Sending ‘James Block’ Our Healing Wishes

James in 3rd place Overall at Shrewsbury Quad 2019

Many of you will know Quadrathlete and excellent kayaker ‘James Block’ from Shrewsbury, he was involved a head on car accident a fortnight ago. Sadly the all the family were in the car but the good news is, that despite the many serious injuries, none are life threatening, and they are all mending.

James and one daughter are still in Stoke hospital, Jo his wife and the younger daughter were discharged last Wednesday but Jo is staying in to support the other daughter. Grandparents are looking after the younger daughter.

It is thought that the driver of the other car lost consciousness while driving causing her car to  swerve into the oncoming traffic. So tragic for her family.

The local newspaper write up is here: 

Thanks to Gill Otto for letting us know,  we wanted to let BQA members know, so that good thoughts and our positive healing wishes can boost the determination of them all to get fit again soon. They are certainly all fighting souls and our thoughts are with them all.

The main photo shows James and his sporty family at Shrewsbury quad last year. 

Tribute to Bude’s Awesome Foursome!

September 12th should of been our National Championships the final Quad of the season in the lovely seaside town of Bude …. its always a great end to our Quad Season, spectacular views, a challenging course, our wonderful Simon Hammond and his team, and not forgetting those awesome Cornish Cream Teas! 

Many of us did ‘Yet Another virtual one’ and some were lucky enough to be spending ‘holiday time’ there … I do know for the ‘Chappills’ it was the thought of the Cream Teas along with the Millock Hill that took them back for a September Break! They enjoyed the Quad course and rumor has it they even did the bike course twice (though not on the same day!) 

This is Pete’s Report! ‘Repli-quad event 4 Bude-ifull’ Pete, Donna and Jeff Chappill

Due to the current covid situation a decision was made to have this event on Thursday. It was nothing to do with the best day weather wise with the lightest winds, honest governor! The weekends in Bude have been busy with people in the usual transition area by the canal, so the order of disciplines was adjusted to minimise the time spent in the area.

We were staying at a site on the bike and run course so drove down to Bude to catch the tide coming in. This was Donna’s first sea swim for many years and the sea had been kind with no waves and a small swell. The usual 2 laps were completed. Transition into the kayak as usual completing the normal course. Dodging the pedellos and rowing boats slowed things a little but being able to use the weed free centre channel made the time up. Transition out the kayak saw us driving back to the campsite.





Change to the bike and off with Donna and Jeff to battle with Millock. 

There was a lot of traffic on the roads so progress downhill was sedate. Progress up the hill was also sedate but completed. The wind was increasing a little for the ride back but the sweeping downhill allowed good progress.

Into the site for transition to the run. Jeff and I joined the route into Bude as usual. Donna famous for add-libbing decided to run the coast path.

It was warm and as hard as ever. I missed the drink stations and marshals. I don’t normally see many other people on the run but it felt strange.

So course completed tee shirt tour to attend and relax.

Hopefully see you all in 2021…. Pete

‘Sprinkling the Fairy Dust’ – It’s been great company to have Lance Ball along side in all 5 of this years Virtual Quads, I certainly think this was one of the calmest and warmest a fitting tribute to Bude! Perfect conditions here in Chester on the River Dee warm calm and sunny… certainly ideal for our 4 disciplines, transition area was a bit tight in the backs of our cars but it was good to be out there and reminiscing about Bude Races gone by!

So not quite the way the Quad Season should of ended in Bude with National Trophy presentations and Simon’s Banter … but a big thank-you to those of you that did 1 or 4 of the Quad disciplines today we were there in spirit, lets hope its the real thing in 2021!  Jean #motivationalmileswithsmiles

A note from ‘John Durrant’

Today would have been the Awesome Foursome in Bude – honestly my favourite event of the year and has been a regular pilgrimage for my wife and I – we’ve even considered moving to Bude as we’ve always enjoyed the feel of the place…

This year I’ve set my own little mini-event for my 50th birthday on Thursday which will be a swim in the Thames, followed by 1,000 Burpees (with push-up and a jump), and hopefully an evening kayak down the River Wey to have some food in the Pyford Anchor pub with the family, although they’re currently closed due to a Covid case in the pub…

What a strange and lonely year this has been – so I guess it calls for strange little physical challenges like this to keep sane…! 

Other Quadrathletes that sent me news were Helen Recchia and Paul also on holiday in Bude reviewing and testing the hilly bike course, ready for next year!

David Jones and his Quad Friends at Manvers Lake doing there motivational multi session swim kayak and a run in and around the lake!  If any one is near Manvers sessions like this go on most Sundays!

Well Done to you all and thank-you for sharing your Quadrathlon Passion!


Pete Chappill from Lincsquad finished his season with the Re-scheduled Box End Quad, well done to him for completing all 5 Virtual BQA Quadrathlons, along with Lance Ball and Jean Ashley, lets hope we will bet out there for real next season!

Pete’s Report  Boxenderventure


Tribute to Shrewsbury Quad

So today 6th September should of been the wonderful Shrewsbury Sprint Quadrathlon, unfortunately like all our Quadrathlons this season sadly Covid cancelled. However not to be disheartened and as always #makingthemost members of the BQA got their Quadrathlon Heads on, and did their own virtual quadrathlons! 

Jean and Lance took to the water in Chester and completed a long version of the Sprint quad including an extended kayak and bike, the weather was beautiful and it brought back many memories of all those fantastic races organized by SYTri … we gave it our best shot and we can’t wait to be back in September 2021!

Meanwhile Pete Chappill from Lincsquad was actually in Shrewsbury for the weekend this was his 3rd Repli-quad event of the season ‘The famous Shrews-bearly’ this is Pete’s wonderful race report! 

The start and finish for this event were at Wingfield caravan park in Montford Bridge close to Shrewsbury and right on the river bank.
The river was swollen and flowing fast so for the 500m swim I tasted what a decent swimmer feels like finishing in around 6 minutes. Had it been against the flow I would still be there.
The kayak leg was out against the flow and provided some wobbly moments at the turn. The return leg was 2 mins quicker and a lot easier.
Onto the bike and out towards the monument junction on the actual Quad course. This section was a lot more undulating than the section from the showground. Turning left placed me on the actual route up to the turn and back to the monument. The return to the site was again undulating with a variable wind direction and about 16 degrees of warmth.
The run had to be limited for me as it was the first since an injury 7 weeks ago. 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back proved to be a good test for gait maintenance and a good sign for the next event in a weeks time, the Bude-ifull.
The usual screaming crowd was at the finish. However numbers were limited to one in order to remain covid safe.
All though these events are not the same with people passing me spurring me on it does act as a normalisation in these frustrating times! Fantastic effort Pete … we look forward to the Bude-ifull Report next weekend!

As always Pete is very passionate about the ‘The tee shirt tour’ so full marks for his one -off original race Tech-TShirt, and at this rate Pete you must be on for a Trophy Prize!!

I hope all our Quadrathlon friends are keeping fit and motivated, its been a crazy year and I’m certainly missing our friendly banter and smiling faces! One Virtual Race Left … ‘The Awesome Foursome’ …..please post a photo on our facebook page if your out and about next weekend and raise a glass on your own T-shirt Tour to our Wonderful Sport!  Love from Your Fairy Quadmother XX

Bude Cancelled

Bude Awesome Foursome – Unfortunately permission has been refused for this years race by Bude Town Council. So as it stands, at the moment the race is cancelled unless permission comes through very soon. Shoreline Pursuits are very sorry but the decision is out of their hands. 😥

Our lovely enthuiastic Race organizer ‘Simon Hammond’ sent me a message, ‘Its been frustrating trying to jump through everyone’s hoops but its not the end of the world.  We’ll transfer all entries to next years event unless people want a 70% refund. I’ll sort out a date soon. Shoreline has been hit pretty hard and I am not sure what shape we will be in next year but will definitely carry on organising the triathlon and quadrathlons. Strange and challenging times that’s for sure!

Lets hope all our Race organizers, come through this and there’s one thing for certain ….. we MUST give them all the support they deserve next season to keep our Sport Alive! #onwardsandupwards


BOX END Cancellation

After the Quadrac Race Organizers had met with Box End Water Park Owners, it has been agreed that Box End Quad should be cancelled this year. This is unfortunate following the easing of some lock down provisions, however there were still to many risks on site to allow the race to go ahead safely.

This decision has not been taken lightly and we ask for all BQA members and Quadrathletes to support our organizers and respect their decisions.

I hope your all remaining safe, healthy and managing to maintain some fitness at least its been perfect weather for enjoying running, biking and now open water swimming and kayaking. Stay Positive and Enjoy the Elements, we are lucky to have 4 Disciplines to Enjoy!

Next Years Date will be 4th July 2021

Jean X

Tribute to Dearne Valley

Covid-19 Replic-Quad Series Round 2 ….the avid followers of Quadrathlon will know that round 1 was the Adventure Bomber.

So Lincsquaders were out in action on Sunday 14th June, it was the turn of the Dearne Valley event which was covid cancelled.  In the spirit of the sport and adhering to the latest guidelines Kev Lovett, Donna, Jeff, and Pete Chappill commenced a similar distance course at a local venue.

At 08.30 the Dearnish Valley Quadrathlon set off with the 800m swim, (The tape measure got wet and snapped part way around so estimated distance). The weather was kind with a light breeze from the east. The transition was on a small piece of grass and had a long run out with the bike onto a 2 laps “P” shaped technical course with “s” bends and climbs. Kev had ridden the course in the week and blamed a chill on the fact that his wife beat him. Jeff and Donna utilised their ability to have no social distancing with Jeff drafting and changed the direction of the second lap as it was more scenic. Once again I complied with the rules and let Kev make some space up front.

The transition was back to the grass having to carry the bike through the gate. To simulate Dearne it was a deep water start in the kayak. This allowed Donna the opportunity to practice her high brace.5 “ish” laps around the perimeter of the lake made the 4kms route. The shapely course, plenty of turns and cross winds made for some interesting moments as did the deep water exit.

The run course which was a square and undulating one with 2 laps around the surrounding estate followed by a lap of honour around the lake.

That’s the second event of this series completed with the prospect of at least two local age group champions. Thanks go to Dawn, Tracy, and Ben for transition security and ensuring that social distancing was maintained.

The next event should have been Box End which has been rescheduled to September! We will schedule a Repli-Quad in July to try and keep some normality to this year’s calendar and there are valuable points for the local age group championships! ….. Thanks to Pete Chappill for his great report!

Meanwhile over in Chester Lance Ball and Jean Ashley were replicating Dearne Valley, thinking of Mark Benton and all at Manvers Lake we took to the River Dee to keep sharing our Quad Passion, and doing our own ‘Social distancing Quad’.

Perfect conditions as we started our swim in the River Dee at 9.30am this morning, though slightly cooler than expected due to a heavy thunderstorm the day before! 24 miles #swimkayakbikerun from start to finish around similar distance to Dearne Valley (though I probably made the Kayak leg slightly longer just because the river was so calm and I love that bit the best!! ) Once again we were using our separate cars as our transition areas, a bit of a squash and its a good job we weren’t timing our transitions! We had a very fast out and back bike, followed by our steady run , not quite race pace as we did have enough breath to keep chatting!  We made up our own ‘Banter’ – not quite the same as Mark‘s commentary and the cheering from the Manvers Team, but we got out there and smashed all 4 disciplines!

Other BQA Members were out at Manvers Lake, well done to Bob Mawson, Dave and Caz Jones also flying the BQA flag!

Sending Love to all our Quadrathlon Buddies, and especially thinking of ‘The Manvers Team’ 💜 #makingthemost


Shrewsbury Cancelled

This is very sad news once again, to hear Shrewsbury Quad is another race to be cancelled to Covid. We thank the organizers Phil Holden and the SYTri Team for consideration of our safety and everything they have done so far, I have no doubt we will all be there to support them again in 2021.

The BQA supports all our Quadrathlon events in the UK, but each event is organized by a local promoter, and they will dictate the out come of their race regarding Covid-19, following our Government Rules. We ask for all BQA members and Quadrathletes to support our organizers and respect their decisions.

Most of us are now be able to still enjoy the great outdoors, rivers, lakes, lanes, tracks and can continue swim, kayak, bike or run …….. its is often hard to stay motivated, but if any of you fancy replicating any of our races (social distanced off course) please get out there and have a go, even if its difficult to manage all 4 disciplines, you could certainly do 2 or 3!

‘Dearne Valley’ should of been on 14th June, we’d love to see your photos and hear your stories, please post on the BQA Facebook page and lets Share the Passion and keep Our Quadrathlon Spirit Shinning Bright!

We will come through this and be back even stronger! Stay safe, be sensible and take care Jean x

Tribute to the Brigg Bomber

So last weekend we should of all been racing at in the European Quadrathlon Championships ‘Brigg Bomber’ and it was great to see that some Quadrathletes took it upon themselves to do there own Social Distancing Brigg Bomber!!

Lance Ball and I from Cheshire started our swim in the River Dee at 9.00am this morning, after our transition at the canoe club we went back in the water for our 5 mile windy kayak. Canoes back on their racks, we headed to our separate cars where we got on our bikes and took to the undulating Cheshire countryside. Finally we packed our bikes back in the cars and headed off out and back on our very suuny run, we finished in 3hrs 25mins later! In true Bomber style it was windy, but as always we had a great time, we did miss those cheering marshals and all the friendly faces, but we certainly worked hard and ‘earned our T-shirt Tour tonight’!! Lance was extremely pleased as he said ‘it was the first time he’d made the podium!’ 






Thinking of ‘The Lincsquaders’ all the way Jean and Lance  #makingthemost 


I also had a note from Russel Breyer, Lee Morgan and Russel (both Quadrathletes) did something similar to replicate the Bomber, (more or less) standard distance quadrathlon based in a local village Stratford St Mary with the swim and kayak on the lovely River Stour. Russel’s words ‘We of course socially distanced … in fact, as the race went on the social distance got greater and greater, in Lee’s favour! We had a great day and we hope to see you all soon, fellow quadrathletes….stay safe’….. Russel

Whilst in Brigg Pete Chappell and Kev Lovett reiterated the ‘Bomber’ and the good old ‘Adventure Challenge’ (for those of you who are old enough to remember that great event!

Pete’s account ….. Sunday the 24th May 2020 about 0830 I jumped into the river and swam the Bomber route. Kev acted as a bank safety officer. It was strange not having feet in my face and people swimming over me but all went well considering I only swam 5 times since March. The time was one of my best!! My transition was in the back of my van. We set off on the Adventure Challenge bike route Kev powering ahead, no problem with social distancing. The wind was gusting around 20 mph from the west and it was overcast, a nice 16 degrees.

Pete flying the Flag

The gusting wind was something I was not used to with indoor training, and Kev was lost in the distance.

Into transition and the Bomber kayak leg for me. Kev had decided to go around the island and was nowhere to be seen. The wind blowing across the river didn’t cause any major problems. The kayak went well considering only 6 training paddles, and having missed the expert tuition I would have had at the Wales training camp. Transitioned on to the run using the improved Adventure challenge route along the river. Some may recall the nettle hopping rough grass single track, not now the path is a joy.

Kev Flying the Flag

Some 3.1/2 hours later saw us running into the cheering crowd, of swans, at the finish. We both finished. Banana, milk, photographs and medals. I must say it is different without others to chase and shout encouragement to as they pass me. I have experienced the world of the front runner and found it a lonely place so I won’t go there again, that’s my excuse anyway.

Both Jean, Dave and Pete all agreed that the tee shirt tour was slightly quieter than usual ….  but no queuing for service.









Just a thought …… it would be a GREAT idea to KEEP OUR SPORT ALIVE, if any of you fancy replicating ‘Dearne Valley’ on 14th June, get out and have a go, even if its difficult to manage all 4 disciplines, you could certainly do 2 or 3! We’d love to see your photos and hear your stories, please post on the BQA Facebook page and lets Share the Passion and keep Our Quadrathlon Spirit Shinning Bright!

Stay Strong missing you all Jean XX

Deva Divas Quad Cancellation

Hello Our Diva Quadrathletes … Sally and I are feeling really sad now she has had to send an email out to cancel Deva Divas 2020. Yet we know it is the right decision. We really hope that we see as many of you as possible for Divas next year, put the new date in your diary 11th July 2021 ……. let’s make it a race to remember 2021 is going to be amazing!!

Once again this is very sad news but look at what you’ve achieved in your training so far, it has made you focus physically and mentally and what you have put in will only make you stronger. Most of us will be able to still enjoy the great outdoors, the lanes and tracks on our bikes or running ……..this is all part of the the big picture, we will come through this with strength, tomorrow is another day ….. #onwardsandupwards #yougirlsarethebest

Biggest hugs ever to you all!! 😘 Stay safe, stay focused and take care.🌈💜 Love Jean and Sally XX

Membership Update

Dear BQA Members and Affiliates ‘Our quadrathlon family’

I hope you are all fit and well and still able to keep up your daily hours exercise, I suppose we are quite lucky having 4 disciplines to choose from, so lots of muscle groups to work on!

We were all looking forward to a great season this year, when the European Championship’s would have kicked started the season in Brigg. In anticipation our membership numbers for 2020 were higher than normal. Sadly the World has changed and Covid-19 has stopped us all in our tracks.

Many races have been cancelled across the board, running, biking, kayaking, swimming, many triathlons and as we speak 4 Quadrathlons so far. (see under events – Race List). The BQA Quadrathlon events are organized by local promoters, and they will dictate the outcome of their race regarding Covid-19, following our Government Rules and taking advice from British Triathlon and British Canoeing. We ask for all BQA members and Quadrathletes to support our organizers and respect their decisions.

In light of the fact we will have a very disjointed season, the BQA have decided to carry over all our 2020 memberships and affiliations through to the end of the 2021. Getting back to normal may take some time, but we do hope there will be some opportunity to race before the end of the season.

As a quadrathlete look at what you’ve achieved in your training and racing so far, it has made us stronger physically and mentally and I have no doubt that when this storm is over, we will be back out there motivating and willing each other on …….. just like we always do! We are all on this journey together; we will come through this and be back even stronger!

Stay Safe, Be positive and I look forward to those Sunshine Days together again soon.

Jean Ashley on behalf of the ‘BQA Team’