National Trophy Standings – after 2 races!

Chris Carter

Here are the latest Trophy Standings with the first 2 races done, the Brigg Bomber and Dearne Valley. Chris Carter (Nottingham Kayak Club) is in the lead with 204 points. Just behind with 200 points is Nicholas Farnell (Ludlow Tri Club) and in 3rd Peter Tindall (Lincsquad) with 197. So its all close up at the top, Box End is the next race, so no doubt there will be lots of great racing to gain those extra points!


Helen Russell

In the Ladies trophy Helen Russell (Worcester Canoe Club) is in the lead, with 2 outright wins 240 points, with Mandy Greenaway (Wakefield Triathlon Club) in 2nd place on 199 points, these are the only ladies who have done 2 races so once again Box End is where we expect more ladies to be looking for those points!

Don’t forget Box End will give you BQA and WQF Points its our 2nd World Cup Race!

Check out your Trophy Points and Age Group positions, a big Thank-you to John Kavanagh who produces these tables for us after every event … superb work!

2018-BQA Trophy after Dearne Valley


The BQA Perpetual Trophies and BQA kit vouchers are awarded to the Overall Winners. The Age Group winners receive BQA kit vouchers. The overall winner will NOT win a age catagory prize too, it will role down. In the Event of a tie the points from a 4th race will be counted. Each winner must do 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member.

Age Groups Male and Female  – Senior, Vet 40, Vet 50, Vet 60, Vet 70.

Here are the latest world cup points also – WQF Trophy World Cup Standings after 4 races

2018-WQF World Cup after Hannover

Reminder … Race entries you know you want too!

Hello Quadrathletes … after  having a great day at Dearne Valley Quad at the weekend here’s a reminder of what is coming up …. For the QuadKidz they have a fantastic weekend ahead, lots of coaching tips, help with technique, lots of improvements and confidence can be built up on weekends like this one! 

Lincs-QuadKidz’ Event Sat/Sunday 16/17th June:  Training day on Saturday followed by the 2nd Race of the ‘BQA QuadKidz 2018 National Series, and a first ever QuadKidz race for Lincsquad, no doubt this will live up to their top class race organization. You’ll have chance to put all your expertise into practice with the Quadkidz race on the Sunday! Certainly a weekend not to be missed!

Entries and Information workshop-and-quadkidz-event

The next National Trophy Event No 3, and World Cup Race is at Box End Sprint Quad … Mark has very few entries at the moment so please support this race … he needs your entries and Quadkidz entries NOW!

A very well established and superb Race, organized by Quadrac racing, the whole event held within the Box End Waterpark. It’s ideal for youngsters, beginners as it’s a sprint distance and support crews can see the whole race from the lovely lake side café. It’s the third time it has been give World Cup Status so we need to give this race the backing it deserves. All Quadrathletes racing will get BQA National Trophy points plus World Cup points too, its also the final and 3rd race of the QuadKidz Series, without a doubt a great weekend in store! Don’t Miss this Great Race and enjoy the venue with a lovely weekend of camping too!

See Details and Entry Form    Box End Entry Form 2018

Venue – Box End Park, Box End, Kempston, Bedford, Beds, MK43 8RQ Grid Ref: TL011485

Event Details –
The Sprint Quadrathlon – 750m open water swim – 4.8km kayak [4 laps] – 15km off-road bike course [3 laps] – 5km trail run

QuadKids – 250m open water swim – 1.2km kayak (1 lap) – 5km off-road bike (1 lap) – 2km trail run. This is the 3rd QuadKidz race of 2018 Series and the BQA will present the ‘Championship Prizes’ to ‘BQA QuadKidz’ who have completed the Race Series! Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members, very reasonable membership for the year. £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member. Membership_Form 2018

Lets watch ‘QuadKidz’ Grow and Grow, exciting times ahead for our juniors –
Its time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!

Camping – is available at Box End Park for all competitors. Caravans and Campervan facilities available; apply directly to Box End – Telephone Number: 01234 846222, 07922 824678

Entries and Information Box End -QuadKidz


Dearne Valley Quad 2018

A brilliant sunshine day for the Dearne Valley Quadrathlon, our 2nd Trophy Race of the Season, lots of passion for our sport, with non stop smiles as juniors, first timers, and seasoned quadrathletes crossed the finish line! Organizer Mark Benton and his ‘Team’ of volunteers and marshals hosted a great race for us all, there enthusiasm and friendliness shone through, to make their 2nd time of running the event a huge success, thank-you you did your selves proud yet again!

The kids races got underway at 8:30am and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Those that were fast were giving it their all, but those that weren’t so fast were supported well the whole way around. The ethos of the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club is one of inclusivity and giving everyone a chance, which is just how it should be, this was clear throughout the weekend and it was good to see the kids giving it their all. One or two gave a little too much and returned from the bike bloodied and bruised after overcooking it on a corner or capsized their kayaks but from what I saw they all continued on and had a good time despite a few mishaps. The kids presentations were made at around 9:30am. The jubilant podium finishers collected their certificates, proud parents cheered and the adult Quadrathletes and Triathletes assembled ready for their races.

It was a real mixture of athletes racing 50 in total, with 27 doing the quad and 23 the Triathlon, with 18 of those BQA members, so plenty of National Trophy points ready to be picked up!  There were plenty of athletes giving the quad a go for the first time, and they looked like they had given everything and had a great time! BQA members took the top 11 places, with plenty of friendly battles between themselves along the way.


Alan Cole was 1st out of the swim (12.10) with Helen Russell in 2nd (13.36), Bryce Dyer (14.26) and Jacqueline Davies (14.51) a close 3rd and 4th. There was then a steady stream of swimmers coming in between 15 and 17 mins, it was a 2 lap course, nice a calm and reasonably warm, there were plenty of paddle boards and canoeists encouraging the slower swimmers along the way.


Bryce Dyer 2nd Overall

The bike was off road and using part of the Trans Penne Trail which consisted of unmade tracks, there were a few boulders, and gates, 2 bridges and a few road crossings to slow you down, so you had to keep your whits about you! It was ideal for cross bikes, as they proved to be the fastest over the course and it was out and back so great to see where everyone was in the race! Alan was out in front with Bryce trying to catch him, though Bryce did the fastest split (32.42) it wasn’t enough to catch Alan (33.25). Peter Tindall (34.11) and Nicholas Farnell ( 34.36) also had strong bike legs, and Chris Carter was catching up too (35.18).


Alan Cole Winner

Alan paddled very well in his ski (24.36) leaving Bryce and Chris the job of trying to chase him down. Chris did the fastest kayak split (24.19) with Bryce (25.07) still holding onto 2nd place. John Kavanagh was also paddling well producing the 4th fastest split (25.58). It was 5 laps of the kayak course and compared to last year it was very calm, it was good to see some great kayaking, all types of boats, but a big improvement this year as most were K1 types or river racers and sea kayaks, so it was good to see paddlers moving on from short plastics!


Chris Carter 3rd Overall
Nicholas Farnnell 4th Overall







Onto the run and once again Alan had the fastest split (21.39), Greg Lyle (22.14) and Pete Tindall (22.44) were both quick, but neither would alter the top positions. Bryce held on to 2nd (24.10) with Chris in 3rd (24.43). Nicholas Farnell came in 4th, Pete Tindall 5th and John Kavanagh 6th. Some great results and some big improvements in personnel performances since last year, Pete Chappill, Andrew Lawson, Wayne Smith and  Lance Ball all had significantly faster times this year … well done everyone!

Special mention goes to our Vet 70 super fit BQA Member John MacLeod who did the 14th fastest canoe split of the day (31.36) He is very modest, and has an Olympic Gold Kayak Medal from Munich 1972 at home, so he has clearly not lost his touch! Well done John, great to see you out there again.

In the Ladies race, Helen was in the lead from the start, she was 1st lady out of the swim (13.36) with Jacqueline in 2nd (14.51) Laura Syndney in 3rd (16.04) with Jean a minuit down in 4th (17.10). Helen had a good bike (37.23), Jacq also just a minuit behind (38.23) Jean peddled past Laura and moved into 3rd place (39.10).

So onto the kayak, Helen had worked hard on her kayak training over the winter and produced a good time staying in the lead (27.17) Jacq and Jean set out to chase her down, but she was almost a lap in front. Jacq stayed in 2nd ((28.24) with Jean (really really working hard to catch her … I can assure you I was!!) couldn’t quite get there but produced a great split (26.41) 5th fastest overall.

Jacqueline Davies 3rd Overall
Jean Ashley 2nd Overall







Helen Russell Winner

Helen ran well to take the win (24.24) …. Jacq went out on the run pushing hard (31.07), Jean new she would have to push it and make up ground, so digging deep and leaving nothing in the tank she managed to pass Jacq around 2km (28.06) to take 2nd place. Mandy Greenaway came 4th having improved by 8 mins since last year, and Helen Adams, a first timer to quadrathlon had a brilliant race finishing in 5th. It was so good to see plenty of women racing and producing some good solid performances,  new BQA member Lizzie Angood was inspired by the Brigg Bomber 2 weeks earlier so it was so good to see her racing with a huge smile! Amanda Knagg also had a huge improvement of 13 mins from last year … so well done all the Girls too!

A special mention must go to Caroline Jones, I spoke to her after the race she had done the triathlon last year and decided the Quad looked so much fun she got her kayak out, trained up and entered! She finished in fine style, was buzzing with enthusiasm and full of admiration for our supportive Quad Family, she’d had a great day loved every moment and had smiled all the way! Seeing her so happy just made my day too … it makes it all worth while when people are inspired and motivated by our friendliness and also by our wonderful race organizers who make us all feel Very Special!

Once again a Huge Thank You ‘Mark Benton’ and ‘Manvers’ …. we hope you’ll have us back next year!

Full results Dearne Valley Results

There are more photos on our Facebook page BQA facebook

Alan Cole has a Blog post so if you want to know all the knitty-gritty here is his race report from – get a coffee, put your feet up and get some much deserved R&R as you settle down for 10 minutes recovery while you read it:











Dearne Valley QuadKidz Hermione’s Race Day!

Congratulations to Hermione Ball, she won the (9-12) girls event at the Dearne Valley quadkidz event … here’s her great race report!

I went to Manvers Lake with my dad, both of us taking part in quadrathlons on the Sunday morning.
We arrived late on Saturday night just before it became dark. Thankfully quadrathlete friends Jean and David were there who helped us to put our new tent up and made us drinks so that we didn’t get to sleep too late.
We were up very early on Sunday morning as my race was due to start at 8:30am so that we were all finished in time for the adults to start at 9:30am. There was a lot to do, registering, putting a bike and kayak out, checking equipment and getting ready in a wetsuit to start the swim.

The Race
There were several races all starting together at the same time with a swim. Some were doing a triathlon whilst others like me were doing a quadrathlon. The distances for each part of the race were also different depending on our ages. I was wearing an orange hat showing that I was competing in the 9 to 12 female age group.

The swim was in the lake, colder than in a swimming pool, but wearing a wetsuit made it warm enough. I have taken part in a few short open water swims before and have never been very good, but this time I had my best swim ever. My dad had got me a swimming wetsuit before the race and I made sure that I had my head in the water before the race started. So instead of being at the back, I was up near the front for the whole swim.

After the swim, I ran up the grass bank into transition. I got my wetsuit off quickly and made sure the first thing after this was to put my cycle helmet on. I really struggled to get my trainers on because my feet were wet. I need to remember to put elastic laces in my shoes next time. So this transition could have been faster. I had a great bike leg. It was off road, but on footpaths that were mostly flat. I wasn’t used to the bike and my trainers weren’t very grippy, so my feet continuously slipped off the pedals, but I kept up a good speed. Into transition from the bike I just needed to rack my bike then take my helmet off, so this transition was quick, but whilst exiting the transition area I fell down the grass bank causing me a large bruise, grazes and cuts.

Next leg for me was the kayak, whilst those doing the triathlon would skip this part.
I had a terrible kayak. I’d had some practice in a Lightening kayak and paddled it o.k. earlier in the week. However, previously I had got into the kayak from a bank. This time I was having to get into the kayak out into the water where it was deep enough for the rudder to be off the floor. With no bank to hold on to, as soon as I got into the kayak, it tipped over and I fell in. With a little help, I emptied the water out and on the second attempt I got in and set off on the kayak leg.

Half way around the kayak course and I fell in again. The problem was that I had my seat set up for having bare feet, but had kept my trainers on for the race, so I hadn’t been comfortable, didn’t feel as confident as I had earlier in the week and my balance did not feel right. I was now in the middle of the lake. There were plenty of helpers out on the lake, so it wasn’t long before a couple of paddle boarders came to me and helped me to empty the water out and get back into the kayak in the middle of the lake.
I was glad to get to the end of the kayak and still be leading my category, but the person in second place was now very close behind.

I had a quick transition, only needing to get my buoyancy aid off and set off for the run.
The run went well, following the same route as the bike. By this time my laces had come undone, so I completed the run in trainers that were untied. Another reason to put elastic laces in next time.
I finished in a time of 31 minutes and 59 seconds, coming first female in my age group.

Junior Quad Girls ( 9-12 )
Hermione Ball – 2:31 – 11:05 – 20:50 – 31:59
Hannah Lancaster – 4:02 – 11:30 – 21:53 – 32:57

Even though I fell out of the kayak twice and fell down a hill, I felt happy for finishing and earning a medal.
I’m now really looking forward to the Quadkidz training weekend next week, where I’ll hopefully improve my kayak skills and learn more to help with my other races in the future.

Hermione Ball.

A superb report and great racing from these boys! Well Done Hermione, and Enjoy the next 2 QuadKidz Races, Lincs-QuadKidz and Box End QuadKidz! (BQA)

Dearne Valley Quadkidz Max’s Race Day!

Congratulations to Max Underwood-Frost, from Lincsquad who won the Boys (13-16) event on Sunday 10th June at Manvers Lake in the Dearne Valley Quadrathlon. Here is his report ……

We got there for 7:30 so we could get the kayak, bike and other kit set up for the race. While taking the kayak down to the lake I thought I should test the water to see how cold it would be, as there was a mist over the lake, and to my surprise it was pleasantly warm.

I then had the usual struggle of getting into my wetsuit before the 8:30 briefing. My age group, 13-15 year old, it consisted of a 200m swim, 4km bike, 800m kayak, 2km run.

We then got into the water to let our bodies adjust to the temperature and then did a little warm up. For the swim we did two laps of a 100m circuit in a clockwise direction. I came out the swim in first place and called my number as I ran into first transition. As I entered T1 I had a bit of a struggle getting my wetsuit off but I did it in the end and then got ready for the bike.

The bike was a 2 lap grass and gravel course, that I really enjoyed, and I managed to hold the lead.

Coming into T2 I racked up my bike and got ready for the kayak. As I was running down to my kayak I could see second place in the distance coming up to the dismount line (who I knew was very good in the kayak so I would have my work cut out). I got to my kayak a bit confused on what I had to do and so I just got in. At this point I realised the water was not deep enough for my kayak to float and had to get a little push from Kev and I was off on the 2 lap kayak route.

As I was about to start my second lap I could see 2nd place coming up behind me and he then overtook me just after the start to the second lap. As I was getting out of the kayak I got cramp in my right calf so instead of getting out my kayak normally I did a seal like roll.

Coming into T3 I saw the leader there and after having a quick transition we ran out of T3 together. We had a hard run being on each others tail but to my luck I managed to break free and go on to win the race with a time of 37.43 minutes.

Junior Quad ( 13-16 )
Max Underwood-Frost – 4:48 – 18:29 – 28:12 – 37:43
Blake Mason-Burren – 7:21 – 20:13 – 27:07 – 40:27

I really enjoyed the event and I thank everyone involved in the race and can’t wait to do some more quads. I’m looking forward to the weekend away at Barton Sailing Club training on the Saturday and racing again Sunday.

A superb report and great racing from these boys! Well Done Max, and Enjoy the next 2 QuadKidz Races, Lincs-QuadKidz and Box End QuadKidz! (BQA)

Brigg Bomber 2018 -The Masters’ categories shine in perfect conditions at Brigg

1st Ferenc Csima (HUN) 2nd Michael Mason (GB) 3rd Leos Rousavy (CZE)

Lincsquad hosted the first race on the BQA Calender 27th May … as ever in fine style and glorious sunshine! It was so good to see 3 athletes coming over from Europe to race against our athletes! A big well done to all the Quadrathletes that raced the Bomber, and congratulations to the overall winners and to the age groupers too. Thanks also to the organization team and to all the marshals who make our races possible, we are forever grateful … Thank-You!

Race Report from John K.

The Masters’ categories shine in perfect conditions at Brigg

The latest round of the World Cup, which was also the British Championship race, was held in Brigg, England. This well established event which opens the British Quadrathlon series was run with its usual excellent organisation. This year the weather also co-operated – being dry, hot (but not excessively so) and a bit breezy. It is a middle distance race, comprising 1500m swim, 7km kayak, 40km bike, 10km run.

The river Ancholme was not too cold and had no flow to impede the swimmers or kayakers. The bike route had to be changed from previous years because of the poor condition of some of the roads at the furthest point of the regular course. Instead we did two laps on good tarmac, very flat and giving opportunities for some fast times. Occasional cross winds were the only hazard we had to contend with. The run course was the same two lap circuits that have been used in recent years. Again flat, but going out through the Town Centre and then along the river in open country side there is enough variety to keep ones interest.

The event was dominated by age group competitors, taking the overall podium positions in the Men’s and Women’s races. Ferenc Csima (HUN) led the swimming and gradually increased his lead on Michael Mason (GBR) in the kayak and bike legs. Mason managed to pull back a couple of minutes on the run but not enough to prevent Csima finishing two minutes clear of him. Leos Rousavy (CZE) was out of the water from the swim in second place but was overtaken on the kayak course by Mason and then lost more ground and came in third. The three Masters 40 racers were well clear of the fastest Elite competitor, Steve Clark (GBR), in fourth place.

1st Helen Russell 2nd Helen Dyke 3rd Mary White

In the Women’s race, Helen Russell (GBR) led from the beginning and building up a big lead, it was only during the run that the second lady, Helen Dyke (GBR), could begin to close the gap by nearly 5 minutes. These two Masters 40 ladies were joined on the podium by the Masters 60 Mary White (GBR).

Mens Overall
Ferenc Csima HUN 02:35:40
Mason Michael GB 02:37:52
Rousavy Leos CZE 02:42:18
Clark Steve GB 02:45:50

Ladies Overall
Helen Russell GB 03:04:12
Helen Dyke GB 03:13:44
Mary White GB 03:26:55

A big thank you to Lincsquad, a club for multi-sport athletes, who organised the event. They did a very great job and made everyone welcome. Everything worked smoothly and the marshalling was outstanding.

Full Bomber Results 2018-Brigg-Bomber-Results

BQA Trophy Results 18-b-trophy brigg

WQF Results WQF World Cup 2018_3.1 brigg

Race Organizers are calling for YOUR Entries!

I have had several emails from our Quadrathlon Race Organizers asking for your Entries … they seem to be on the low side at the moment, especially the QuadKidz entries too. If your thinking about entering one or two of our wonderful events could you enter soon please! This really helps our race organizers to prepare for their event. We are a small sport but please support our Races if we want to keep Quadrathlon up and running here in the UK.

Here is a quick reminder of what races you can enter!

BQA National Trophy Events for 2018

Here’s wishing Everyone at the Brigg Bomber this weekend ‘A great, safe and enjoyable race – smile its going to be sunny too! RACE 1 – 27th May – Brigg Bomber Quad – World Cup – A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’ a fast flat and safe course, its the British National Championships and World Cup race so lots of points! Just to top it off they have an excellent T- shirt Tour of the Brigg Pubs to celebrate … certainly not to be missed!! Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon

RACE 2 – 10th June – Dearne Valley Sprint Quad & QuadKidz – This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, all the racing takes place within this lovely venue. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’. The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, the first ‘QuadKidz’ race of the season, with various distances for the 3 age groups … it will be time for our Quadkidz to Shine! Dearne Valley Quadrathlon

RACE 3 – 15th July – Box End Sprint Quad – World Cup Race & QuadKidz– A very well established and superbly organized by Quadrac racing, the whole event held within the Box End Waterpark. It’s ideal for youngsters, beginners as it’s a sprint distance and support crews can see the whole race from the lovely lake side café. It’s the  third time it has been give World Cup Status so we need to give this race the backing it deserves. Excellent camping on site too …. And you can even try your hand at wake boarding! After a successful Quadkidz race last year the second Quadkidz Race of the junior series will take part at the same time as the Open Race! BoxEnd Quadrathlon

RACE 4 – 2nd September – Shrewsbury Sprint Quad – This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes along with SYTri … one not to be missed! Shrewsbury Quadrathlon

RACE 5 – 9th September – Fabian4 Conwy Mountain Triathlon– The long-awaited Fabian4 Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge is back for 2018. Last year’s event (2016) was the best yet, & here at Fabian4, we’re already working hard to make sure that next year’s is even better! Where else can you find a well-organised, non-commercial, realistically-priced, serious sea to summit adventure, much of it taking place in Snowdonia National Park. All the profits will be donated, as always, to the Snowdonia Society. Take advantage of the early bird rate & enter ASAP.   Fabian4 Conwy Mountain Triathlon

RACE 6 – 16th September – National Championships- Awesome Foursome Quad – This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, in beautiful Cornwall in the surfing town of Bude. It never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race and a great end the race season! Swimming in the sea, there’s plenty of hills on the bike, a historic canal for the kayak and amazing coastal views on the run! It’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too! Awesomefoursome.quadrathlon

All links to these races are on our ‘events’ page. I hope I have tempted you …. ENTER NOW! 

Montgomery Canal Triathlon 2018

This was just a great warm up to our Quadrathlon season, and a perfect day out down the Historic Canal. I have done this event 5 times now and have really enjoyed the challenge, its great pre-race training and a good opportunity to support the Montgomery Canal Trust. We were blessed with a beautiful day, no wind and blue bird skies. I had hoped to crack the 4 hour mark this year … but just missed it by a couple of minuits!

240 athletes/fundraisers started the journey to bike, run/walk and then kayak the 35miles following the tow path of the Montgomery Canal. The journey starts in Newtown and finished in Lower Frankton, running along the tow path and in the canal all the way 17miles biking, 11miles running, and 7 miles of kayaking/canoeing, with the majority using Canadian Canoes (in pairs). The more competitive ones amongst us start first at 8.30 (in groups of 6), leaving the ones taking it ‘a bit less competitive’ to start at a more steady pace! I must say if I’d of seen the Tea, Cakes and sandwiches at the transition areas I might of been persuaded to take my time, but there were plenty at the finish too!

The race is extremely well organized and the marshals very supportive all the way, it is a beautiful canal and a real pleasure to support ‘The Friends of the Montgomery Canal Trust’ in helping them raise money to help restore this historic canal! #bike17run11kayak7miles

Lincsquad are Waiting for us!

So the Quadrathlon Race Season is almost here … Lincsquad are getting ready for us all, here is a sneaky preview of this lovely medal. It could be yours …. If you haven’t got your entry in yet – now is your chance! 27th May Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon

BE THERE a great start to the season!

So sign up quickly:

Also 16th & 17th June Our QuadKidz have there chance to shine, Lincsquad are hosting an amazing weekend
Lincsquad are putting on a full days training workshop that offers a chance to learn and practice technique across all the elements before offering the opportunity to put it all together in the main age group events on Sunday.
The Swim workshop covers: Wetsuit fitting, warm ups, safe water entry/exit, sighting and transition. Wetsuits are compulsory for this activity. Note: You must be able to swim freestyle for 50metres non stop.
The Bike workshop will look at practicing transition, emergency puncture repairs, gear restrictions, helmet fitting, safety checks, and bike handling. Cycling will be off-road. MTB/ Cyclocross bike reqd. Helmets are compulsory.
The Kayaking will cover: safety, paddling, entry/ exit, and transition. We have Kayaks are available to hire. See website for details
The run session will cover: gait, transition, and pacing, basic nutrition advice The run is carried out off-road.
Our coaches are qualified through British Triathlon, British Cycling, and UK Athletics. This includes first aid, safe guarding,and full DBS checks.
See all the details here QK Fy v2
A Big Thanks to Lincsquad for Flying the Flag for The British Quadrathlon Association and promoting our Amazing Sport … ‘When 3 Disciplines Just Aren’t Enough’

Bradford-on-Avon Summer Duathlon Series 2018

Paddling strong Nigel Unwin

One of our Top Quadrathletes Nigel Unwin trains at Bradford on Avon Canoe Club, his club is organizing a Summer Duathlon Series. Its open to non members and its an ideal training opportunity for any Quadrathletes wishing to do run-paddle-run sessions, who live around the Bradford on Avon Area. There are 3 distances to suit all levels of paddlers/runners.
The Dates: Saturday 12th May, 14th July & 1st September.
Time: Check in opens 8:15am
Check in Closes: 8:45am
First Start: 9:00am

Race Courses:
Batch A: Run 1 = 1.5km
Paddle = 10.5km
Run 2 = 6.5km

Batch B: Run 1 = 1.5km
Paddle = 7km
Run 2 = 4km

Batch C: Run 1 = 1.5km
Paddle = 3.5km
Run 2 = 1.5km

Entry Fee: £2. This will entitle you to a Coffee or Tea and a piece of cake afterwards.

In order for us to run the series on time and smoothly, it would be greatly appreciated if you could email James Escott prior to the event, with your chosen course length, in order to create a pre-entry list (if you are sure you will be attending).

Prizes: Prizes will be giving for the series winners at the end of the third and final event.

Additional Information: The race will start off the water (the first run), and will be a mass start per course. Please ensure you have appropriate running shoes and paddling kit as it may be cold and/or windy/rainy. Any athletes participating from visiting clubs please ensure you bring your own boats and paddles.