper or marshals, everyone is responsible for themselves, and their own equipment and its safety. John will be happy to cycle in a group with anyone unfamiliar with the bike route.

1st November – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

DATES – 1st November, 6th December 2015 – 3rd January, 7th February, 6th March 2016, any changes will be posted on our BQA facebook page.



International Quad-Camp 2016

Elite German Quadrathletes, Lisa Hirschfelder and Stefan Teichert are planning a Multisport-Training-Camp for February/March 2016. It takes place on the Island Terceira, Azoren, away from the rainy and snowy weather. In April there will probably be a Quadrathlon race, too. The infrastructure for Training is good, and compared to Fuerteventura it is not that expensive.

Stefan and Lisa

More Information: Swimming in the sea with wetsuits (19C) or pool (2Euro/Session. Bike riding is hilly, nice landscape, and good Asphalt roads., It will be possible to rent bikes and kayaks. Running is off-road and in a Stadium.

The Focus of the training weeks: Bike with fun & low intensity + all other disciplines + athletic and strength-sessions. The temperature is around 15-19 degrees outside. Sleeping in a house if we get 8 Persons to come, cooking & food-shopping together.

At the moment we are looking at dates 20.2.2016 until beginning of March. You can stay one or two weeks, ten days, whatever you like. As soon as we have 8 persons to participate, we will book the flights and let you know the date and arriving time, so that you can book your flights, too, some countries have a direct flight, others have to fly to Lisbon first and wait for a connecting flight (can be between 2 and 10 hours).

Calculation of costs:
Flight to & back: ca. 300-400€ per Person
Accommodation + Camp ca. 400-500€ for 2 weeks but it depends numbers of participants.
Overall costs will be less than 1000€. More details as soon as we know how many of you will come. There are Hotels, too, but they are more expensive .

PLEASE, let us know by 26th July if you want to participate, so that we can plan the Details and reserve the accommodation.
We’re looking forward to a great international Quad-Camp 2016
Lisa & Stefan

You can email Lisa direct- lisa.hirschfelder@gmail.com or email me Jean Ashley- malpasashleys@btinternet.com and I will let her know you are interested.

Box End Winter Duathlon/Kayak Tri Series 2014/15

Due to sufficient interest Quadrac Racing have decided to put on a Winter Duathlon/Kayak Tri Series at Box End again this year.  A total of 3 races to keep you motivated over the winter months and ideal pre-season training!

Both of the above events are suitable for experienced and novice athletes just wanting to start out in the sports, due to their relative short distances. You will need a basic level of fitness and bags of enthusiasm to compete. You can compete as a team e.g. 1 person kayaks, 1 bikes, and 1 runs. If you are competing in the Kayak Tri you will need some experience/confidence in a boat.

The race format will be the same as last years, please see below.

Race details: Kayak Triathlon – 2.5km Kayak – 12km x/c Bike (3 laps) – 4km Trail Run (1 lap)

Duathlon – 8km Trail Run (2 laps) – 12km x/c Bike (3 laps) – 4km Trail Run (1 lap)

All races are only £10 each if pre-entered, but on the day entries are £15

The race dates are:

Race 1 – Sunday 19th October 2014

Race 2 – Sunday 23rd November 2014

Race 3 – Sunday 18th January 2015

Timing: registration 08:00 to 09:10.  Race briefing is as 09:10 in the transition (compulsory to attend).  Both races will start at 09:30.

Series Winner categories: Overall male / female winners, Team. U23, MS, MV40, MV50, FU23, FS, FV40, in both Duathlon and Kayak Tri. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw categories if there are insufficient numbers.

Facilities available: toilets, showers, changing areas, refreshments, camping, parking.
CAMPING – is available at Box End Park for all competitors at £5 per person per night. Caravans and campervan facilities available; apply directly to Box End – Telephone Number 07922 824678

This is an ideal opportunity for you to keep competitive and on the edge during the Winter season.

Yours in sport, Mark Pryor Quadrac Racing


BQA Training Day 2014

The World Quadrathlon Championships getting closer, and we hope your training and preparations are going well. Ian Smith our BQA Team Coordinator has organized a Training day, all BQA GB Team members are  invited. Its aim is to meet up with the team, and iron out any concerns offer training tips and have a good day’s training together.

It is at Worcester Canoe Club Saturday 26th April 10 – 4. Please find Itinerary attached. If you wish to come and haven’t confirmed your place already please contact Ian Smith via email … or myself Jean Ashley THANKS.

The World Quadrathlon Champs Keyo Brigg Bomber 2014 is officially a sell out 110 entries are in! That’s now officially the biggest Quadrathlon ever held in Great Britain ….. and your going to be part of it! We have 45 GB Team members, who are all BQA members, please note the following Rule … if you wish to race for Team GB you must be a BQA member .. THANKS!

Please remember if your racing for ‘Team GB’ you Must Be a 2014 paid up of your NATIONAL GOVERNING BODY, so please send me your BQA membership Form and payment … THANKS