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World Quadrathlon Championships 2011

World Quadrathlon Championships 2011

A  Great British Team amongst over 125 competitors raced for up to four hours in warm, dry and calm conditions for the World Quadrathlon Championships on Saturday in Sedlcany, Czech Republic.

The whole team produced outstanding results and performances from individuals new and old to Quadrathlon. We even managed an 11th hour junior team relay entry, comprising the Deykin’s eldest, Molly on the Swim and the Crowe youngsters, Robbie(kayak), Alasdair (bike), and Heather (run), all using borrowed equipment and no training completed the Sprint course in a decent time.

Steve Clark lead the GB results table with a hard fought 3rd behind the winning Czech machine Miroslav Podborsky and Hungarian Peter Hobor.  Mat Stephenson and Ian Smith produced age group winning performances which was also in the top 10 overall finishers. Helen Dyke created a 3rd place after struggling in the kayak section by valiantly fighting back with excellent cycle and run times. Newcomer Marte de Ferrer, showed strength in her swim and especially in the kayak to win her group convincingly.

Sadly a recently fully mobile Josh Hook could not repeat last year’s win, losing by just 27 seconds. Phil Binch achieved his goal of a top 15 finish. Nigel Crowe and David Baker in the M50 group worked hard in the most heavily contested M50 group producing results that they were happy with. A injured Tim Deykin bravely got himself to the end of the race less than 10 days after a very nasty bike crash which left several painful injuries.

Alison Deykin came a cropper on the bike section by coming off after hitting a street sign. She got many bruises and grazes across her body but battled through the run with very delicate Achilles tendons to finish. Newbie Tony Runnegar got his head down on the Sprint and with minimal training and a borrowed boat got himself onto the podium.

Let’s not forget the efforts of the families and friends who provided each athlete with loud and constant support and flag waving – thanks to each.

All round, the team worked hard, some played harder than others in the non-pasta pasta party and many have already indicated their intention in returning next year.

Results of all GB competitors.

  • GB Men – 2nd Team
  • Steve Clark             2nd M, 3rd Overall
  • Mat Stephenson     1st M40, 7th Overall
  • Ian Smith                1st M50, 9th Overall
  • Phil Binch               4th M40, 15th Overall
  • Nigel Crowe            4th M50, 21st Overall
  • David Baker            7th M50, 30th Overall
  • Tim Deykin             10th M50, 41st Overall
  • Helen Dyke             3rd W, 3rd Overall
  • Alison Deykin          2nd W40, 8th Overall

Sprint Event, Junior, Youth and Open

  • Josh Hook                 2nd M Youth
  • Marte de Ferrer        1st F Youth
  • Tony Runnegar         1st M40,  2nd Open

For full results follow link http://www.czechdiamondmen.com/ds/uploads/results20110813qtsedlcanym-w.pdf

All the best Steve Hook

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