2015 Trophy Points Update – Race 1

The BQA runs a National Trophy Series of events which are generally spread throughout the country. Each event contributes points towards finding a National Trophy Champion, with the best three results for each individual to count.

Hear are the Latest Trophy Standings after the first race – 2015 Trophy Results
Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member.

Overall Winners recieve a Perpetual Trophy for Male and Female. BQA Kit vouchers for winners Male and Female in each category, Juniors (u23), Seniors, 40+ and 50+. (60+ if 3 or more race)
Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete showing his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon.

Qualifying Events 2015



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Brigg Bomber National Championships 2015

The BQA wish to say ‘Thank-you’ and a big Congratulations to Lincsquad for putting on yet another very successful Brigg Bomber. I have had lots of compliments and messages from very happy Quadrathletes all with very positive comments from their own race experiences, and as ever praising those wonderful marshals who turn out year after year, stand in the rain and encourage everyone! (it doesn’t rain every year!) A Big Thanks to all Lincsquad who helped make this great race happen, and once again a very worthy National Quadrathlon Championships 2015!

Michael Mason

Michael Mason

Despite a lot of the BQA regulars missing due to other racing commitments and injury the racing was just as competitive and very exciting! First out of the swim was Junior Will Jackson about two minutes ahead of Michael Mason and Nigel Unwin. Mason showed his strength in the kayak and took the lead six minutes faster than anyone else in the kayak, he remained in the lead with a class performance on the bike.  Unwin was a minute faster on bike, but Mason’s running was in a class of its own and he won by an outstanding  10 minutes (2:34:51)

2nd place was secured by  Unwin (2:45:30), whilst Phil Holden moved into 3rd (2:03:41) with the young Will Jackson just behind (2:03:41). In 5th place then was the oldest starter John Kavanagh V60 a superb performance showing us all ‘age shows no bounds’.


Jack Garner

A special mention must go to Jack Garner, who finished in 16 place, Jack who is blind is connected by a cord in swimming and running,  whist biking on a tandem, and kayaking in double kayak – total respect!

In the women’s race, Helen Dyke, the three-time world champion (2006-08) was back in Brigg. Helen and the previous year’s third place, Claire Moran came out of the swim together, but strong kayaker Claire took the lead by  14 minutes in the kayak. After cycling Helen was  8 minutes behind, but with Helen’s run, her strongest discipline to come she started to chase Claire down. It was only in the final straight that Helen moved into 1st place, a superb fight to the end! Helen (3:09:27) Claire (3:09:59). Third place went Sarah Allars (3:20:53) whilst Lincsquad’s own Sallie Joesph came in a very creditable 4th (3:29:51). Sister to the Male Vet 60 John Kavanagh,  Mary White also came in 5th winning the Female Vet 60 prize … good family genes!

There were plenty of PB’s and personal achievements plus some exciting racing in the Team Event with TATA 340 from Scunthorpe taking 1st prize (2:44:17). Well done to all you Quadrathletes out there, and lets hope its a great start to your race season!


Helen Dyke

Overall Winners

Michael Mason (overall and Vet 40) 2:34:51
Nigel Unwin (Vet 50) 2:45:30
John Kavanagh (Vet 60) 3:07:01
Jack Garner (U23) 3:31:28
Will Jackson (Junior) 3:03:41
Helen Dyke (overall and Vet 40) 3:09:27
Julie Dimaline (Vet 50) 4:16:53
Mary White (Vet 60) 3:40:51
Isabella Jenkins & Flora Hay (U23) 4:29:09



Phil Holden 3rd, Michael Mason 1st, Nigel Unwin 2nd

Sarah Allars 3rd, Helen Dyke 1st, Claire Moran 2nd

Sarah Allars 3rd, Helen Dyke 1st, Claire Moran 2nd

2015 BQA members in full flight!


John Redmond BQA


Mary White BQA Vet 60 Champion


High Five to Stephen Cannings BQA from Steve Dolby BQA Kit Co-ordinator


Russel Breyer BQA


John Kavanagh BQA Vet 60 Champion


Phil Holden BQA

Nigel Unwin BQA Vet 50

Nigel Unwin BQA Vet 50


Ned Price BQA










Lance Ball new to Quadrathlon  2 years ago has written this race report of his day, it’s a great example of the feel good factor of the Race and to the sport we all enjoy  and love. Thanks for sharing Lance … Enjoy the read!

I wasn’t sure whether I was looking forward to Brigg or not.  I have raced this event the last two years, so knew that Lincsquad really do put on a great event. However, I hadn’t ventured into open water swimming yet this year as I much prefer the water to be a bit warmer.

As always, my family came along as support and we arrived the night before so at least we could get registration dealt with on the Saturday. Which meant that I could get a nice early night for the rather early start. Unfortunately Eurovision was on the television, which for some reason resulted in a late night!

Lance Ball BQA

Lance Ball BQA

On the plus side, we stayed in a hotel next door to a 24 hours McDonalds, so at least managed to get something hot and edible at 6am having decided that I needed something to warm me up before the swim. About 7am and it was the usual mad rush extracting the bike out of the boot, trying to put it all back together and get everything in to transition in some sort of order. 8:30am and we were off!

To my surprise, this year I didn’t spend the first 10 minutes feeling very cold and wondering why on earth I take part in this sport. On this occasion I instantly felt comfortable and got into my rhythm straight away. I’m used to bringing up the rear on the swim, so was pleased that I stayed amongst several competitors throughout. A hot breakfast must be the way forward.

Swim was completed in 30:44. A time that I was very pleased with. Slow compared to the fastest at just over 20 minutes, but much better than the 33:05 time of my previous year.

T1 was extremely slow. A split second decision was made to try and dry myself with a towel, plus put shoes, socks and a coat on for the kayak. Must remember to put elastic laces back in to the shoes, since wasted so long putting them on as they were laced up far too tight. T1 2:44 compared to the fastest at 30 seconds. I spent longer in T1 than getting a cooked breakfast!

Kayak went well. The river was a little calmer than last year and had very little flow. Completed in 55:19 which was 30 seconds slower than previous year. However, last year there were a lot more competitors which weren’t spaced out anywhere near as far from each other as this year. As a result, this year I couldn’t get anywhere near as many frequent drafts as I leap frogged from one competitor to another working my way up the field. Overall, I think I paddled a lot better this year.

The quickest set an amazing time of 38:29 for the kayak, quite a bit faster than even the second fastest at 44:17.

T2 was again very slow as I struggled to walk after losing the feeling in my legs from the kayak. The rain was just starting and I decided to put thermal gloves on in transition rather than doing so on the bike, as I’d probably fall off in the process. Must remember to get larger gloves out since they were so tight they were a right struggle to get on. T2 2:02 compared to the fastest at 28 seconds. Clearly I need to plan the transitions better!

As soon as the bike leg started the weather was horrible. At least I had a waterproof jacket and thermal gloves on. It couldn’t have been enjoyable for those just in lycra. The marshals were fantastic, remaining very enthusiastic and offering great support all around the course despite the conditions.

Bike time 1:11:41 which was nearly 4 minutes quicker than previous year. Very pleased with this time. Quickest bike of the day was 54:49.

T3 48 seconds compared to fastest of 42. At least one transition went o.k. especially fast since I decided to put fresh socks on, the previous pair having got drenched on the bike.

Run went great. The rain had stopped and the coat was discarded at long last. Felt strong all the way around and would happily have stayed out for a few more laps. Time 42:32 which was over 10 minutes quicker than previous year.  Overall time 3:25:50 About 13 minutes quicker than previous year despite the rain, tougher kayak and dreadful transitions.

Lincsquad yet again put on a fantastic event. The marshals were amazing. Every one of them enthusiastically shouting support, even those posted out at the extremities of the course in the rain. This enthusiasm was shared by the competitors who shouted support and offered loads of encourage to fellow participants on the run.  Lucozade was also a welcome new sponsor this year, so there were ample refreshments.

Having competed in several large running races recently, it was so nice to get back to an event where there wasn’t a single bottle, gel wrapper or piece of litter discarded anywhere. Instead of the dreaded mp3 players, the competitors were all friendly, acknowledged and encouraged each other throughout the race. I certainly plan to be back again next year, hopefully having improved my transitions.

Lance Ball

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Deeside Tri 2015

Phil Holden, last years Vet 40 Trophy Series winner went up to Braemar, Scotland to do the Deeside Triathlon – Bike 35, Run 9.5 and Kayak 15miles (with grade 1 rapids). Thanks for your report Phil … certainly sounds challenging!

I had fun last weekend at the Deeside tri – thought you might be interested in a wee update!

Spending the week before walking in the Cairngorms (with even a hard won ski up Ben Macdui on 1 May) maybe wasn’t the best way to taper into this long event. Also, after a cold but bright week, the race day on Sunday brought steady rain all day, with temperatures of 2 degrees up to about 6 later and a stiff easterly headwind. I have never raced in so many clothes!

Phil dressed for the Wild Wet Scotish Weather!

Phil dressed for the Wild Wet Scotish Weather!

There were around 30 in the bike-run-bike duathlon, but only three entries in the bike-run-kayak Tri, of whom one didn’t show up, so just the two of us! I had the novelty of being first off in the one minute interval time trial start to the bike leg. With sweeping straights and a general downhill trend till the climb right at the end, the 35 mile ride from Braemar to Shooting Greens felt quite fast (till I later saw the impressive times others were doing). I started the 9.5 mile run still second on the course, but other speedy duathletes passed me running along the river to Crathes. A long transition followed here, with welcome dry clothes, and then it was into my trusty (but not hugely comfortable) old touring kayak for the fifteen miles down to Aberdeen. This took 2 hrs 47 mins, and I more or less lost feeling in my hands after about two minutes. A dozen or so grade 1 rapids spread along the leg added a dimension of route choice and a bit of technicality – a new experience with wing paddles in a long boat! At last the Bridge of Dee at Aberdeen came in sight, only to find that under this was the bumpiest wave on the whole paddle. One by one the five bridges in the city were passed and it was time to land at the Boat Club and attempt to stand up. Andrew Aitken, the other Tri paddler came in with Colin the kayak marshall not long after, and slightly better dressed for the weather in a full wetsuit.

What a great event, but a shame that more people didn’t take part. Hopefully it will carry on, and others will travel up and give it a go. Big thanks to the Fleet Feet team and all the marshalls who must have got nearly as cold and wet as the racers.

Phil Holden SYTri.

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South Yorkshire Quad

Please take a look at the New Web page for the South Yorkshire Quadrathlon, it s a great race and 2nd one in our Trophy Series, it takes part in wonderful suroundings, please support this Race and its organizers – its in its 3rd year, so get your entries in and keep our Sport ALIVE !

RACE 2 – 21st June – South Yorkshire Quad – This race is hopefully going to host the British Championships in 2016, so its an ideal chance to learn the course and try the lake and its surrounding area out …. check out this excellent Water Park its a lovely venue, and would be great if you can support this new race, organized by a very enthusiastic group of kayakers and triathletes.


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National Trophy Series 2015

Hi Quadrathletes, I hope your all feeling motivated and ready for action. The Race Season is getting closer, so if your wanting some dates for your diary’s hears a reminder and an insight to our BQA Trophy Events for 2015!

RACE 1 – 24th May – Brigg Bomber Quad – National Championships/World Cup – A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’ a fast flat and safe course, its the British National Championships and the first World Cup race too so lots of points! Just to top it off they have an excellent T- shirt Tour of the Brigg Pubs to celebrate … certainly not to be missed!! 

RACE 2 – 21st June – South Yorkshire Quad – This race is hopefully going to host the British Championships in 2016, so its an ideal chance to learn the course and try the lake and its surrounding area out …. check out this excellent Water Park its a lovely venue, and would be great if you can support this new race, organized by a very enthusiastic group of kayakers and triathletes.                                                  

RACE 3 – 12th July – Box End Sprint Quad – World Cup – A very well established and superbly organized by Quadrac racing, the whole event held within the Box End Waterpark. It’s ideal for youngsters, beginners as it’s a sprint distance and support crews can see the whole race from the lovely lake side café. It’s the first time it has been give World Cup Status so we need to give this race the backing it deserves. Excellent camping on site too …. And you can even try your hand at wake boarding!

RACE 4 – 6th September – Shrewsbury Sprint Quad- This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes … not to be missed!

RACE 5 – 13th September – Fabian 4 Mountain Tri – This race promises to be back with vengeance and it will certainly challenge that inner self! Superb scenery, tracks and trails brilliantly organized by very friendly like minded athletes, it will certainly boost your adrenalin and you’ll have an amazing sense of achievement when you cross that finish line ….. exit your comfort zone and enjoy!

RACE 6 – 19th September – Awesome Foursome Quad – This is one of our longest running etablished Quadrathlons, this race in Bude never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers ….  it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race to end the season! Starting in the sea, there’s plenty of hills, a historic canal and amazing coastal views … it’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too!

I hope I have tempted you ….  keep you eye on the events page as some race organizers may offer Early Bird Race discounts and BQA Member Discounts! Happy Training and Racing 2015 …  and don’t forget your BQA 2015 membership, we would love your support again  Membership_Form 2015  ….. THANKS Jean Ashley

If your are looking to Race in Europe these are the World Cup Trophy Races

RACE 1- 2nd May – Ibiza, Spain EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS  Middle Distance

Race 2 – 24th May – Brigg Bomber, GB World Cup Middle Distance

Race 3 – 30th May – Xtrial PernstejnCup, CZE World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 4 – 7th June – Wasserstadt, Hannover, GER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS LONG Distance

Race 5 – 21st June – Tyn nad Vltavou, CZE World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 6 – 12th July – Box End, GB World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 7– 1st August Šamorín, SVK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Sprint Distance

Race 8 – 22nd August, Polskaman, POL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Middle Distance

Race 9 – 30th August Balaton Sprint, HUN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sprint Distance

Race 10 – 5th September, Quadrathlon Ratscher, GER World Cup Middle Distance      

Visit our Events page or for all the race information.


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Dont loose your Keys!

I have had made 20 of these are lovely stainless steal keyrings crafted especialy for us HMG keyrings by

They are avilable to by from me at £6 each, if you want it posting send me an SAE and a cheque  for £6 payable to the British Quadrathlon Association. (or £6.50 including postage)

To Jean Ashley, 2 Stockton Cottages, Oldcastle Heath, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7AE.


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Be Ready for the Race Season!

BQA KIT – Leisure kit

If you wish to order kit for the race season, its time to get your orders in! All the Leisure kit below can be ordered at anytime by down loading the forms and sending them with a cheque to Steve Dolby, out Leisure Kit Co-ordinator.

Hoodies with embroidery BQA logo on front, and embroidery GB Team/flag on sleeve, screen print British Quadrathlon Team GB on back £24 + £3.50 p&p.








Navy Technical T-shirts with embroidery BQA logo on front, and British Quadrathlon GB Team/flag on back £20 + £2.50 p&p.            












NEW to celebrate our Biggest GB Team ever we now have Micro Fleeces (short zip) embroidery BQA logo on front, and British Quadrathlon GB Team/flag on back £26 + £3.50 p&p.

DSCF1312 cropDSCF1314 crop







Soft Shell Jackets (full zip) Critically taped seams, waterproof, windproof and breathable. Full zip with inner stormflap and chin protector. Two front zip pockets, right chest pocket and hidden earphone loop inside collar. Adjustable cuffs, and adjustable drawcord and stoppers at hem. Embroidery BQA logo on front, and British Quadrathlon GB Team/flag on back. These come up small so make sure you order a larger size if you like them less fitted. £46 + £3.50 p&p.

DSCF1306 cropDSCF1307 crop

Please print of the forms below, indicate size & quantity, add your address and send with a cheque to Steve Dolby, he will process your order and send you your kit.

Any questions please email

BQA KIT ORDER Hoody-T-shirts

BQA KIT ORDER Fleece-Soft shell

BQA KIT – Performance Training kit

I have been coordinating ‘Godfrey Sports’ them over the last few months and we have now designed a set of quality clothing for the BQA which is now available to purchase from their website using the following link. You can order single items of clothing, rather than waiting for the BQA to build up a bulk order which is ideal as we are spread out all over the UK.

1407412911_full_perftopls---all-2The Items available, are Short and Long Sleeve Performance Tee’s – £38 and £40 This baselayer tee combines our lighter-weight GS-TEK and our hard-wearing GS-EVO fabrics, to offer a great looking, comfortable and high performance garment. It is designed to be a fitted garment, giving you a performance layer next to your skin.

IMG_2343 IMG_2338 IMG_2337






Mazu Gilet, Fleece lined (for warmth) or Breeze lined (for wind) – £62 The GX Hydrashell outer is a specialist 3-layer composition which traps air to provide thermal insulation whilst simultaneously allowing efficient perspiration transportation, ensuring you stay dry and warm. The fabric is treated with a durable flourocarbon coating to repel water and is guaranteed to remain effective for 50 washes.1407414828_full_cycling-jersey

Classic Cycling Jersey – £55 This is made from our market leading GS-TEK fabric to offer fantastic comfort and performance. This unisex top is designed to be a fitted garment, giving you a performance layer next to your skin. GS-TEK is perfect for Spring and Autumn riding – combining our breathable, moisture management technology with added wind-resistance; for extra protection from the elements.

Lightweight Cycling Jersey – £55 Designed and extensively race tested with our sponsored riders, this jersey is your go-to garment. From those calm spring days to the falling leaves of autumn – with various layering solutions for all scenarios in between – the lightweight jersey is the garment we pride ourselves on above all else. Our specifically developed GS-Lite fabric is breathable but also fast drying for the long rides on really hot days.

1407413847_full_singletRacer Back Vest – £30This singlet combines our lightweight GS-TEK and our hard-wearing GS-EVO fabrics to offer a comfortable, great looking garment that will perform wear after wear. With male and female cuts it is designed to be a fitted garment, giving you a performance layer next to your skin. The fabric offers superb colour and shape retention properties whilst also providing protection against UVA and UVB rays. This is the perfect baselayer for pushing yourself to the max in!

BQA KIT – Tri Suits

We place an order with Pro-vision once a year for GB Team Tri Suits. They will now come with a rear zip, in order to align with new National/International Triathlon Rules. However the BQA currently has no rules concerning zips on tri suits. They cost £70 if your interested. The order has been placed this year to ensure we have them for the start of our season but still have some left – 3 Medium and 2 Small if your interested.

I also have 3 small Tri suits in stock, these are the old ones with a front zip (same design)       SALE PRICE £35

Please contact  Jean Ashley if you wish to purchase one …Thanks (via email)


For size chart

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Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon

Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon will be our 4th BQA Trophy Race of the season, entries are now open Shrewsbury Tri or go straight to the Entry Page

This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, an excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes ‘Gill Otto’… not to be missed! It is a Sprint distance – 500m downstream swim, 4.8km kayak (from the showground to the toll bridge and back), 23k road ride out towards Baschurch and a few laps of honor around the showground provide the 5k run to finish, such a good fast and very safe course.

The Entry to the Quadrathlon is usually limited to 50, so get your entry in early, as it is a very popular Quadrathlon!

A few high lights of last years race … spot the Quadrathletes!

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Hereford Sports Awards 2015

Congratulations to our two World Champion Quadrathletes.  Steve King and Sharon Colley were presented with ‘Top Honors’ at the Hereford Sports Awards recently. It was a great night for ‘British Quadrathlon’ at the Herefordshire Sports Awards. Quadrathlete Sharon Colley was named joint-Sportswoman of the Year, while another Quadrathlete – Steve King – was named joint-Sportsman of the Year. They both won the World Quadrathlon Championship Titles in Brigg last May, but they have both achieved some amazing results over the last year especially in kayaking. 10958588_10204408776912858_2832777194063203778_n

The have both finished the Devizes to Westminster Kayak Race (125 miles in K2), Sharon still holds the Lady Vets course record in 20hrs 46mins 43secs (2007). Steve finished the race in April 2014 year and came 3rd overall in 18hrs 15min 48secs. He then went on to Win the Yukon River Quest in June – “Race to the Midnight Sun” it is the world’s longest and toughest canoe and kayak marathon in the world  – 444miles, they finished in 45hrs 30mins 32secs! A race which Sharon has also done several times, winning the Ladies individual trophy!


Great to see Quadrathletes winning such prestigious Trophies. Well Done Sharon and Steve and thanks for spreading the ‘word of Quadrathlon’ see Steve’s interview!


10404409_895638903794274_4525715298811045859_nCongratulations must also go to Tom Stead who was voted ‘British Triathlon Male Age-Grouper of the Year’, Tom has had numerous Wins over the last couple of years and has represented GB in Triathlon at the Worlds, Europeans in 2014. He also came 2nd to Steve and won the silver medal at the World Quadrathlon Championships in May 2014.


If we have any other Quadrathletes with any Good news please share it with us and help promote our sport!

Thanks Jean

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The Keyo Brigg Bomber – 24th May 2015

First Quadrathlon of the season ‘The Keyo Brigg Bomber’ – Entries now open!

Brigg Bomber Entries Open … If you are a 2015 BQA Member you get £5 discount off your Entry Fee … But please apply for your BQA Membership before you enter as you will need a currant 2015 Membership Number to complete the online entry. Big Thanks to Lincsquad for supporting the BQA and offering BQA members this discount!

The Brigg Bomber is organised by members of LINCSQUAD
(Lincolnshire Quadrathlon Club)
and consists of a 1.5k river swim, 7k kayak, 36k bike & 10k run.

Over the last few years the Brigg Bomber has hosted the British Quadrathlon Championships, the European Quadrathlon Championships and for the first time in the UK, Lincsquad were proud to host the 2014 World Championships.


Once again we are proud to also announce that Keyo Agricultural Services, have confirmed they will again sponsor our event The Keyo Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon.

Entries are available as;
– a Solo competitor,
– part of a Team (2, 3 or 4 team members),
– or as part of a Corporate team (all working for the same company, again 2, 3 or 4 team members).
The winning Corporate Team will not only take home the Corporate Bomber Trophy, the winning team members (maximum 4) will receive free entries to the 2015 Keyo Brigg Sprint Triathlon (tbc at Club AGM Jan 2015).

For solo entries, the event will be the British Championships, part of the British Quadrathlon National Trophy series and a World Quadrathlon Federation World Cup race.

Minimum age for standard distance 16 years, parental consent is required for under 18 years.

2015 Race Entry NOW OPEN! 

More details can be found on the provisional 2014 pre-race information pack below, if you have any event queries please contact

2014 Brigg Bomber Race Info

Swim Route

Kayak Route

Cycle route

Run Route

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