Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge

Numbers are on the low side for this great event. This is an exciting sea-summit adventure, but with a duathlon option for the not-quite-so-hardcores! Sunday 18th September.


The event is GOING AHEAD as planned, although with slight changes to the organising team. Everything else will be much the same as it has been in previous years – so an exciting, tough adventure awaits you…… We still need more entries & I could do with more marshals, so please please continue to cajole/share/post/persuade/bribe & get your mates involved. WE NEED YOU – big time!!FellRun

Only just over a month to go, so get your entry in soon https://www.fabian4.co.uk/s…/ContactDetails.aspxEventID=1388

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boxend adam

Box End Sprint Quad

Despite the entries being low, (compared to the World Cup Race last year) there was certainly some great Racing at Box End Sprint Quad on Sunday 17th July.  Our top GB Quadrathletes were out in force and over two thirds of the competitors were all BQA members all supporting this great race! Superb conditions warm with a slight breeze and excellent under foot and tyre for the cross bikes! Once again great organization and all within the Watersports Park, ideal for spectators …. You couldn’t wish a better way to spend a morning, dressed in Lycra, surrounded by the best crowd of like-minded athletes!

In the men’s event Steve Rust was first out of the swim (11.19),  with Steve King (non wetsuit) and Adam Norfolk close behind. Steve and Adam soon took the lead in the kayaks producing the joint fastest split (26.50). Steve Rust and Oliver Main also had good kayak legs, but once Steve King got on the bike he started to pull away (split 38.00), Adam chased hard but Steve held him off to keep the lead in to the run. Julian Brewer, Phil Holden and Steve Rust also had good bike legs and the final positions were to be decided on the run. Steve King maintained the lead to win (1.40.21) also winning Vet 40, with Adam in 2nd (1.43.17). Julian Brewer having worked his way up the field was now running very well and moved into 3rd to take Vet 50 (1.54.37) leaving Steve Rust, Phil Holden, and Oliver Main to fight for 4th 5th and 6th place. They finished in that order Steve (1.56.30) Phil (1.57.17) Oliver (1.57.47).

There were many creditable performances from our supportive BQA members                            7th Mark Pryor (2.01.03) had the time to organize his event and race it too … big thanks to his Quadrac support Team!                                                                                                                             8th Stuart West (2.01.46)                                                                                                                            9th Russell Breyer (2.02.29)                                                                                                                     11th Lance Ball (2.06.59)                                                                                                                           12th Peter Chappill (2.08.27)                                                                                                                    19th John Redmond (2.25.20) 1st VET 60

In the Ladies event Jacqueline Davis had a very strong swim (12.30) with Jean Ashley in 2nd place. Jean chased her down in the kayak (her best discipline – 31.37) to move into the lead. It was the twins Mary White and Margaret Huyton who were the ‘super cross bike stars’, both of them putting in very creditable bike splits. Mary chased Jean and moved into 2nd place. Jean held her off to take the overall win and Vet 50 (2.09.43), Mary 2nd and Vet 60 (2.11.34)  Jacqueline held on to 3rd and Vet 40 (2.21.09). Margaret 4th (2.30.34)  A special mention must go to Louise Beedham (19yrs) she put in a very good performance (2.43.46), it’s her first year at racing Quadrathlon, she is still mastering the 4 disciplines and having done the Brigg Bomber she decided to continue to train and race, with the challenge of doing 3 in the BQA National Trophy Series …she is certainly showing true commitment to conquering the 4 disciplines, well done Louise!

Must mention BQA member Cliff Odgers in his first Quadrathlon … ‘he was doing really well having almost mastered his K1 paddling, then his chain went and snapped on the first hill! ‘Really sorry Cliff …. sack the bike mechanic’!!!

Once again a big thanks to Mark Pryor, Gillian and his Team from Quadrac racing, for the excellent race, marshaling, time keeping and superb goodie bags (I must say there aren’t many Triathlons you get a silicon swim hat, lovely Tech T-shirt, a tube of Jaffa cakes, naked bar and a posh multi vitamin drink all for £25!!!) Great Value Mark!

Quadrathletes please keep supporting our Quad races, we do NEED your support, this race was on the verge of being cancelled due to lack of entries and it did run at a loss …. So PLEASE spread the word and lets fill the 50 Quadrathlon slots at Shreswbury Sprint Quad on 4th September, check the race out on our ‘Events page’

Thanks again to everyone who supported Box End Quad …. we hope you enjoyed it and you’ll be back for more!

Results Box End 2016 Quadrathlon – Times (to be added ASAP)


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2016 Norfolk Superhero Challenge Race

The BQA support this amazing Charity Quadrathlon ‘The Norfolk Superhero Challenge’. A huge Congratulations to them in their 10th year for raising in excess of £60,000 for the EAST ANGLIAN AIR AMBULANCE a superb effort from all the organizers, marshals and competitors alike!

Jess and Riddy, the main organizers wish to thank all involved, it sounds like they had an amazing weekend! Hears their thank-you and some of the lovely comments about this amazing race ….

‘You are just too numerous to thank individually but each and every one of your is a Superhero, and deserves a medal yourselves. As we always say we REALLY COULDN’T do it without you. From the Superhero field to the parking to the water safety team to the music makers to the litter pickers and water carriers, to the bar staff and pink ladies to the boat men to the DJ……..from the skip to the walkie talkies to the kayaks to the bar buckets……………..as you see a huge team who all work together so fabulously and help us make the Norfolk Superhero a day to remember for everyone. Below are just a few of the comments that have been whizzing in to us that we wanted to share with you – so you know how simply FABULOUS you all are. Facebook has also been buzzing with excitement and messages of thanks to the pink ladies!’

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for an incredible day! The best weather, the slickest organisation, the most fab pink ladies, the least pain and our fastest ever time. I know you weren’t in charge of all those things but all of them had a part to pay in what is such an incredibly special event and the only one we would ever get out of bed to do!”

“I could go on for hours about how it has enriched all of our lives.”

It was a great weekend from every possible perspective. Healthy, fun-filled, family-friendly, sun-drenched, and beer-quenched

The organisation of the event is superb and that is a credit to everyone involved

You really do an amazing job, along with all your pink ladies and the weather really made it this year as well.

I think?… I speak for us all when I say it was the most enjoyable endurance event we have ever taken part in, the feelings as we crossed the line after a year of training and elation we simply want to bottle.

You must be so pleased with how everything turned out over the weekend…I’ve never been to an event that has so much soul!! It was such a treat and honour to be there and support after hearing so much about it over the past few years.

What a fantastic day, sorry we were so long, you again did a great job, beautiful weather, wonderful organisation, friendly enthusiastic helpful pink ladies,

A huge thank you to you both for yet another fabulous Norfolk Super Hero. It is like no other event, so friendly, relaxed, fun, beautiful and tough all at the same time.
We have had another wonderful year pulling everything together and are so enriched by having you all as part of our lives. A few points to mention below……

Results, Photos and Details can be found on the Website http://www.norfolksuperhero.co.uk/


The 10th year of the Norfolk Superhero landed bang in the middle of the weirdest weekend in English politics. Luckily, there was a great big impenetrable bubble of happiness engulfing JUSTIN DOWLEY’s field and the outer marsh of Burnham Overy Staithe, that meant that the sun shone all weekend and nothing else mattered.

We were able to unload the RAT RACE kayaks with ROB AITKEN and his super family at 11.30pm on Thursday night between 2 huge rainstorms. Friday afternoon check in radiated Pinkness from the HQ tent which blocked all dark vibes. This was going to be an epic event.  MUSKETEER  EVENTS Flags were flying against a blue, blue sky and the transition zone was beautifully marked out by their very smart posts and rope. PHIL ELLIS in his role as First plumber had re-erected the competitor shower. SIMON WILSON STEPHENS, PHIL ELLIS, WILLIAM GARNETT and MARK LAPPING had marked out the kayak and cycle course. The ADNAMS GHOST SHIP bar was ably manned by, disappointedly injured competitor, TOM MARRIOTT for whom we were doubly indebted as he gave us the first taste of MARSTONS delicious WAINWRIGHT in the East.   Again ANTON WIMMER  of the KINGS HEAD  at Bawburgh  organized the whole bar situation and  set up up.  TYRRELLS crisps were stacked on the bar. We were ready to go.

DANDIS competitor t-shirts looked great on you all, as you rocked that ‘Ibiza vibe’ at check in.  SARA STOCKS of BONALLACK not only stocked your goodie bags with amazing granola squares but fed you all super duper pasta supper and salad. Poor RACHEL who burnt her arm whilst in the kitchen was one of the few casualties OLI KROL of PRO EVENT MEDICAL  had all weekend. Lovely NORFOLK CORDIAL’s  delicious apple juice was in the marshalls bags and it was great to have back our usual incredible checking in team who had you all SPORTS STICKS tattooed and stickered up well before the safety briefing, led by our very own MARVELLOUS MARTYN FLITCROFT.  In fact the last competitor seen drinking in the field was JAMES LAPPING and he was tucked up in his tent by 9.30. The same could not be said for the water marshalls, JIM WHITESIDE and SAM KENDRICK, who were busy navigating the swim course for familiarisation reasons or really just to go and gaze at the amazing sunset.

Saturday 25th June started as it meant to carry on, a strangely calm and gloriously sunny dawn. Our parking marshalls, HOLKHAMS very own DANNY and his friend, look splendid in their policeman outfits and even made road closures easy to handle. The boatmen and women all (nearly) turned up on time, walkers set off happily and a couple of teams even took their own boat out to the start.  Thanks to BEN on BILLYWITCH, PETER BECK, THE MACLEANS, TARA D-H and PETER BICKELL. As well, The RNLI INSHORE life boat, LOWLAND RESCUE (with him off the telly PAUL CHAMBERLAIN) and the FAKENAHM CANOE CLUB were all out on the water to ensure your safety.  STORMY SAM KENDRICK and his RNLI PADDLE BOARDERS helped us funnel you through the always scary head count and the incomparable JERRY PHILIPPI set you all off at 9:13.58 am.  The CHEQUERS INN AT THORNHAM swim had begun. Whoever was standing next to ABBIE ‘the fish’ THORRINGTON should have held on, as she set this year’s fastest time with an incredible 15.45 for the mile swim!

As soon as you were turned around in the transition zone it was out again with your trusty partner, some with a longer wait than others (ABBIE THE FISH and JAMES HADDOW!) The COVERIS kayak leg meant 2 courses, a shorter course for any boat with a women in it, which was well marshalled by in inimitable PETER BICKELL, at times I believe wearing a pink wig?? TARA D-H ably marshalled the unluckier mens turn. Heroic tales from the marsh bank came to our ears with ANTON WIMMER and JASON SNOOK (Jaws) helping carry kayaks over the storm wall. Awesome work boys.  The start boat under instructions of KEVIN our cameraman for this year (we missed you Ben and Pete of SCHOOLHOUSE DIGITAL xx) was in the melee at one point but luckily our fabulous tiller woman LUCY BIRKBECK was unflappable.
Winners of the short course with 34.59 were EMILY LOCHORE and RACHEL SYMINGTON. Winners of the long course with 44.47 were NIALL McCALLUM and DAVE WALKER – get used to those names…

However, as we say – its all about the bike. And this is, after all, the BARRATT & COOK bike, so it was rather marvellous to watch so many extremely competitive people surge out of the field and out of our hair at HQ, oh, for all of 1 hour 59 minutes! NEW COURSE RECORD ALERT  – Outrageous behaviour NIALL McCALLUM and DAVE WALKER (I may start using short hand, and yes you can call him ‘Neil’ or Niall). Using our new improved route avoiding Burnham Market and the opportunity to shout at slow shoppers to ‘get out of the way’ but also missing the opportunity to pass the medal sponsor CHARLES BOURN’S gorgeous jewellery shop URBAN ARMOUR (sponsors of the medals). JIM WHITESIDE and his 4×4 SUPPORT were on the course all day keeping us informed of progress. Marshalls were hydrating you with BOOKER’s donated water, whizzing  BARSBY bananas through the air at you and shouting you on with encouraging noises. Despite our warning s of gravel and terrible roads PETER FLETT of FAT BIRDS didn’t have that many punctures to repair which is great but I believe poor JAMES LAPPING still got 5 on his own. Thanks to the SEXTON family for getting the roads swept at South Creake.  The LYNN ARMS at SYDERSTONE also put on a party that I think went on long after you had all swept past.

If it’s all about the bike for the competitors – for the marshalls it is all about the run! The HOLKHAM run was taking place over midday and it seemed that the East Anglian Air Ambulance may have been cloud seeding inland as we were enjoying uninterrupted sunshine. Again can we thank MATTHEW CLIFFORD, SARAH SHAPEERO and WENDY UTTING for their unending enthusiasm and original ideas as marshalls to keep us all highly amused.  This year was the turn of Lady Anne’s Drive to be hosting a Mexican themed tequila party, replete with fancy dress and I had fallen for the decoy of the pink curly wig on the water leg!  There was a lot of position changing amongst the front runners on the marsh and this is where the most intense sun tanning took place. Tan lines were properly razor sharp and usually racer back, especially in the case of WILL BARRATT who impressed the office with his sunburn so much on Monday morning that we got an extra donation for the EAAA for his trouble (thanks Will M). HUGH SOMERLEYTON having separated from his previous partner due to lack of running pace teamed up with MATT GINGELL , previous winner to form the dream team not realising that Matt had not followed the diet schedule and …. ended up divorcing him also.

The fiddly-dee-dee band of PETE ALLISON, was a moving feast on the hard at the Finish line alongside the URBAN ARMOUR medals and VITA COCO. The cry went up at 10 past 1, that figures had been spotted on the marsh. Our upcoming band of junior marshalls including ALEYSHA UTTING, OLLY BEER and MARY CORY WRIGHT were wonderful and in all the right places at all the right times. Medals were held out ready…. no way… it wasn’t – NIALL MCCALLUM & DAVE WALKER again! Textbook.

Prizegiving and Supper just hummed by with delicious GRAVES Norfolk hog roast and SARA STOCKS BONALLACK’s super healthy salads and unctuous chocolate brownies.  The EAAA’s wonderful thank you speech made us realise how hard you had all worked at raising money for the baby ventilators and we would especially like to thank you you GOLDEN TICKET holders.  You are all on the invite list for next year! (Especially you TEAM FINISH & BLONDE AMBITION who raised over £8,000).  SIMON WILSON STEPHENS and MARK LAPPING ’s excellent speeches summed it all up – the disqualifications, the thanks, the camaraderie, the history, the winners. However another superhero was born that night and he wears purple, rocks peroxide hair and goes by he name of BEN ZAVEN-CRANE, Norfolk DJ extraordinaire! That party was worthy of 210 years of Superhero and it finished bang on 12 midnight people of Burnham Overy Staithe. Dancing mentions must go to BILLY CARLE, OLI PUGH and DYLAN BOGG.

Our thanks also to the morning  folk, you guys that come and help us clear up – ANTON WIMMER and JASON SNOOK, you are always awesome at removing all that left over red wine we order in! The RUDD MARQUEE band of boys are always welcome and do an amazing  job. SARAH GAY FLETCHER and WILL GARNET – looking great with the bin bags, obviously PHIL ELLIS and THE FINALLY FIRST duo of SIMON and MARK – THANK YOU for all your support during our mild ‘living it – breathing it’ hysterics! Thank you also to the SUN for shining all weekend.

See you all next year for the 11th (my lucky number) Norfolk Superhero. Look out on our brilliant website that MARCUS HAWKINS does at BINARY DRIVE for photos, video and information.

But most importantly, those 176 of you who made it back, having completed the race.  Massive congratulations to you all.

And so to the Prizes,
with Champagne kindly donated by WILLIAM MASON FINE WINES and ADNAMS

Abbie Thorrington – 15.45
Tom Vickery – 17.08

NO PUNCTURES PLEASE – Rachel Symington and Emily Lochore 34.55

OH SO SHELLFISH – Niall McCallum & Dave Walker 44.45

OH SO SHELLFISH – Niall McCallum & Dave Walker 1.59

OH SO SHELLFISH – Niall McCallum & Dave Walker 1.04

OH SO SHELLFISH – Niall McCallum & Dave Walker 4.10.41

PURELY FOR THE MUD  – Saya Sheridan & Nicholas Bertrand 4.49.47

NO PUNCTURES PLEASE – Emily Lochore and Rachel Symington 4.54.08

MARMOTTE – Jamie Carter and Andy Nunn 4.33.08

ONE LORD LEICS  – Tom Leicester and Geoffrey Garfoot
(awarded falsely, it turns out) 5.07.00
WEST END BOYS – Aidan Bailey & Chris Parker
(faster, but hadn’t ticked the box) 5.00.25

HITCHCOCK – THRILLER – Harry Hitchcock and Damaris Hitchcock – 5.20.28

ORMERGEDDON – Stephen Langlois and John Holt 5.37.06
special mentions to so many others – we love you all…

LOOSE HEAD & BLINDSIDE – Ross Haddow and James Haddow 7.02.20

Boat Marshall – Peter Bickell
Pink Marshalls – Jerry Phillippi and Tom Marriott
Long Service – Vicky Ringer, Jayne Bewick, Wendy Utting and Sarah Shapeero

SMILEY PRIZE – not given on the night but discussed at length by marshalls at the bar later…
– Alex Gladstone and Tim Stone


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National Trophy Points and WQF points

Our first Quadrathlon of the season was a great success, The Brigg Bomber was well and truly worthy of its European Championship Status, great racing from seasoned quadrathletes, our BQA members and also some newcomers to our sport, all of whom we hope will all continue to support the our other races in the Quad Calendar! All athletes that finished the individual race will have BQA National Trophy Points, so you can see your standings below.

National Trophy Results after 1 Race (to be uploaded soon)

World Cup Series  (to be uploaded soon)

The National Trophy Series has 5 events this season. Each event contributes points towards finding a National Champion, with the best three results for each individual to count. Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member. (In the event of a tie the 4th race points will count to decide the winner)
Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy for Male and Female. BQA Kit vouchers for winners Male and Female in each category, Juniors (u23), Seniors, V40+ V50+. V60+

Please check out our Next Quadrathlons, and Please Commit get your Entries in Now … Links to all the races can be found on our Events page.

RACE 2 – 17th July – Box End Sprint Quad

Swim start at Box End

Swim start at Box End

A very well established and superbly organized by Quadrac racing, the whole event held within the Box End Waterpark. It’s ideal for youngsters, beginners as it’s a sprint distance and support crews can see the whole race from the lovely lake side café. Last year it was given World Cup Status, thats just how good this race is … so we need to give this race the backing it deserves. Excellent camping on site too …. And you can even try your hand at wake boarding!

RACE 3 – 4th September – Shrewsbury Sprint Quad

Kayaks at the ready

Kayaks at the ready

This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes … not to be missed!


Steve King and Adam Norfolk finishing the kayak leg

RACE 4 – 18th September – Fabian 4 Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Triathlon

This race promises to be back with vengeance and it will certainly challenge that inner self! Superb scenery, tracks and trails brilliantly organized by very friendly like minded athletes, it will certainly boost your Adrenalin and you’ll have an amazing sense of achievement when you cross that finish line ….. exit your comfort zone and enjoy!

RACE 5 – 24th September – Awesome Foursome Quad NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

A great crowd of supporters!

A great crowd of supporters!

This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, and will be our National Championships for 2016! This race in Bude never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race to end the season! Starting in the sea, there’s plenty of hills, a historic canal and amazing coastal views … it’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too!

You Know 3 disciplines just aren’t enough …. Be Motivated and Enter your Next Quadrathlon NOW!

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13325671_1734326910139089_1820822247535818049_n (1)

European Championships 2016 Brigg Bomber!

Three things you can always guarantee about The Brigg Bomber, 1 – superb organization with the friendliest race crew and marshals ever, 2 – brilliant and exciting racing and 3 – a brilliant quality T-Shirt not a bike cleaning cloth! They did it again Lincsquad pulled off a Superb European Championships and we even had a dry day with some sunshine too!

It was so good to see lots of our GB athletes winning trophies, old names and new names alike, great to see paddlers David and Matt Oliver back racing Quadrathlon too. Our European athletes coped with the British weather and all produced superb results! There were plenty of keen Quadrathletes all embracing the challenge of four disciplines and enjoying this great championship race.

The start list in the men’s race was very impressive 5 of the World’s Best, plus plenty of top age groupers too. The Ancholme was a ‘tad’ chilly but with plenty of adrenalin flowing it soon warmed up, Stefan Teichert (GER) was first out 20.36 with Steve King (GBR) just seconds behind 20.42, then the top favourite Enrique Peces (ESP) 30 seconds behind. King and Teichert were paddling well close together it was only at the final bridge Peces overtook them both. GBR athletes Michael Mason and Adam Norfolk established themselves in the top 5 by paddling the fastest kayak splits, Mason 36.57 and Norfolk 37.14

Adam Norfolk

Adam Norfolk 4th + Elite Bronze

Michael Mason

Michael Mason Bronze + Silver Vet 40







The bike course is fast and flat and King put in an excellent top split 54.48 giving him a great lead. Peces held onto 2nd with Teichert 3rd Mason and Norfolk were close behind going into the run where the final results were to be made! Peces running the fastest split of the day 35.25 went into the lead overtaking King at 3km. Teichert was closing on King, but on the second lap Mason was running strong and moved into 3rd place, leaving Teichert in 4th. Norfolk put in the 2nd fastest run of the day 36.12 to take 5th place … Quadrathlon Racing at its very best!


Steve King Silver + Gold Vet 40

13267957_1734325383472575_7624081502971470342_n (1)

European Champion Gold Enrique Peces










European Champion Gold Lisa Teichert

The Womens event saw Lisa Teichert (GER) going into the lead from the start, new comer Sandra Hyslop (ex GB Team Wildwater Racer) came in 2nd after the swim. Sandra’s kayak was the fastest split by 1 second 42.59. Jean Ashley having her strong kayak leg moved into 3rd place overtaking Helen Dyke. Lisa pulled away on the bike, whilst Jean started to close in on Sandra. However just like the men’s race it would all be decided on the run leg! Lisa by this time was well and truly unstoppable! Sandra was holding onto 2nd place with Jean 3rd with one lap to go. Helen is known to us all for her epic running, and in true style running a 39.49 split, on the 2nd lap she over took Jean and finally Sandra to move into 2nd place.

So plenty of excitement for the spectators!



Helen Dyke Silver + Gold Vet 40


Sandra Hyslop Bronze










Jack Garner and guide Peter Chappill


Congratulations to all finishers, especially U23 Jack Garner and his guides who came home in an amazing 3.31.41. Also Lincsquad’s junior Louise Beedham winning Junior Gold! There were plenty of BQA members flying the flag too, many of them taking Championship titles … a great start to the Season!
There were lots of other very creditable performances, and many personal goals achieved … I’m not quite sure what it is about our sport that makes it special, but every athlete that crosses the finish line has that little extra sense of achievement knowing they have just completed a Quadrathlon!

Once again a Big Thanks to ‘Lincsquad’ who certainly put the Brigg Bomber on the World Circuit in True Style, and hopefully motivated many onlookers, and athletes in the Team Event to maybe go Solo next year!

Thanks also to the Sponsors ‘Keyo Agricultural Services’ http://www.keyo.co.uk/  andto  Wildcoyphotography for the brilliant photos https://www.facebook.com/wildcoyphotography/

Lincsquad Brigg Bomber and European Quadrathlon Provisional Results2016 Brigg Bomber Results


Louise Beedham Junior Gold

Louise Beedham Junior Gold

 2016 Trophy Winners                                                      European Championships Winners Men

. 1 Enrique Peces (ESP) 2:32:50 Gold + Elite Gold
. 2 Steve King (GBR) 2:35:50 Silver + Vet 40 Gold
. 3 Michael Mason (GBR) 2:36:31 Bronze + Vet 40 Silver
. 4 Stefan Teichert (GER) 2:37:09 Elite Silver
. 5 Adam Norfolk (GBR) 2:37:46 Elite Bronze
. 6 Nigel Unwin (GBR) 2.49.24 Vet 50 Gold
. 7 Dave Bradburn 2.50.31 Vet 40 Bronze + 1st Newcomer
Julian Brewer 3.04.36 Vet 50 Silver
Mark Pryor 3.07.38 Vet 50 Bronze
John Redmond 3.53.27 Vet 60 Gold
Andrew Gage 4.12.10 Vet 60 Silver

. 1 Lisa Hirschfelder (GER) 2:54:17 Gold + Elite Gold
. 2 Helen Dyke (GBR) 3:13:37 Silver + Vet 40 Gold
. 3 Sandra Hyslop (GBR) 3:14:52 Bronze + Elite Silver
. 4 Jean Ashley (GBR) 3:19:05 Vet 50 Gold
. 5 Victoria Price (GBR)3:35:38 Elite Bronze
Susan Couch (GBR) 4.05.36 Vet 40 Silver
Louise Beedham 4.08.05 Junior Gold

Other Age Group ‘BQA Members’ Gold Medal Winners


Nigel Unwin Vet 50 Gold

Nigel Unwin Vet 50 Gold

John Redmond Vet 60 Gold

John Redmond Vet 60 Gold

Jean Ashley Vet 50 Gold

Jean Ashley Vet 50 Gold


Special mention to BQA member Louise Price Elite Bronze

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Montgomery Canal Triathlon

The Montgomery Canal Triathlon is a Superb Charity Triathlon, on 7th May, 220 athletes/fundraisers started the journey to bike, run or walk and kayak 35miles following the tow path of the Montgomery Canal. We started in Newtown and finished in Lower Frankton, 17miles MT BIKing, 11miles XC running and 7 miles of kayaking/canoeing, with the majority using Canadian Canoes (in pairs). The more competitive ones amongst us started first at 8.30 (in groups of 6), leaving the ones taking it ‘a bit less competitive’ to start a little less frantic! I must say if I’d of seen the Tea, Cakes and sandwiches at the transition areas I might of been persuaded to take my time!

13151620_1174412325922603_8239554412546251337_n.jpgcropThere were about 6 of us battling it out at the front, with 2 bikers getting in just under the hour, 4 of us came in about 8 mins later, but I soon find myself on my own leaving transition, with my energy gel … whilst the others were eating the first cake of the day!

13124873_1174412382589264_6415210503448030844_nIt was a lovely run, a bit lonely but lots of wild flowers and lambs along the way, I got into a good rhythm … and hoped I would see the runner in front! But he was long gone, I got to the kayak transition and my ‘Team Support Ashley’ said ‘he’s 20 mins ahead paddling a sea kayak … you’ve got a lot to do….?’ Well ‘Never say Never’ I just had to paddle and portage the locks as fast as possible! 4.5 miles done, I got to Shropshire Paddlesports Club House, there was some very welcome encouragement as some paddlers shouted ‘he’s about 3 mins in front’, I could just about see the blue sea kayak, so that was like dangling a carrot … finally I caught him up with 2 miles to go! His kayak was heavy especially at the portages … so he had struggled to get up speed, so it had slowed him down … just a bit! 13166022_1174412525922583_5718584301126998075_n.jpgcrop

13102610_1174413812589121_8582457332192124513_n.jpgcropHe did pick up my beautiful pink K1 at the finish, he smiled and said ‘I’ll be back next year with a new kayak!’

Finally it was time for Tea, sandwiches and huge homemade cakes, there was an even bigger selection at the end! I’m not sure if I’d of stopped at the transitions for cake .. I’d of made it to the finish, the cakes were scrumptious! It really was a great event, and certainly a good training session, hopefully they raised plenty of money for Montgomery Canal Funds and various charities. Everyone finished well and all enjoyed their journeys!

I must say a Huge Well Done to BQA Quadrathlete Lance Ball who did the whole race with his young daughter Hermione, she did really well and overtook plenty of teams along the way … ‘A Quadrathlete in the making, Well done Hermione .. a great effort!’

13177494_10205967226810256_874276089444453076_n 13125001_10205967222450147_1308697753216964570_n

I did take some time to spread the ‘Word of Quadrathlon’ and hopefully we will get a few more recruits, great to see Mark Rydon racing again after his first Quadrathlon in Shrewsbury last season, I think he’s on the look out for a fast kayak too!

A special mention to Peter and Judith Richards and The Friends of the Montgomey Canal, ‘A Big Thank-you to you and all your wonderful marshals, time checkers, kayak hire teams, and the kitchen staff … who made our day a Brilliant one!!! Your Team worked so hard all day to put on a superb event, I hope you have made a good amount for your Canal Funds, so you can keep moving your Canal Project forwards …. I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

We should certainly have more races like this, and I might just stop for cake next time!!


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South Yorkshire Quad Canceled

Really sorry to have to announce the South Yorkshire Quad at Manvers Lake on the 19th June 2016 has been canceled. The organizer has is struggling to get enough support and commitment from helpers to run the race …. sad news! The BQA are continuing to look for future events, and hopefully linking a Quad onto a Triathlon or adventure race, if anyone has any contacts please let us know, thanks everyone.

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The Quad Race season is getting closer!

The BQA hope your winter training is going well and your thinking about the fast approaching race season! Its time to start getting those race entries in, having a goal does wonders for your motivation, kick start your training right now ….. here’s a reminder of whats coming up in the first half of the 2016 season.

‘The Brigg Bomber’ is the first race in the National Trophy Series, and the BQA are so pleased to announce that it will be the EUROPEAN Championships! 

RACE 1 – 29th May – Brigg Bomber Quad – EUROPEAN Championships/World Cup             The Keyo Brigg Bomber is 1.5km open water swim, 8km kayak, 38km bike and 10km run on the same course as used for the 2014 World Quadrathon Championship.
The Keyo Brigg Bomber 2016 taking place on May 29th 2016 will be the British and European Championships and part of the Quadrathlon World Cup Series. Comprising of a 1.5km open water swim into a 8km kayak then a 38km bike and finally a 10km run on the same course used for the 2014 World Quadrathon Championship. Located in and around the Lincolnshire town of Brigg this is a fast and enjoyable location for both racers and supporters with plenty of easily accessible viewing points along the course. See the link to the Lincsquad Events page and the BQA (British Quadrathon Association) Facebook page for more details.

“Quadrathon – when 3 disciplines aren’t enough!”A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’. A fast flat and safe course, its the first British Race and the second World Cup race,  and will be the European Championships so lots of points and a very creditable race! Just to top it off they have an excellent T- shirt Tour of the Brigg Pubs to celebrate … certainly not to be missed! Full details hear ….


CANCELED – RACE 2 – South Yorkshire Quad, Sunday 19th June. They hope to run this Race again in 2017.

This race will be a SPRINT DISTANCE, and will run along side a Triathlon as swim, bike, kayak, run.  It is an ideal chance for newcomers and youngsters to try our sport in a ideal setting, but also it will give our more experienced athletes a opportunity to challenge their speed on a fast sprint course! The race takes place around the Manvers Water park and its surrounding area …. check out this excellent venue, it would be great if you can support this new race, as we hope it will be a great stepping stone for many new Quadrathletes ‘having a go’ before moving up to Middle Distance events. It is running along side a sprint triathlon and is organized by a very enthusiastic group of kayakers and triathletes. The details are being finalized and I will keep you all posted as soon as I have any further information. http://www.mwbc.org.uk/

MADCC DAYS Training Days – There are still a couple of events coming up, which are good training events, John Kavanagh still has 2 training Tri Days coming up in Macclesfield 6th March, and the 3rd April.

Plus the Montgomery Canal Triathlon takes place on Saturday 7th May, this is a good day out covering 35 miles of the Canal in one day and its a Fun Event organised by ‘The Friends of the Montgomery Canal’ and is supported by the Canal River Trust.
CYCLE 17 miles from Newtown to Pool Quay
WALK/RUN 11 miles from Pool Quay to Morton
CANOE 7 miles from Morton to the Weston Arm, Lower Frankton.
The triathlon follows the route of the Montgomery Canal. The cycling section is along cycleway-standard towpath. The walking/running section is generally flat there are several fixed wooden stiles, tree roots and possible livestock on the path. There are five road crossings for cyclists and four for walkers. All these crossings will be controlled by marshals. Canoes will have to be carried round four locks. For more details http://www.maesburycanalfestival.co.uk/triathlon.html

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john crop

5th Training Day in Macclesfield

5th Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 6th March. The forecast was for freezing so the canal may of been frozen, also roads likely to be icy early on so mountain bikes will be used on the Middlewood Way. However on Sunday there was no ice, although it was snowing very slightly. All four of us paddled and then rode on the Middlewood Way, no icy patches but lots of mud. Neil joined us on the run and made Ned work hard to be the first one back doing the full course. The sun was poking its nose out by then so we all had a good time!


Margaret and Mary enjoying the Muddy Session, as ever in True Style and always Smiling!







4th Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 7th Februay. Five of us out for the February Tri, with a few more joining us for the kayak section. Neil did extra kayaking and running while Ned, Andrew, Lance and I did all three disciplines. Quite cold and windy but not raining. Although the roads were a bit greasy, as Lance found to his cost (twice!). Let hope the weather will be better for the next one on March 6th!

3rd Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 3rd January. 5 braved the wet, wild weather in Macclesfield for the 3rd training triathlon, the weather forecast was correct and it started drizzling soon after we started paddling, turning to solid rain by the time we were cycling. It didn’t give up during the run and it was windy too. Nevertheless we had a good time and blew away some cobwebs. Ned and I were together by the beginning of the run but then he went away from me easily. Neil missed out the cycle but did a triple kayak course and was just behind, closely followed by Andrew and then Mary.
Let hope for some blue skies for the next one on Sunday 7th February.

2nd Macclesfield Kayak Tri Training Day – Sunday 6th December. Eight quadrathletes turned out for the Training Day. The weather wasn’t too bad, although wet it was not cold.  It had stopped raining just before we got on the water, but unfortunately it started again after we started cycling. John Kavanagh was 1st off the water, closely followed by Nigel Leeson. John waited for Lance Ball to show him the cycle route, so Andrew Gage, Ned Price and his daughter Vicky set of just behind Nigel, with Mary White and Margaret Huyton not far behind. John and Lance managed to pass the twin girls on the road, and Ned and Vicky in transition (as they were struggling to get two bikes back into the car). A great training session  and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The Next one is Jan 3rd, what a great way to start the New Year!

A great off season training day, John Kavanagh will be organizing Sundays Session. These will be a 5km paddle, about 20km cycle and 6km run. Transitions will include the time it takes for him to put his kayak back on his car and get his bike out etc.

They will be starting at 9:00 – unless he hears from people that a later start would enable them to join me. PLEASE let him know if this would help.
Anyone is welcome to join in, but please note that this is an informal outing for individuals, not an event organised by any club or organisation.
People may also choose to do their own variation, e.g. Run, Cycle, Run. The intention is to have fun training with others rather than serious racing. Weather conditions might also force a change of plans, for one of the races last year the canal was frozen …. so they did a Duathlon!
No specific rules, no timekeeper or marshals, everyone is responsible for themselves, and their own equipment and its safety. John will be happy to cycle in a group with anyone unfamiliar with the bike route.

6th December – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

DATES – 1st November, 6th December 2015 – 3rd January, 7th February, 6th March 2016, any changes will be posted on our BQA facebook page.

Course Information Kayak Triathlon Training 2015-2016


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