Annual Report 2015 & Plans for 2016

Hi Quadrathletes,

Thank you for supporting the sport of Quadrathlon this year and we hope you have had a great Season, enjoyed your racing and will come back for more next year. I hope you’ve had a Recovery and Rest Period and are motivated to get back into training, and looking at next years race plans!

Once again we’ve have some great races organized by extremely hard working volunteers so lets keep supporting them! Enter their races (early) and spread the word amongst your fellow athletes. We are a small sport, and I am more than happy to be able to keep the BQA on going, with a ‘Team’ of helpers. But closer to home we do need your membership if the BQA is going to financially survive each year, so please support this great sport, and if you feel you can help out in some way then please let me know, lets keep moving forwards!

All the BQA Trophy Dates have been confirmed, and we are leasing with the WQF on finalizing next years World Cup Series and choosing the Championship Races. As soon as I have the Final details … You’ll be the first to know … and the 2016 race plan can start! Watch this space!

Happy Training and see you next season, Jean Ashley

In the mean time hears 2015 Annual Report. BQA-Annual-Report-2015

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Kayak Training Triathlon, Macclesfield

The first of John’s Training Days took place on Sunday and what glorious weather for the 1st of November! A great enthusiastic bunch of us had an excellent training session and it was well worth the trip to Macclesfield … Back to Back Sessions are much more fun when there’s 10 of you!
All Ten of us paddled on the Canal, then rode and ran. John managed to be 1st off the water, closely followed by Nigel who was quickly away on his bike. Ned was not far behind but waited briefly to accompany Jean on the ride as she did not know the route. A good hilly route out of Bollington, with plenty of undulations and cheeky climbs! John waited to ride with Mary Margaret and Tim. Andrew went off ahead of us and Jaqui and Cliff brought up the rear (Cliff is new to paddling his K1). We finished the run much the same order as we set off on the bike, except for Cliff who went storming past a few of us. The order did not matter as there were no prizes, we were all just out to have a good time, a good quality Brick Session with two hours or so training in the Bank! Not to mention the homemade Cake and Flapjack to finish!

Good to see the regular Quadrathletes out from Macclesfield Canoe Club, and potential Quadrathlete Andrew Gage getting some training in before he embarks on his first Quad next season. Good to see Tim Deykin back in action after a few years out, now going well again! Thanks to newcomers to our sport Cliff and Jaqui for coming up all the way from Frome! Lets hope more athletes on the start list for next year …. more of this training and we’ll all certainly be ready!!

The Next Training Day is 6th December – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

John Kavanagh winner of the Eric Hatliff Trophy this year, is going to continue encouraging like minded athletes over the winter months by organizing some ‘off season’ training sessions. John has had a brilliant season this year, he’s raced 4 of our Trophy races, competed in the Long Course World Quad Champs in Hannover, and Won Gold.  He also went to Poland the the World Middle Distance championships winning Silver in his V60 category. He has won the BQA Vet 60 Trophy and also the World (WQF) Gold Medal and Crystal Globe …… and just to top it all completed in the Bolton Ironman!

As off season training, John will be doing a series of kayak triathlons on the first Sunday of each month starting in November through to March. These will be a 5km paddle, about 20km cycle and 6km run. Transitions will include the time it takes for him to put his kayak back on his car and get his bike out etc.
They will be starting at 9:00 – unless he hears from people that a later start would enable them to join me. PLEASE let him know if this would help.
Anyone is welcome to join in, but please note that this is an informal outing for individuals, not an event organised by any club or organisation.
People may also choose to do their own variation, e.g. Run, Cycle, Run. The intention is to have fun training with others rather than serious racing. Weather conditions might also force a change of plans, for one of the races last year the canal was frozen …. so they did a Duathlon!
No specific rules, no timekeeper or marshals, everyone is responsible for themselves, and their own equipment and its safety. John will be happy to cycle in a group with anyone unfamiliar with the bike route.

1st November – Meet at Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, SK10 5JB, in time for a 9:00 start.

DATES – 1st November, 6th December 2015 – 3rd January, 7th February, 6th March 2016, any changes will be posted on our BQA facebook page.

Course Information Kayak Triathlon Training 2015-2016


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2015 Trophy Results

Bude Awesome Foursome was a perfect end to our 2015 National Trophy Series, with the last race of the series being the final decider for most of the prizes! The series has been made up of 6 races, but unfortunately The South Yorkshire Quad had to be cancelled so Trophy Points were taken from the 5 races below.

The Brigg Bomber

Box End Sprint Quadrathlon

Shrewsbury Sprint Quadrathlon

Fabian 4 Mountain Challenge

The Awesome Foursome


The BQA Perpetual Trophies and BQA kit vouchers are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member. Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

For the first time ever we had 2 athletes with 340 points after 3 races, Adam Norfolk and Nigel Unwin. At the last race of the season Nigel had to win outright to get the 120 points he needed to equal Adam’s score, this he did, so we had to take the 4th race into account. This gave Nigel the advantage and so he took the 2015 BQA Trophy.

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy Male Nigel Unwin Runner up Adam Norfolk

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy Female Jean Ashley

Vet 40 Male Phil Holden

Vet 50 Male Ned Price (role down as Nigel Unwin won Overall Trophy)

Vet 60 Male John Kavanagh

The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’. This year it was given to John Kavanagh for his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon, after a good season last year he went on to organize Winter Quad Training for like minded athletes. He raced 4 of our races, but also went to the Long Course World Quad Champs in Hannover, and Won Gold and also the the World Middle Distance in Poland winning Silver. He has won the BQA Vet 60 Trophy and also the World (WQF) Gold Medal and Crystal Globe …… and just to top it all completed in the Bolton Ironman! Well Done John … an outstanding year!

Nigel Unwin

Nigel Unwin Overall Winner


Adam Norfolk Runner up

crop 3 - Copy

Jean Ashley Overall Winner


Phil Holden V40


Ned Price V50

john crop

John Kavanagh V60 and Eric Hatlif Memorial Trophy












This season 74 males and 26 female athletes took part in the series, slightly down on last year. It was good to see plenty of first timers and great to see commitment from our BQA members, plenty of top class racing from our age groupers and elite athletes too.  For the first time ever we have had to add another age group ‘Vet 60 male and female’, they now stand on their own with 4 males and 3 females racing this year! We could do with gaining a few more youngsters U23’s and also females, although we’ve had plenty of Women race this year, we haven’t had many do more than 1 or 2 races. The BQA hope everyone enjoyed their quad season and will be back for more challenges and races next year, please tell your friends and help spread the word!

All of our Quad Races this year have been superbly organized by enthusiastic ‘Teams’ of like minded people and athletes, all enjoyed by the competitors ! A Huge thank-you for their commitment, affiliation fees and for providing us with great races with the Aim to Keep our Small Friendly Sport ALIVE! The BQA help to promote these races and supply the Race insurance so its vital we have YOUR support in both competing at these races. A Big THANK-YOU to all our quadrathletes and especially the 2015 BQA members, we really appreciate your memberships and continued support!

Thank You, the Quad Season is over for 2015, rest, revitalize and plan your 2016 Goals ….. you’ll come back refreshed and motivated and ready for Action in Olympic Year!



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Sunshine in Bude!

The Final BQA Trophy Race of the 2015 Season, took part in Bude on Saturday 19th September – This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, this race never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. but on Saturday we were blessed with the best weather I’ve ever raced at Bude in. The sea was flat, there was no wind, the paddle was very calm in the canal, the hills were still tough but being dry they seemed easier to climb, and the views were spectacular on the undulating run course!

bike crop

Climb up Millook Hill


View of the run course

The race was a little low on numbers this year, the locals had had a very busy race season, and it was the 3rd race on the trot in the BQA callender, having said that the standard of individual athlete was excellent and there was a great selection of pairs and fours in the team event. The locals lead the way and certainly showed us all how to swim with a double loop within Summerleaze bay. Nigel Unwin (BQA) was on a mission, he had to win the race to claim the overall Trophy … so he went out very hard on the bike with the aim of giving him a good advantage going into the paddle. John Durrant and Simon Hammond ‘race organizer’ were chasing him, but he had a good fast paddle and went onto the run with a good lead. He came home in 2.29.25, almost 9 mins ahead of John Durrant in 2nd 2.57.59. Simon had a brilliant race, considering he was organizer and been very busy before hand, he came 3rd in 3.00.08!

Local athletes, and ‘Teams’  took the next few places, but not far behind Oliver Main came 7th (3rd V40) 3.11.27 Oliver has completed 4 BQA trophy races this year.

Other BQA athletes flying the flag and racing very well were – Russel Brayer 8th (2nd V50) 3.14.02. – Ned Price 9th (3rd V50) 3.16.36 – and Peter Chappill 12th 3.29.08. John Kavanagh battled on despite feeling poorly, he eventually called it a day during the kayak. John has had a superb season it was a great shame he was unwell for the last race.

Jean Ashley took the individual lead on the swim and had a solid performance throughout winning in 3.25.24 (1st V50) with Emma Bartrop in 2nd 3.51.28 (1st V40). There were plenty of excellent lady athletes in Teams and Pairs, and here’s hoping they may go solo next year! Helen Parkinson a well know previous winner of the event, teamed up in a mixed pair (due to injury) still performing well in the swim and kayak she took the Pairs title.

A Big Thank-you to Simon, his family of helpers and all his Marshalls for putting on another great race … everyone enjoyed the day! The race was done and dusted by 2.00pm and as it was a Saturday there was plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Bude was buzzing … with a Food Festival, plus Live Music which entertained us, and there was plenty of surfing and body boarding to be had! If you didn’t make the race this year …. make sure its in your calendar for 2016 …. you’ll love it!

Full Results to follow shortly

The BQA 2015 National Trophy prizes were also presented – Congratulations to Overall Winners Nigel Unwin and Jean Ashley, Phil Holden V40, Ned Price V50 and John Kavanagh V60.


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Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge

I’d Just like to say Fabian 4 and their Team of Organizers/Marshals A Huge Thank-you for putting on  ‘A proper Tough Mountain Challenge’ (as Steve King quoted) .Organization was excellent, great sponsors, great prizes, T- shirts, and wholesome free food afterwards was all Brilliant … a superb achievement to your club, shows real commitment and organization on putting a race of such caliber!

Well done to everyone that survived the Race …. it was certainly a tough day out, a real challenge testing our skills in all 3 disciplines …. The top 3 athletes were all our very best GB Quadrathletes, congratulations go to Michael Mason who took the honours and broke the course record, with Adam Norfolk 2nd and Steve King a very close 3rd. Louise Beetlestone won the ladies prize with Rebecca Good in 2nd, Caroline Dallimore an extremely fit Vet 60 took 3rd, and Jean Ashley 4th.

It was most certainly an epic day, and the most challenging races in our National Trophy Series, all the athletes did really well to complete the race, there were also some brilliant Team performances with some very fast individual legs!

See the full report here RaceReport2015

Full results at

Excellent photos of the event at ttps://


BQA TROPHY – Adam Norfolk and Jean Ashley are the overall leaders to date, but things could change depending on who is racing at Bude! Phil Holden is leading Vet 40, Nigel Unwin Vet 50 and John Kavanagh Vet 60. Check out the Results after 4 Trophy Races

2015 Trophy after 4 races Results

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World Cup Series

The last major championships in the Quadrathlon World Cup Series took place in Lake Balaton in Hungary at the end of August 2015. The temperature soared into the 40°C mark giving organizer Adam Schmuck and his team lots of work to keep the competitors cool and the race as hot as is ever required for a sprint distance race. We certainly haven’t had any conditions as warm as that at any of our races this year ….. but you never know we still have 2 races left in our British Trophy Series!

We’ve had 2 World Cup Races as part of the WQF Series, The Brigg Bomber, and Box End a Big Thank You to ‘Lincsquad’, Dave Hinch and his Club and to ‘Quadrac Racing’ Mark Pryor and his Team for putting on these races for us. The BQA affiliate to the WQF, but in addition to that these clubs pay an ‘extra fee’ to enable them to add their races to the World Cup Circuit, we are very grateful to them as it gives our British Athletes a chance to get WQF points on the World Circuit.

The WQF Series has now been finalized and we have some British Winners. 1st wins a Crystal Globe and a  Gold Medal and 2nd and 3rds Silver and Bronze medals.

Congratulations to
Mary White 1st F60
Margaret Huyton 3rd F60
John Kavanagh 1st M60
Julie Dimaline 2nd F50
Jean Ashley 3rd F50
Phil Holden 2nd M40
Isabella Jenkins 3rd FU23

Full Results – Full 2015 WQF Results

More information about the World Cup Series from the following sites –

World Quadrathlon Federation


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Sunshine at Shrewsbury Quad!

Shrewsbury once again gave us a great day’s racing, blue skies, a calm fast river, if a ‘tad’ cold, with a strong current down stream but hard work up! A slight wind on the undulating bike course, and a fast flat run with the occasional muddy patch … all in all fantastic conditions for racing! We had good strong field of Quadrathletes, our top athletes and age groupers, plus 12 newcomers who all gave it their best and finished with happy faces!

steve crop

Winner Steve King


Congratulations to Winner Steve King who took the lead from the start, with Adam Norfolk hot on his heels just 10 seconds behind after the swim/kayak. Steve put in the ‘joint fastest bike split of the day’ (shared with the overall winner of the Triathlon), he was a good 2 minutes ahead, however Adam put in the fastest run of the Quadrathlon but was still not able to catch him.  Steve’s time -1.22.09, Adam 1.23.57. Meanwhile there was a battle for 3rd place with Stuart West coming in 3rd after the kayak, Nigel Unwin overtook him on the bike and ran well to hold his 3rd place 1.29.05. Stuart finished in 4th 1.32.49. BQA members Andy Childs and Phil Holden were battling on the run to finish 5th. Andy just held Phil off 1.36.34 with Phil in 6th 1.36.45.


Exiting her Kayak winner Jean Ashley

In the Ladies event Jean Ashley finally took first place. After taking the lead on the kayak, she was overtaken on the last mile of the bike, Jean had a speedy transition and the two leaders went out on the run together. Jean pushed hard and went into the lead finishing in – 1.45.14 with Jacqueline Davis, a strong Triathlete, (competing in her first Quadrathlon) in 2nd, just a minute behind 1.46.11. Another great performance in her first Quadrathlon was Heather Streetly she finished 3rd in 1.53.55. A great effort from all the other females who for many of them it was their first Quad …. and judging by their smiles ‘not their last’!

There was a great turnout of BQA Members, all getting valuable National Trophy Points, with 2 more races left their are no clear winners yet!I Thank-you to BQA athletes flying the flag this weekend, good to see you all. Duncan Pearson in 8th back in fine form after an injury 1.37.21. John Kavanagh 13th (1st vet 60) 1.41.27, and just behind his training buddy Ned Price 14th 1.42.08. Peter Chappill 18th also back from injury 1.44.38 looking strong again. John Redmond finish well 20th in 1.53.43 and great to see Alistair Bates Vet 60 back again, enjoying his race and finishing well in 25th … but 2nd Vet 60! Our other BQA member Margaret Huyton also Vet 60 came 5th lady overall putting in her best Quadrathlon performance to date …. Great Results Everyone.

The More Mature Quadrathletes (but super fit) .. Peter, John, Ned and Jean

The More Mature Quadrathletes – but super fit :) .. Peter, John, Ned and Jean

RESULTS Shrewsbury Quadrathlon 2015

The Trophy Standings are still open with 3 races to count (must be a BQA Member to claim the Trophy/Prize). Nigel Unwin is in the overall lead at the moment having done 3 races, along with Phil Holden, John Kavanagh and Ned Price. Adam Norfolk is 5th but has another race to do, which could change the positions after the Fabian 4 this weekend. Jean Ashley is winning the ladies trophy but once again there are still 2 races left! So Good Luck to everyone racing at the Fabian 4 and the following weekend at Bude …. lets hope we get Sunshine like Shrewsbury!

2015 Trophy after 3 races Results

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Gill Otto and SYtri for letting us, once again be part of there triathlon, British Quadrathlon really appreciate this ….. superbly organized, very friendly and great value for money, you left no stone unturned! The marshals were brilliant …. along with their ‘cow bells’ they made us feel very welcome. It was so good to see plenty of onlookers enjoying the Quadrathlon, and I have had so much positive feedback from the Quadrathletes, and from Triathletes all wanting to add another discipline next year! We hope SYTri will have us back next year for another great race….. thank -you.

margaret crop

Vet 60 winner Margaret Huyton

nigel crop

3rd Overall and winning the Trophy Series so far Nigel Unwin Vet 60


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Final 3 BQA Trophy Races of the Season!

September is certainly going to be a busy month for British Quadrathlon, hopefully you’ve had a great summer and you’re ready to finish of the season with our great races, and some excellent results, whether it be a win, a PB, or simply just to finish with a smile!


6th September – Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon will be our 3rd BQA Trophy Race of the season, entries are now closed. This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathlete’s ‘Gill Otto’ Sprint distance – 500m downstream swim, 4.5km kayak (from the showground to the Pengwern rowing club pontoon and back), 23k road ride out towards Baschurch and a few laps of honor around the showground provide the 5k run to finish, such a good fast and very safe course.

84316c3d-698b-4b1b-9e1b-251b62a6767b13th September – Fabian4 Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge – Race 4  If you fancy something a bit different to round off the season this is a kayak-trail run-mountain bike event which is brilliant fun. This race promises to be back with vengeance and it will certainly challenge that inner self! Superb scenery, tracks and trails brilliantly organized by very friendly like minded athletes, it will certainly boost your adrenalin and you’ll have an amazing sense of achievement when you cross that finish line ….. exit your comfort zone and enjoy!           Distances – Kayak 13km, Fell Run 12km, MTBike 19km

If you don’t feel up to doing the whole event you can enter as a team of 3 (with at least 1 woman in the team) and do one leg each.
Check it out at to see a video preview and full details.


19th September – Awesome Foursome Quad – Race 5 -This is one of our longest running etablished Quadrathlons, this race in Bude never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race to end the season! Starting in the sea, there’s plenty of hills, a historic canal and amazing coastal views … it’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back.

Distances – The event starts with an 800 m sea swim, a double loop within Summerleaze bay, protected by the breakwater. Next a 30 km cycle following the coast road to Widemouth, Wanson Mouth and Millook before meeting the A39 at Wainhouse Corner and returning to Bude. Then a 10 km Kayak paddle, which is a double loop of the Bude canal. And finally a 10 km run along the canal towpath to Helebridge, following the marked footpath across the fields to Widemouth and returning to Bude via the coastal path. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too!

Shoreline Extreme Sports have got all the details on their website, its well worth a visit! It has a page for the ‘Awesome Foursome’ which includes an online entry system, which is open for Bude entries! It also has lots of other exciting activities you can try whilst visiting Bude in September for the Quad! PLEASE get your entry in ….. you will love it!

THE BQA will be also presenting the 2015 Trophy Series Prizes, so its the last race to get those vital points!                                                                                                                                         Im sure all these races will be well worth a trip, I hope too see you at all 3 or at least one of our September Quadrathlons! Happy Training Jean!


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DSC_0120 crop

Phil Holden’s World Sprint Championship’s Story

Samorín, The World Sprint Quadrathlon Championships  – 0,75 km swim – 20 km bike – 4 km kayak – 5 km run. Phil’s Story – Months of planning and the four full days of driving to get here are finally over. 80 smart looking bikes and kayaks are lined up ready, and a mass of bodies gather in the small lagoon beside the Danube.

The water’s surprisingly cold as we hang around waiting for the gun. The sun is hot but there’s a keen south-easterly breeze.Eventually they give up trying to get everyone five metres back to the line, and just set us off with no countdown. Missing the familiar buoyancy of the wetsuit, I try to settle into a rhythm. Swimmers are on a broad front, my one potential draft is zig-zagging everywhere so I go into a big space… looks like a large pack up there at the front. After the turn it’s more of a line, 2 or 3 wide, and a push for the jetty.

It’s the bike next, and we run up the steep grass embankment to the tarmac path along the Danube and mount up. I set to and go chasing, on the only leg where I have any real chance of gaining places. After a short section we turn back into the wind. Fortunately the torsos of these strong Czechs and Slovaks offer more windage than mine, so I creep up a dozen or so places. I count the people ahead as they go back the other way, I’ve got up to 34th. We turn again tightly by the ferry over to Hungary, and fly back with the following wind. Watch for the odd nasty hole and lumps in the tarmac, and overtaking cyclists coming the other way. I can’t catch any more.

DSC_0087 crop

Scuttle down the bank and round to the lagoon to my Kayak . Gingerly paddle away, this felt so much harder after the biking …… With four laps it’s impossible to tell who is on which. Stylish paddlers (lots of them, including Rob) speed by, and there are a few sea kayaks to get past, I’m not comfortable in the waves. But as well as fatigue, confidence gradually builds with laps survived, and the lake is quieter now, I even manage to win a little personal sprint battle down the last back straight before reaching the jetty with relief. Great cheering as I land, but they are looking the other way – a Spaniard has just run across the line to win the race!

Phil out at the front

Phil out at the front

Excited commentary on the PA momentarily exceeds the flow of pumping dance music. A young Hungarian woman seems to have a short time penalty in the box and then races up the bank and off, as I start to plod behind with legs feeling like lead. The run is an unforgiving out and back on the tarmac, it must be around 30 degrees now. Some cool water feels good on my head, but this is hard and I haven’t much left to give. A man flies past looking fresh, then we catch the Slovak second placed woman and make the turn, I stretch my longer legs and overtake the petite Hungarian, trying to nail the move with a sustained push. The next guys are quite far ahead. I gain on them as one overtakes the other but we’ve run out of road, it’s gasping down the bank, onto the mat and there’s the line!

Now where, oh where is that cold shower?

Great Report Phil, thank you for sharing it with us all … and Congratulations, a very tough top class competition no medals this time, but it certainly sounds like a great experience and brilliant trip! (Jean BQA)

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Samorín, World Sprint Quad Championships

On 1st August Phil Holden and Robert Jefferies raced in Samorín, at the World Sprint Quadrathlon Championships  – 0,75 km swim – 20 km bike – 4 km kayak – 5 km run.

Conditions were very hot, approaching 30’C by the end of the race. Water temperatures high resulting in a non wet suit swim! Rob finished 4th in the Mens U23 category just missing out on a medal, finishing in 1.37.26. Whilst Phil also having a great race came 5th in the Vet 40 category in 1.34.57. There were some top class athletes racing and the standard of competition was extremely high, so a huge well done to Rob and Phil for flying the flag for GB Quadrathlon. Hope to have a race report from them soon!


Rob Jefferies


A top class range of racy K1 Vadjas!


Phil Holden










Here’s a quick note from Phil Holden, who now enjoying a few days in the Czech Republic. ‘We perhaps didn’t quite take on the world in what turned out to be a tough race! I finished 40th of 67 males and Rob was 42nd. Perhaps a bit disappointing, but the standard seemed very high, there were dozens of excellent Slovak and Czech paddlers in 20s and 30s age group! It was also very hot, as expected, but very windy to, so I was on damage limitation with a slow kayak but enjoyed the tough bike ride. A good experience, though I don’t think we will get any world cup points for the effort!’ ……. and I can assure you Phil you will get some World Cup points!!



Full Results hear


WQF Report

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