Samorín, World Sprint Quad Championships

On 1st August Phil Holden and Robert Jefferies raced in Samorín, at the World Sprint Quadrathlon Championships  – 0,75 km swim – 20 km bike – 4 km kayak – 5 km run.

Conditions were very hot, approaching 30’C by the end of the race. Water temperatures high resulting in a non wet suit swim! Rob finished 4th in the Mens U23 category just missing out on a medal, finishing in 1.37.26. Whilst Phil also having a great race came 5th in the Vet 40 category in 1.34.57. There were some top class athletes racing and the standard of competition was extremely high, so a huge well done to Rob and Phil for flying the flag for GB Quadrathlon. Hope to have a race report from them soon!


Rob Jefferies


A top class range of racy K1 Vadjas!


Phil Holden





















Full Results hear http://www.championchip.cz/results/2015080110/VysKat.pdf

Photos https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quadrathlon/102657756483442

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International Quad-Camp 2016

Elite German Quadrathletes, Lisa Hirschfelder and Stefan Teichert are planning a Multisport-Training-Camp for February/March 2016. It takes place on the Island Terceira, Azoren, away from the rainy and snowy weather. In April there will probably be a Quadrathlon race, too. The infrastructure for Training is good, and compared to Fuerteventura it is not that expensive.

Overall Winners 2014 Stefan and Lisa

Stefan and Lisa

More Information: Swimming in the sea with wetsuits (19C) or pool (2Euro/Session. Bike riding is hilly, nice landscape, and good Asphalt roads., It will be possible to rent bikes and kayaks. Running is off-road and in a Stadium.

The Focus of the training weeks: Bike with fun & low intensity + all other disciplines + athletic and strength-sessions. The temperature is around 15-19 degrees outside. Sleeping in a house if we get 8 Persons to come, cooking & food-shopping together.

At the moment we are looking at dates 20.2.2016 until beginning of March. You can stay one or two weeks, ten days, whatever you like. As soon as we have 8 persons to participate, we will book the flights and let you know the date and arriving time, so that you can book your flights, too, some countries have a direct flight, others have to fly to Lisbon first and wait for a connecting flight (can be between 2 and 10 hours).Locat-169-miguel_azores_1245368c

Calculation of costs:
Flight to & back: ca. 300-400€ per Person
Accommodation + Camp ca. 400-500€ for 2 weeks but it depends numbers of participants.
Overall costs will be less than 1000€. More details as soon as we know how many of you will come. There are Hotels, too, but they are more expensive .

PLEASE, let us know by 26th July if you want to participate, so that we can plan the Details and reserve the accommodation.
We’re looking forward to a great international Quad-Camp 2016
Lisa & Stefan

You can email Lisa direct- lisa.hirschfelder@gmail.com or email me Jean Ashley- malpasashleys@btinternet.com and I will let her know you are interested.

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British Quadrathletes take on the World!

The BQA have got a few athletes  flying the GB Flag and heading to Europe over the next few weeks. I just want to wish them on behalf of all our members safe journeys and great racing in the 2015 World Championships, and lets hope they bring back some medals!

Phil Holden

Phil Holden

Phil Holden will be travelling to šamorín, Slovakia to take part in the World Sprint Quadrathlon Championships on 1st August – 0,75 km swim – 20 km bike – 4 km kayak – 5 km run. Phil is in his 3rd year at Quadrathlon and has improved so much over the last year he is in great form having finished 3rd overall, 1st V40 at the Brigg Bomber and 5th overall at Box End 2nd V40, all the best Phil have a great race in Šamorín!

Robert Jefferies U23

Robert Jefferies U23

Robert Jefferies is also going to šamorín, he has just got back from racing in Europe for the GB Wild Water Race Team in the World Cup. He has come back very motivated and is looking forward to the World Sprint Race!  He was our U23 Quadrathlon Champion last season, we wish him a great race and we hope Phil and Robert have a successful trip and good too see them flying the GB Flag!




Mike Mason, John Kavanagh and Mary White will be travelling to Wolsztyn, Poland where the World Middle Distance Championships are taking place on 22nd August – 1,5km swim – 40 km bike – 8 km kayak – 10 run. Once again all 3 athletes have been training and racing very well this year.

Michael Mason

Michael Mason

Mike Mason had a very strong Overall Win at the Brigg Bomber this year, he is a top class paddler, as well as being very nifty at the other 3 disciplines too! He was looking in top form at Box End having a head to head race with Adam Norfolk when his rear mech broke, a great shame but Mike will have put this behind him by now, and will be very focused and will be strong going into the World Championships.


John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh


John Kavanagh has gone from strength to strength since he took up Quadrathlon 2 years ago, a very good swimmer, a very keen paddler his biking and running have just got even stronger and he’s been winning the Vet 60 categories everywhere! He came 5th overall at the Brigg Bomber, he went to Hannover to race in the World Long Distance Quadrathlon winning Gold V60. At Box End he had a very strong race came 9th overall behind some top class athletes and winning Vet 60. Just before he goes off to the Worlds he’s doing another tough race The ‘Bolton Ironman’ with his training buddie ‘Ned Price’ we wish them both a great Ironman and all the very best to John on his trip to Wolsztyn!


Mary White

Mary White

Mary White took up Quadrathlon last year, she has had some amazing results since she began, Mary a good all round athlete with a ‘true grit’ attitude has improved so much over the past 2 years. In the V60 category she is up there with the all the other younger Ladies … she trains with her brother John (above) and her twin sister Margaret … True Inspiration to us all! She is in fine form coming 5th overall and 1st V60 at the Bomber, she was 3rd overall at Box End and 1st V60 … but showed her bike strengths by flying around the course on her cross bike with a time faster than alot of the men! Good Luck Mary I know she’ll love flying the GB Flag!




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Overall Winner Adam Norfolk

Box End World Cup Race

A Huge Thank-you to Mark Pryor and his great Quadrac Racing Crew that put on a superb World Cup Race this weekend 12th July! Excellent organization, a superb course, great marshalls and goodie bags … loved my WQF Gym Towel, it certainly lived up to  World Cup Status, Mark and his Team of helpers were extremely thorough in every aspect of their organization, a huge thanks to them for giving us a great race in the BQA callender!

It was wonderful to see some excellent racing and some top class competition, plus some drama on the MTBike course due to overnight rain on very hard ground, several athletes had some impromptu falls on slippy corners, no injuries but sadly a broken rear mech for top Quadrathlete Mike Mason. We had some great newcomers which is always great to see and as ever plenty of BQA Members all enjoying a great days racing at Box End!

A cloudy morning start, the rain had stopped but the wind was going to be fairly strong. It was a little choppy in the swim and a cross wind for the kayak, the wind stayed with us the whole race and was quite strong on the home word straight, but I don’t think it slowed any of us down too much!

Steve Rust was 1st out of the water (12.12) closely followed by one of our top Quadrathletes Mike Mason (12.14) a 2nd bunch of swimmers followed 30 secs later containing excellent kayakers Adam Norfolk, Stuart West and Nigel Unwin. Adam putting in the fastest kayak split of the day (22.03) caught up with Mike, they stayed together and went out on the bike at the same time. Stuart West ( top marathon paddler) in his first Quadrathlon moved into 3rd place, followed by a group of very strong athletes including Nigel, Steve Rust, Oliver Main and John Kavanagh.

Adam and Mike were flying on their bikes, nothing between them it was looking like an extremely close race …. Until on the 2nd lap Mike’s rear mech snapped as it hit the ground too close on a sharp corner, so sadly he had to pull out. Adam increased his lead and produced the fastest bike split of the day (37.15) Cross Bikes were certainly proving to be the fastest and most favourable, though hard bumpy ground with a few slippy patches did cause a few spills!

The race for the next  5 places was hoting up, Nigel and Stuart both had good bike splits, whilst Dil Wetherill, (his first Quadrathlon) Mark Pryor and Phil Holden had even faster splits which moved them up the field.

Adam produced the fastest run also (20.07) and went on to win comfortably in 1.33.37. Nigel had a great run and moved into 2nd place 1.45.04, whilst Stuart managed to hold onto 3rd 1.46.26 with Mark chasing him down to take 4th 1.47.42. The closest finish of the day was fight to the bitter end with Phil Holden just pipping first time Quadrathlete Dil Wetherill just a second between them 1.49.14 and 1.49.15.

In the ladies race, newcomer Elaine Palmer was first out of the swim (14.06) with Octavia Chambers just behind and Jean Ashley 30 seconds later. Experienced quadrathlete Jean had a very swift transition and went into the kayak first place, her best discipline where she moved 4 mins ahead of Octavia. Meanwhile on the bike Octavia and Mary White started to eat into Jeans lead. Mary White riding her cross bike had a superb ride producing the fastest split of all the ‘girls’ (45.27). Jean was only 2 mins ahead after the bike but held onto her lead coming home in 1st place 2.02.44 with Octavia 2nd 2.06.12 and Mary 3rd in 2.09.00.


1st Overall Jean Ashley (V50)

There were plenty of good results and big smiles from all the athletes, it was good to see some of the old BQA members back in action after a layoff  – Tony Runnegar 1.54.36, and Phil Nye 1.59.56, Roland Maclarg 2.08.05. Plus our regular BQA members Ned Price 1.58.41, Julian Brewer 2.01.08, Lance Ball 2.06.12, Peter Chappill 2.08.14 and another good performance from Margaret Huyton 2.27.02. I must also mention our one and only international competitor Peter Apelt, it was good to see him back in action after he’d suffered a bike accident early on in the year … well done Peter and thank -you for flying the flag for Germany!

Special mentions must go to our new BQA members and first time Quadrathletes Ian Webster 1.58.41 and Jeff Barns 2.15.11, excellent results from them both and I hope they really enjoyed their races and will be back for more!


2nd Overall Nigel Unwin (V50)

2nd Overall Nigel Unwin (V50)

3rd Stuart West 1st V40

3rd Stuart West 1st V40

4th Mark Pryor V50

4th Mark Pryor 1st V50

John Kavanagh 1st V60

John Kavanagh 1st V60

















1st Male – Adam Norfolk – 1.33.37

2nd Male – Nigel Unwin – 1.45.04

3rd 1st Vet 40 – Stuart West – 1.46.26

4th 1st Vet 50 Mark Pryor – 1.47.42

5th 2nd Vet 40 Phil Holden – 1.49.14

6th 2nd Vet 50 Dil Wetherill – 1.49.15

9th 1st Vet 60 John Kavanagh – 1.53.26


2nd Overall Octavia Chambers

2nd Overall Octavia Chambers


1st Female Jean Ashley – 2.02.44

2nd Female Octavia Chambers – 2.06.12

3rd Vet 60 Mary White – 2.09.00

4th Vet 40 Elaine Palmer -2.23.18



New BQA member Ian Webster

New BQA member Ian Webster

and Jeff Barns

and Jeff Barns














Race Results Box End 2015 Quadrathlon – Times

National Trophy Standings 2015 Trophy after 2 races Results

More photos on our BQA facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/172950012716629/

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A Very Long, Long Distance Quad!

11692714_1165070433519497_5747210588482808169_n1 man, 4410 KM, 1 heck of a Challenge!

Some of you may of heard the interview with Richard Brash last Friday on Radio 2’s Simon Mayo’s show, well this is the Quadrathlete enthusiast Richard Brash who is currently attempting to circumnavigate the UK in 28 days, he will be running, cycling, swimming and kayaking everyday with just three rest days.

Richard left Bournemouth Pier on Saturday 4th July and is presently on day 4th where he will finish in Burnham. Any local or social media support you can give along the route for the next 25 days would be greatly appreciated.

Please find the links to Richards FB page, if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 01442 507311. We’re really happy to be joined by RNLI man, Alex Wade who will be doing the cycling with Richard and Dave. It’s really good to have people along to join the riding etc, so please if you live along the route and you’re a looney – or if you know one – please connect us up!

Richard B

Pepper Foundation

Richard H

Best wishes
Diane Butler

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Brent Hobbs crossing channel

Channel Swim Relay

BQA Member Tim Down is due to take part in a Channel swim relay this coming September, unfortunately he has had a couple of late withdrawals from his team and they are now down to two which isn’t enough given our capabilities. This means that we are now urgently looking for 2-3 more swimmers to join us at late notice.

The details…

Our booked window is from 19th-26th September, we are free to go at any time during this period although as it is very much a weather dependent event we should take advantage of the earliest opportunity. This is a week of neap tides which present the most favourable conditions.

The form of the swim is – no thermal protection apart from a single swim cap plus standard traditional swim togs. Definitely no wetsuits or anything remotely resembling one. Each swimmer swims for an hour at a time in rotation so if there is a team of four it is one hour swimming, three hours off. With a team of mixed ability, able to average between them 1.7 – 1.8 mph the swim might take between 13 – 15 hours depending on conditions so each swimmer in a team of four might expect 3 or 4 stints, in a team of 5 that is likely to reduce to 3.

The cost of the swim is a total of £2,600 for the pilot boat, plus registration fees and incidentals. Approximately £1,500 of the cost of the boat has already been raised so any new swimmer joining would be expected to pay or raise money for their share of the remaining cost of the pilot boat – this is likely to be in the region of £200-300.

We are raising money for the international disability charity Motivation www.motivation.org.ukWith a September slot the sea is likely to be at its warmest and so represents a wonderful opportunity to take part in a very big adventure!

All the best Thanks … Tim Down

It there are any BQA members that want to join him message me ‘Jean Ashley’ and I will let you have his phone number. There aren’t many opportunities to swim the Channel and someone out there might just be interested!

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Next Race Shrewsbury Sprint Quad

Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon will be our 3rd BQA Trophy Race of the season, entries are now open Sytri you can enter on line!

The Race has a maximum of 50 slots and does get full, please remember the Race Entry CLOSES on 6th August, there will be NO entries accepted after this date …. so get your entry in now to avoid disappointment.

This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes ‘Gill Otto’… not to be missed! It is a Sprint distance – 500m downstream swim, 4.5km kayak (from the showground to the Pengwern rowing club pontoon and back), 23k road ride out towards Baschurch and a few laps of honor around the showground provide the 5k run to finish, such a good fast and very safe course.

A few high lights of last years race … spot the Quadrathletes!

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World Cup Race Box End … We need Your Entry!

Quadrac Racing in conjunction with the World Quadrathlon Federation are proud to announce that the Box End Quad has been selected as a World Cup series race. It takes place on 12th July at Box End Water Park, Kempston, Bedford. Entries are now open … and we are a little short of competitors, so please support this Great British World Cup race!

The BQA are very happy to have Box End as part of the World Cup Series, it’s the first time it has been give World Cup Status so we need your support to give this race the backing it deserves! It is an established and well organized race, suitable for experienced, novice and junior athletes just wanting to start out in the sport, due to the relative short distances, plus a great chance to get World Cup Points!

Quad 4

The Quadrathlon distances are –                                                               750m open water swim                                                                               4.4km kayak [2 laps & 2 portages]                                                          15km off-road bike course [3 laps]                                                               5km trail run

There will also be a Triathlon at the same time (without Kayak) this is not a World Cup Race.

In both events juniors, under 18, will only complete 2 bike laps, 10km. Wet suits are advisable but not compulsory unless low water temperatures. Both of the above events are suitable for experienced and novice athletes just wanting to start out in the sports, due to their relative short distances.

Entry Details View our website, Quadracracing

Or Download Entry From box_end_quad_entry_form_12_July_2015

Timing: Registration on Saturday 11.07.15 is open from 17.00 to 18.00                                           Sunday 12.07.15 registration opens 06.30 to 07.50. Competitors are encouraged to register on the Saturday. Race briefing is at 08.15 in the transition [compulsory to attend] Both races will start at 08.30.

Venue: Box End Park, Box End, Kempston, Bedford, Beds, MK43 8RQ Grid Ref: TL011485
Directions available from Box End Water Ski Park website:                                                       boxendpark

Excellent facilities available: toilets, showers, changing areas, refreshments, camping, parking, bar restaurant and Café.                                                                                                                               CAMPING – is available at Box End Park for all competitors. Caravans and campervan facilities available; apply directly to Box End – Telephone Number 07922 824678


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Long Course World Championships in Hannover

It was great to see several of our BQA Members take a trip over to Hannover for the Long Course Quadrathlon World Championships which took place on 7th June. It consisted of 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 20km kayak and 21km run. In the Men’s event Thoralf Berg (GER) won in 6.55 with Leos Rousavy (CZE) in 2nd 7.00, and Lisa Hirschfelder took the Women’s title in 8.33.

A Big Congratulations must go to all our BQA members that raced and finished in this ‘very fine race’ in really hot conditions! Well done to those that came home with medals – John Kavanagh took Vet 60 Gold (8.52) and Ned Price took Silver in Vet 50 (8.53). Roland Maclarg came home in 8th Vet 40 (10.02). We also had a two man relay team racing – Russel Breyer and Steve de Boltz from Ipswich Tri Club. They finished 6th (7.51) Russel’s words were ‘It was tough enough doing just half of this event, so I absolutely take my hat off to John, Ned and Roly doing the whole thing…and to Mary White for her category win in the sprint event on the Saturday. I really hope WQF run this event again, it was cracking fun!’.

Congratulations to Mary 4th overall in the Sprint and 1st in her age group Vet 60 (1.56)


Ned Price


Russel Brayer













If anyone has an photos of the GB athletes please send a few to me … Thanks! (Jean)

Full Report, photographs and vidios, plus the results can be found hear link http://www.quadrathlon4you.com/profiles/blogs/2015-world-long-distance-quadrathlon-world-championships-hannover

More Photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/132789053@N06/sets/72157654240604182/

Thanks to John Kavanagh for his report

Wasserstadt Quadrathlons
While making plans for the forthcoming season before Christmas, going to Hannover in June for a world championship quad seemed like a good idea. So Ned Price, Mary White and I got our entries in early, before the price went up. There were lots of race options over two days, different triathlon distances and a sprint quad on the Saturday, more triathlons and a long distance quad on the Sunday (each with a relay team option). Mary entered the sprint and Ned and I opted for the long event. As we drove the 400 miles or so across Europe on the Friday we were a bit concerned about the temperature, 35°C – thank goodness for air conditioning.
The weekend was a little cooler, but at 25°plus it was still a lot hotter than we had been used to. On the Saturday morning we had time to look around and check out the bike course before Mary’s race. This involved a 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run and 4.2km paddle (and a final 300m sprint back to the finish). She was very pleased to finish under 2hrs (1hr:56min), being the 1st lady in the 60-69 year group and beating quite a few (younger men).

Ned and I had a 7:15 start for the 3.8km swim in a deep, wide and seemingly clean canal. An Ironman distance triathlon set off 15mins before us so it was encouraging that we were able to overtake some of the tail enders from this before we were out of the water. There was a 500m run to the bike transition but the organisers had provided matting for us to run over, then it was out onto 3 x 30km laps (mostly flat) for the bike course. The roads were closed in the direction of travel and police were at all the junctions and lights to ensure we had a clear ride. The kayak transition was another 300m from the bike transition so we had to put on running shoes to get there for 5 x 4km laps. Each lap had 4 turns but as the canal was wide these could be paddled around easily (unlike the Macclesfield Canal we use for training!). The run continued from the kayak get out for 2 x 10km laps of flat running but then there was final sharp uphill bit to take us to the finish.
Ned and I had a good race, I was well ahead after the swim but he overtook me on the 2nd lap of the bike. I just managed to catch and pass him on the kayak and had about a 1min lead going into the run. He caught me after about 5km and we were together then for a long time before I managed to get a slight lead. We were both very pleased to finish under 9hrs (John 8:52, Ned 8:53) and to find that I was 1st 60-69years and Ned was 2nd 50-59years. Also over from GB was Roland Maclarg (10:02) and, in the relay race, Russel Brewer and Stephen de Boltz from Ipswich Tri Club who did two disciplines each in 7:51….. John Kavanagh

And also thanks to Roly Maclarg for his report too

This was the first time I have done a long distance quadrathlon.
The brief at the start was in german and english by Peter the organiser, so we all understood the course.
It was a good swim in canal, two laps, with a slight current on outward leg, I should have gone for swim day before to find this out, as I would of stayed closer to bank on first and third leg and in middle of current for second and fourth leg.
The Bike consisted of 3 laps 30km each, one little hill, on closed roads in direction of racing, well marshaled through out. Excellent tarmac, one 100m section had just been resurfaced had to be a little careful. Police were out in force waving competitors through red lights and holding back traffic at traffic junctions.
I struggled on the kayak, 5 laps. My boat is a little wobbly and as fatigue started to set in and I found there was quite a lot of wash from the other kayakers to contend with.
The Run was 2 laps, a good course, though I would have preferred a bit more shade in places, it was getting very hot by this point in the day. It had been hot all day, and I had forgot sun cream ‘big mistake’. My second lap was slow, the heat had got to me, suddenly started feeling hot and then cold, I had drunk plenty through out the race, there were plenty of feed stations on bike, kayak and run, and lots of supporters cheering us on!
Overall this was a good event, Peter the organiser did a superb job running the Quadrathlon, along side half and long distance triathlon gave sufficient competitors to justify putting on a Closed road event …. Roly Maclarg

This certainly sounds like one for the diary in the future!

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South Yorkshire Quad Cancelled!

It is with great sadness  that Mark Benton has had to cancel the South Yorkshire Quad

We have only had 8 entries for the Quadrathon on Sunday. I’m sorry but we feel we have no option but to cancel the event. I have consulted with the BQA and they are of the same mind. I’m really sorry for the relatively short notice and you not been able to compete.

Save the date for next year 12th June 2016, we are determined to put on a successful quad we may also link it to a triathlon at the same time. If you would like a refund then please let me know, otherwise I will transfer your entry to next year’s event.

Thanks for your support and sorry. Regards Mark Benton – Chair Manvers Waterfront Boat Club

A note from BQA Affiliation officer Mark Pryor……. It is very unfortunate when a race has to be cancelled. The race organizers have to weigh up the time, effort and money involved in putting on a race against the numbers to make it a viable option. With only 2 weeks to go and only 8 entries it come down to balancing the odds. To put a event money and bookings have to made up front, very hard to quantify when people leave it later to enter. We could all help race organizers by entering early, to avoid the same thing happening to other races. The BQA would like to thank Mark and his team for all their hard work and determination to put on a race next .

Mark Pryor

Please get your entries in for The South Yorkshire Quadrathlon, it s a great race and 2nd one in our Trophy Series, it takes part in wonderful suroundings, please support this Race and its organizers – its in its 3rd year, so get your entries in and keep our Sport ALIVE !

RACE 2 – 21st June – South Yorkshire Quad – This race is hopefully going to host the British Championships in 2016, so its an ideal chance to learn the course and try the lake and its surrounding area out …. check out this excellent Water Park its a lovely venue, and would be great if you can support this new race, organized by a very enthusiastic group of kayakers and triathletes.


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